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Summary Lots Sold Total Sales AverageAv. MedianMed. Top Price
Whole Sale 44 2,851,000 64,795 57,500 180,000
 + Other Private Sales 1 37,500      
Lot NamebySireexDam Consignor Purchaser Price
41 EX Acountry Lane (IRE) BY Watar (IRE), 2014 B.G. Brandy Pad (IRE) Mrs Caroline McCaldin P & GA Clarke 28,000
46 EX Aggies Girl (IRE) BY Getaway (GER), 2014 B.M. Getaway Mag (IRE) John Walsh Ryan Mahon 45,000
27 EX Any Response (IRE) BY Fame And Glory (GB), 2014 B.G. Famous Response (IRE) Thorne Farm (Jill Dennis) Lot Withdrawn
5 EX As Was (GB) BY Schiaparelli (GER), 2015 B.F. Wasastylequeen (GB) Wildcard Yorton Farm Stud Ryan Mahon 30,000
52 EX Auction Belle (GB) BY Black Sam Bellamy (IRE), 2015 Ch.G. Red Rookie (GB) Wildcard Skehanagh Stables (Sam Curling) Gerry Hogan Bloodstock 50,000
50 EX Ballela Girl (IRE) BY Jeremy (USA), 2015 Bl.F. Annieguire (IRE) Monbeg Stables (Donnchadh Doyle) Bobby O'Ryan (P.S.) 25,000
34 EX Ballinlovaneeile (IRE) BY Gold Well (GB), 2014 B.G. Goodoldtimes (IRE) Ballyboy Stables (Denis Murphy) Gearoid Costelloe 65,000
53 EX Bandelaro (IRE) BY Westerner (GB), 2015 B.G. Bobhopeornohope (IRE) Monbeg Stables (Cormac Doyle) Aiden Murphy / Kim Bailey 105,000
23 EX Bargante (IRE) BY Milan (GB), 2015 B.G. Chuvelo (IRE) Wildcard Skehanagh Stables (Sam Curling) D McCain Racing 100,000
24 EX Belon Breeze (IRE) BY Dubai Destination (USA), 2015 B.G. Whateva Next (IRE) Station Yard (Francesca Nimmo) Jonathon Bewley / Alan Udale 53,000
55 EX Berocco (IRE) BY Big Bad Bob (IRE), 2014 B.G. Clondaw Dancer (IRE) Wildcard Moate Stables (Michael Goff) Lot Not Sold 28,000
15 EX Best Day (FR) BY Spirit One (FR), 2015 B.G. Somptueux (FR) Newlands Stables (Stuart Crawford) H de Bromhead 70,000
16 EX Black Lassie (IRE) BY Flemensfirth (USA), 2014 B.G. The Mulcair (IRE) Ballyboy Stables (Denis Murphy) Ryan Mahon 65,000
56 EX Bold Fire (GB) BY Malinas (GER), 2014 B.M. Spark To A Flame (GB) Selvedge Farm (Robert Luke) Lot Withdrawn
38 EX Brownie Points (IRE) BY Court Cave (IRE), 2015 B.G. Ballinsker (IRE) Wildcard Moate Stables (Michael Goff) Evan Williams 90,000
10 EX Calusa Crystal (FR) BY Multiplex (GB), 2014 B.G. Youracert (IRE) Wildcard Woodstock Stables (Terence O'Brien) D McCain Racing (P.S.) 15,000
28 EX Clogher Valley (IRE) BY Califet (FR), 2015 B.G. Pull Green (IRE) Ballinclash Farm (David V O'Brien) D McCain Racing (P.S.) 37,000
37 EX Coco Opera (IRE) BY Robin des Champs (FR), 2015 Ch.G. Castle Robin (IRE) Glenview Stables (Paul Cashman) Vendor 80,000
1 EX Connecting (GB) BY Dubawi (IRE), 2015 Ch.G. Connective (IRE) Wildcard Oakwood Stables (Micky Hammond) Lot Not Sold 34,000
40 EX Country Time (IRE) BY Scorpion (IRE), 2015 B.G. Switch Hitter (IRE) Station Yard (Francesca Nimmo) Tom Malone / Paul Nicholls 120,000
31 EX Diamond Reef (GB) BY Nayef (USA), 2015 B.G. Diamond Grove (GB) Coolmeen Stables (Ellmarie Holden) Vendor 50,000
8 EX Diavoleria (GB) BY Alkaased (USA), 2015 B.G. Does He Know (GB) Coward Racing Aiden Murphy / Kim Bailey 38,000
11 EX Eastertide (IRE) BY Yeats (IRE), 2014 B.G. Doubleubee (IRE) Ballinakill Stables (Andrew Latta) Lot Withdrawn
18 EX Feast Or Famine (IRE) BY Yeats (IRE), 2014 B.M. Forthegreatergood (IRE) Skehanagh Stables (Sam Curling) Lot Not Sold 38,000
13 EX Gail Borden (IRE) BY Tobougg (IRE), 2015 Ch.G. Commit Or Quit (IRE) Mr John O'Donovan Charlie Mann Racing 60,000
7 EX Glencree Rose (IRE) BY Stowaway (GB), 2014 B.M. Howya Hun (IRE) Redbridge Stables (Ashleigh Murphy) Lot Withdrawn
20 EX Golden Blossom (IRE) BY Getaway (GER), 2014 Ch.M. Tokyo Getaway (IRE) Wildcard Grange Stables (Peter Flood) Gavin Cromwell 30,000
6 EX Grangeclare Dancer (IRE) BY Doyen (IRE), 2014 B.G. Doyen Dancer (IRE) Boherna Stables (Denis Hogan) Vendor 85,000
30 EX Hapeney (IRE) BY Getaway (GER), 2014 B.G. Five Star Getaway (IRE) Murbery Stables, Ireland (Shirley Berry) Highflyer Bloodstock 85,000
61 EX Hazy Outlook (IRE) BY Milan (GB), 2014 B.M. Achy Breaky Heart (IRE) Wildcard Inch Stables (Shane Byrne) Robin Dickin Racing 26,000
2 EX Hester Hall (IRE) BY Jeremy (USA), 2014 B.M. Elle Est Grande (IRE) Cobajay Stables (Aidan Fitzgerald) Tom Malone Bloodstock 40,000
12 EX Inch Native (IRE) BY Milan (GB), 2015 B.G. Mossy Fen (IRE) Monbeg Stables (Donnchadh Doyle) William Twiston-Davies / C Hinchy 60,000
60 EX Itsafamilyaffair (IRE) BY Arakan (USA), 2014 Bl.G. Look Alive (IRE) Milestone Stables (Colin Bowe) Tom George 55,000
22 EX Julia Glynn (IRE) BY Jeremy (USA), 2015 B.G. Baptism of Fire (IRE) Ballyboy Stables (Denis Murphy) Margaret O'Toole 100,000
25 EX Karkiyla (IRE) BY Presenting (GB), 2015 B.F. Doin'whatshelikes (IRE) Ballyboy Stables (Denis Murphy) Tom Malone / Paul Nicholls 82,000
9 EX Kentucky Sky (GB) BY Yeats (IRE), 2014 B.G. Brief Ambition (GB) Grange Stables (Peter Flood) Fergal O'Brien Racing 65,000
3 EX Kiama (GB) BY Bollin Eric (GB), 2014 B.M. Sylvies Dance (GB) Wildcard Will Biddick Lot Withdrawn
4 EX Kitty Dillon (IRE) BY Milan (GB), 2014 B.M. Chanting Hill (IRE) Farlington Stables (William Milburn) Vendor 24,000
53A EX Majorite Bleue (FR) BY Getaway (GER), 2014 B.M. Bleue Away (IRE) Wildcard Poplar Cottage Stables (Philip Rowley) Lot Withdrawn
39 EX Me Auld Segosha (IRE) BY Fame And Glory (GB), 2014 B.M. Bannixtown Glory (IRE) Cobajay Stables (Aidan Fitzgerald) D McCain Racing 45,000
48 EX Mill House Girl (IRE) BY Mustameet (USA), 2015 B.F. Berties Girl (IRE) Clondaw Stables (Mick Goff) Lot Withdrawn
26 EX Misleain (IRE) BY Yeats (IRE), 2015 B.G. Tupelo Mississippi (IRE) Milestone Stables (Colin Bowe) Lot Withdrawn
42 EX Miss Invincible (GB) BY Kayf Tara (GB), 2015 B.G. Broken Halo (GB) Wildcard Milestone Stables (Colin Bowe) Tom Malone / Paul Nicholls 110,000
45 EX Mountain Melody (GER) BY Jukebox Jury (IRE), 2015 B.G. Mackenberg (GER) Monbeg Stables (Donnchadh Doyle) D McCain Racing (P.S.) 90,000
44 EX Navaro (IRE) BY Shantou (USA), 2015 Ch.G. Grangeclare Native (IRE) Wildcard Ballyboy Stables (Denis Murphy) Margaret O'Toole / Gordon Elliott Racing 125,000
47 EX New Chello (IRE) BY Ask (GB), 2015 B.F. Tune The Chello (IRE) Wildcard Redbridge Stables (Ashleigh Murphy) H De Bromhead 50,000
35 EX Nifty Milan (IRE) BY Vinnie Roe (IRE), 2014 B.G. Vinnie Dev (IRE) Redbridge Stables (Ashleigh Murphy) Stroud Coleman Bloodstock / Noel Williams 42,000
29 EX Nosika d'Airy (FR) BY Fuisse (FR), 2015 B.G. Firak (FR) Monbeg Stables (Donnchadh Doyle) Ryan Mahon 60,000
14 EX Odeline (FR) BY Dream Well (FR), 2014 B.G. Eclair On Line (FR) Sean & Noel McParlan Highflyer Bloodstock / Charlie Longsdon Racing 34,000
19 EX Odonimee (IRE) BY Stowaway (GB), 2014 Ch.M. Madera Mist (IRE) Monbeg Stables (Donnchadh Doyle) Select Racing Bloodstock 40,000
36 EX Our Kes (IRE) BY Tiger Groom (GB), 2015 B.G. The Greater Good (GB) Wildcard Boundary Stables (Christopher Barber) Vendor 45,000
43 EX Premier Victory (IRE) BY Presenting (GB), 2014 Ch.M. Darling Daughter (IRE) Monbeg Stables (Cormac Doyle) Margaret O'Toole 82,000
17 EX Presenting Chaos (IRE) BY Stowaway (GB), 2015 Ch.G. Coconut Splash (IRE) Monbeg Stables (Cormac Doyle) Evan Williams 180,000
54 EX Quezac du Boulay (FR) BY Ballingarry (IRE), 2015 Gr.G. Flying Garry (FR) Shane Hassett Racing Vendor 25,000
57 EX Roxane Collonges (FR) BY Coastal Path (GB), 2015 B.G. Frisson Collonges (FR) Wildcard Monbeg Stables (Donnchadh Doyle) Ryan Mahon 100,000
32 EX Silent Whisper (IRE) BY Milan (GB), 2014 B.G. Supreme Escape (IRE) Wildcard Grange Stables (Peter Flood) Evan Williams 35,000
33 EX Statim (GB) BY Shantou (USA), 2014 B.G. Withoutmoreado (IRE) Church Farm Stables Hamish Macauley Bloodstock 60,000
41A EX Sumtin Nice (IRE) BY Jeremy (USA), 2015 B.G. Belfast Banter (IRE) Wildcard Kingsfield Stud (Patrick Turley) Direct Bloodstock 30,000
49 EX Syphaline (FR) BY Le Houssais (FR), 2015 B.G. Crack du Ninian (FR) Galgystown Stables (Pierce Michael Power) P & GA Clarke 42,000
21 EX True Rose (IRE) BY Malinas (GER), 2014 Ch.G. Dalkingstown (GB) Poplar Cottage Stables (Philip Rowley) Lot Withdrawn
59 EX Ulcy Pressive (FR) BY Sunday Break (JPN), 2015 B.G. Sabbathical (FR) G & T Racing Evan Williams 32,000
51 EX Valleyboggan (IRE) BY Kalanisi (IRE), 2014 Br.M. Thunder Dragon (IRE) Inch Stables (Shane Byrne) Lot Withdrawn
58 EX Witness Express (IRE) BY Dubai Destination (USA), 2014 Ch.G. Idas Boy (IRE) Bride Park Stables (Eamonn Gallagher) Margaret O'Toole/Noel Meade 155,000