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Summary Lots Sold Total Sales AverageAv. MedianMed. Top Price
Whole Sale 32 2,148,000 67,125 52,500 195,000
 + Other Private Sales 1 25,000      
Lot NamebySireexDam Consignor Purchaser Price
4 BY Arctic Cosmos (USA) EX Shuil Dubh (IRE), 2016 B.G. Shuil Donn (IRE) Salterbridge Stables, Ireland (N. P. Hennessy) Dr R P Newland 35,000
37 BY Beat Hollow (GB) EX Kalygarde (FR), 2016 B.M. Aazza (IRE) Greenogue Racing Stables, Ireland (J. T. R. Dreaper) Lot Withdrawn
21 BY Bonbon Rose (FR) EX Alzasca (FR), 2016 B.G. Ash Tree Meadow (FR) Monbeg Stables, Ireland (D. Doyle) Aidan O'Ryan / Gordon Elliott 135,000
23 BY Califet (FR) EX Go Noble (IRE), 2017 B.G. Vina Ardanza (IRE) Newlands Stables (S. R. B. Crawford) Lot Withdrawn
18 BY Carlotamix (FR) EX Koochie Baby (IRE), 2017 Ro.G. Blackwell Bay (IRE) Offerton Farm (T. Weston) Lot Withdrawn
2 BY Cloudings (IRE) EX Carrie Bradshaw (IRE), 2016 B.G. Itsallintheclouds (IRE) G & T Racing (T. Ellis) Lot Withdrawn
12 BY Court Cave (IRE) EX Cherry Eile (IRE), 2016 B.G. Adjournment (IRE) Station Yard (F. Nimmo) Oliver Greenall Racing / D Astbury 45,000
35 BY Diamond Boy (FR) EX Nouvelle Donne (FR), 2017 B.G. Dondiam (FR) Station Yard (F. Nimmo) Dan Astbury / Tim Talbot 50,000
20 BY Doyen (IRE) EX Crimson Bow (GER), 2016 B.G. Takoda (IRE) Little Acton Farm (M. Young) Lot Withdrawn
10 BY Fame And Glory (GB) EX Gran Chis (IRE), 2017 B.G. Flaming Ambition (IRE) Boundary Stables (C. Barber) Lot Not Sold 65,000
16 BY Fame And Glory (GB) EX Final Episode (IRE), 2017 B.G. Scotch On da Rocks (IRE) G & T Racing (T. Ellis) Highflyer Bloodstock 80,000
38 BY Fame And Glory (GB) EX My Native (IRE), 2016 B.G. Pomerol George (IRE) Newlands Stables (S. R. B. Crawford) Lot Withdrawn
24 BY Fame And Glory (GB) EX Collou (IRE), 2016 B.G. Since Day One (IRE) Monbeg Stables, Ireland (S. Doyle) D McCain Racing 35,000
43 BY Imperial Monarch (IRE) EX Lindas Present (IRE), 2017 B.G. Money Heist (IRE) Milestone Stables, Ireland (C. Bowe) Gavin Cromwell 35,000
3 BY Jet Away (GB) EX Just For Jean (IRE), 2016 B.G. Ingenious Stroke (IRE) Woodfield Stables, Ireland (R. Connors) Lot Withdrawn
32 BY Libertarian (GB) EX No Ordinary Love (IRE), 2016 B.G. Monbeg Stream (IRE) Monbeg Stables, Ireland (S. Doyle) Hamish Macauley Bloodstock 42,000
19 BY Mahler (GB) EX Initforthecrack (IRE), 2016 B.G. Harvie Wallbanger (IRE) Dower House Stables, Ireland (M. P. Collins) Jeremiah McGrath / Keith Bell 80,000
8 BY Mahler (GB) EX American Jennie (IRE), 2017 B.G. American Mike (IRE) Monbeg Stables, Ireland (S. Doyle) Bective Stud / Gordon Elliott 195,000
25 BY Maresca Sorrento (FR) EX La Pelodette (FR), 2016 B.G. Coachman (FR) Ballyboy Stables, Ireland (D. P. Murphy) Marcus Collie / Oliver Signy Racing 140,000
13 BY Masked Marvel (GB) EX Pierre Azuree (FR), 2016 B.M. Scarlet Witch (FR) Ballyboy Stables, Ireland (D. P. Murphy) Aidan O'Ryan / Gordon Elliott 60,000
42 BY Masked Marvel (GB) EX Valbrune (FR), 2016 Ch.G. Gredin (FR) Monbeg Stables, Ireland (D. Doyle) D McCain Racing 40,000
31 BY Milan (GB) EX Cashalass (IRE), 2017 B.G. Dash Full of Cash (IRE) Boundary Stables (C. Barber) Lucy Wadham 45,000
15 BY Milan (GB) EX Rheinland (IRE), 2017 B.G. Lyrical Genius (IRE) Boundary Stables (C. Barber) Highflyer Bloodstock / Charlie Longsdon Racing (P.S.) 32,000
41 BY Milan (GB) EX Kiltiernan Road (GB), 2016 B.M. Kindofabigdeal (IRE) Boundary Stables (C. Barber) Craig & Laura Buckingham 20,000
30 BY Multiplex (GB) EX Might Do (GB), 2016 B.G. Willewonga (GB) Cottage Oak Stables (J. O'Shea) Lot Withdrawn
28 BY Norse Dancer (IRE) EX Misstree Pitcher (GB), 2017 B.G. Another Mystery (GB) G & T Racing (T. Ellis) Highflyer Bloodstock / L Wadham 55,000
7 BY Orientor (GB) EX Naywye (GB), 2016 Br.G. Marton Abbey (GB) Jacqueline Coward Aiden Murphy / Kim Bailey 24,000
14 BY Passing Glance (GB) EX Call Me A Star (GB), 2016 B.M. First Glance (GB) Monbeg Stables, Ireland (D. Doyle) Dan Astbury / Tim Talbot 45,000
11 BY Poet's Voice (GB) EX Helter Helter (USA), 2016 B.G. Poet's Corner (GB) Ivy Lea Stables (N. Tinkler) Stroud Coleman Bloodstock / Neil King 38,000
9 BY Power (GB) EX Silky Pyrus (IRE), 2017 B.G. Powpowfizz (IRE) Harley Dunne Racing, Ireland Tom Malone / M Scudamore 75,000
44 BY Presenting (GB) EX Sussex Sunset (GB), 2017 Br.G. Between You And Me (IRE) Boundary Stables (C. Barber) Lot Withdrawn
26 BY Presenting (GB) EX Deep Supreme (IRE), 2017 Br.F. Fancy Stuff (IRE) Monbeg Stables, Ireland (C. Doyle) Ryan Mahon 80,000
33 BY Saddler Maker (IRE) EX Newhaven (FR), 2016 B.M. Gaia du Gouet (FR) Blackhall Stables, Ireland (A. Pierce) Ryan Mahon 85,000
34 BY Shantou (USA) EX Morning Calm (GB), 2016 B.G. Scipion (IRE) Milestone Stables, Ireland (C. Bowe) Vendor 80,000
17 BY Shantou (USA) EX Ballinderry Lady (IRE), 2017 B.G. Chianti Classico (IRE) Milestone Stables, Ireland (C. Bowe) Aiden Murphy / Kim Bailey 105,000
27 BY Shantou (USA) EX Laren (GER), 2016 B.G. Minella Crooner (IRE) Minella Stables, Ireland (J. Nallen) Aidan O'Ryan / Gordon Elliott (P.S.) 70,000
5 BY Shirocco (GER) EX Pescetto Lady (IRE), 2016 B.M. Letthetruthbeknown (IRE) Ballyboy Stables, Ireland (D. P. Murphy) Vendor 40,000
36 BY Soldier of Fortune (IRE) EX South West Nine (IRE), 2017 B.G. Serious Charges (IRE) Monbeg Stables, Ireland (S. Doyle) Anthony Honeyball 85,000
6 BY Valirann (FR) EX Lace Parasol (IRE), 2017 B.F. Presenting Belle (IRE) Crossgales Stables, Ireland (B. Walsh) Highflyer Bloodstock / L Wadham 32,000
1 BY Walk In The Park (IRE) EX Castlefleming (IRE), 2017 B.G. Here Comes Henry (IRE) Boundary Stables (C. Barber) JD Moore / Kevin Orchard 10,000
29 BY Westerner (GB) EX Pale Face (IRE), 2017 B.G. Cool Survivor (IRE) Monbeg Stables, Ireland (C. Doyle) Gordon Elliott Racing 175,000
39 BY Westerner (GB) EX Set In Her Ways (IRE), 2017 B.G. Corrigeen Rock (IRE) Ballyboy Stables, Ireland (D. P. Murphy) Lucinda Russell / Paul McIvor 50,000
40 BY Yeats (IRE) EX Miss Parkington (IRE), 2016 Br.G. Cobblers Dream (IRE) Kilphilibeen Stables, Ireland (P. O'Connell) Ben Case/Kevin Ross Bloodstock 85,000
22 BY Yeats (IRE) EX Ballylough Lady (IRE), 2017 B.G. The Goffer (IRE) Crossgales Stables, Ireland (B. Walsh) Aidan O'Ryan / Gordon Elliott 65,000