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Summary Lots Sold Total Sales AverageAv. MedianMed. Top Price
Whole Sale 13 1,644,000 126,461 75,000 470,000
Lot NamebySireexDam Consignor Purchaser Price
1 Rathnure Rookie (IRE) 2015 B.G. BY Notnowcato (GB) EX Euro Magic (IRE) Ballybawn Stables, Ireland (R. P. Rath) Tom Malone 40,000
3 Get Sky High (IRE) 2015 Ch.M. BY Getaway (GER) EX Tell Me Emma (IRE) Ballyboy Stables, Ireland (D. P. Murphy) Dan Skelton 40,000
13 His Oscar (IRE) 2015 B.G. BY Oscar (IRE) EX St Helans Bay (IRE) Ballyboy Stables, Ireland (D. P. Murphy) Rebecca Curtis Racing 75,000
19 Up For Parol (IRE) 2016 B.G. BY Flemensfirth (USA) EX Clarification (IRE) Ballycrystal Stables, Ireland (M. Flynn O'Connor) Lot Withdrawn
21 Free Handshake (FR) 2016 B.G. BY Zambezi Sun (GB) EX Toulouzette (IRE) Ballynoe Stables (B. Hamilton) Gavin Cromwell Racing 95,000
17 French Bumper (IRE) 2016 B.G. BY Court Cave (IRE) EX Tatispout (FR) Boherna Stables, Ireland (D. Hogan) Vendor 115,000
5 Ginto (FR) 2016 B.G. BY Walk In The Park (IRE) EX Tina Rederie (FR) Cullentra House Stables, Ireland (G. Elliott) Bective Stud 470,000
14 Percy Warner (IRE) 2016 B.G. BY Ocovango (GB) EX Fugal Maid (IRE) Cullentra House Stables, Ireland (G. Elliott) Basil Holian 100,000
18 Carrolls Cottage (IRE) 2016 B.G. BY Mahler (GB) EX Strokestown Queen (IRE) Glenbower Stables, Ireland (P. Fenton) Vendor 60,000
6 Passion View (IRE) 2015 B.M. BY Califet (FR) EX Viewvic (IRE) Grange Stables, Ireland (P. Flood) A O'Ryan/G Elliott (P.S.) 27,000
2 Gibberwell (IRE) 2016 B.G. BY Getaway (GER) EX Unique Snoopy (IRE) Inish Stables, Ireland (B. Jordan) Lot Not Sold 32,000
7 Heather Rocco (IRE) 2015 Ch.G. BY Shirocco (GER) EX Liss A Chara (IRE) Kilcolgan Stables, Ireland (J. Neilan) Lot Not Sold 95,000
25 Present Road (IRE) 2016 Br.F. BY Presenting (GB) EX Golan Road (IRE) Knockacool Stables, Ireland (M. Griffin) Lot Not Sold 48,000
23 Gortmillish (FR) 2016 B.G. BY Sinndar (IRE) EX Princesse d'Anjou (FR) Loughanmore Farm (C. S. McKeever) Lot Not Sold 145,000
12 Banbridge (IRE) 2016 Ch.G. BY Doyen (IRE) EX Old Carton Lass (IRE) Loughanmore Farm (C. S. McKeever) Lot Not Sold 145,000
11 Routine Excellence (IRE) 2016 B.G. BY Getaway (GER) EX Well Composed (IRE) Milestone Stables, Ireland (C. Bowe) Gavin Cromwell Racing (P.S.) 55,000
8 Magic Daze (IRE) 2016 B.F. BY Doyen (IRE) EX Magic Maze (IRE) Milestone Stables, Ireland (C. Bowe) Mags O'Toole 92,000
22 My Immortal (IRE) 2016 B.G. BY Shantou (USA) EX Off She Goes (IRE) Monbeg Stables, Ireland (C. Doyle) Vendor 100,000
16 Gringo d'Aubrelle (FR) 2016 B.G. BY Saddler Maker (IRE) EX Erbalunga (FR) Monbeg Stables, Ireland (D. Doyle) Bective Stud 270,000
9 Gentlemansgame (GB) 2016 Gr.G. BY Gentlewave (IRE) EX Grainne Ni Maille (GB) Monbeg Stables, Ireland (D. Doyle) Mags O'Toole 250,000
24 Promising Milan (IRE) 2015 B.G. BY Milan (GB) EX French Promise (IRE) Monbeg Stables, Ireland (D. Doyle) Tom Malone/Nick Mitchell 70,000
20 Crystal Glory (GB) 2016 B.G. BY Fame And Glory (GB) EX Nile Cristale (FR) Monbeg Stables, Ireland (D. Doyle) Lot Not Sold 95,000
4 Dunboyne (IRE) 2015 B.G. BY Yeats (IRE) EX Patsy Cline (IRE) Monbeg Stables, Ireland (S. Doyle) Kevin Ross Bloodstock 60,000
10 Walk In My Shoes (IRE) 2016 B.F. BY Milan (GB) EX Bonnies Island (IRE) Monbeg Stables, Ireland (S. Doyle) Lot Not Sold 52,000
15 Magical Orla (GB) 2016 B.F. BY Flemensfirth (USA) EX Fabrika (GB) Old Leighlin House Stables, Ireland (B. J. Fitzgerald) Lot Not Sold 38,000