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Summary Lots Sold Total Sales AverageAv. MedianMed. Top Price
Whole Sale 333 7,368,409 22,127 16,175 325,000
 + Other Private Sales 7 12,500      
Lot NamebySireexDam Consignor Purchaser Price
1 Galileo Gold (GB) / York Express (GB) B.C. (IRE) Rockton Stud Tally-Ho Stud 25,000
2 Kodiac (GB) / You Dare To Dream (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Oghill House Stud A C Elliott, Agent / R Beckett 32,000
3 Camelot (GB) / Young Daisy Miller (IRE) B.C. (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment EAM Bloodstock 16,000
4 Mastercraftsman (IRE) / Zain Art (IRE) Gr.C. (IRE) Collegelands Stud Stefano Botti 20,000
5 Pride of Dubai (AUS) / Zelloof (IRE) Ch.C. (IRE) Al Eile Stud Midland Equine 16,000
6 Exceed And Excel (AUS) / Abbey Angel (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Oghill House Stud Meadowview Stables 19,000
7 Profitable (IRE) / Abhajat (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Lumville Farm Hyde Park Stud 12,000
8 Belardo (IRE) / Abilene (GB) Ch.F. (IRE) Ballylinch Stud Barry Lynch 20,000
9 Camacho (GB) / Acago (USA) Ch.C. (IRE) Cappagh Beg Stud Avenue Bloodstock 10,500
10 Footstepsinthesand (GB) / Acca Laurentia (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Coole House Farm Five Star Bloodstock 9,000
11 Starspangledbanner (AUS) / Acid (GB) B.C. (IRE) Manister House Stud Andrew Balding 22,000
12 Bated Breath (GB) / Across The Floor (GB) B.C. (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Lot Not Sold
13 The Last Lion (IRE) / Acts Out Loud (USA) Ch.C. (IRE) Highpark Sean Quinn 3,000
14 Dandy Man (IRE) / Ai Chan (IRE) Ch.F. (IRE) Ballylinch Stud T Clover / J S Bloodstock 15,000
15 Highland Reel (IRE) / Alaskan Breeze (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Castlehyde Stud Company AA 8,000
16 The Gurkha (IRE) / Albaraaha (IRE) Ch.F. (IRE) Glenvale Stud Vendor 15,000
17 Kodiac (GB) / Alice Liddel (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Abbeyleix Stud Rabbah Bloodstock 26,000
18 Fast Company (IRE) / All In Green (IRE) Br.C. (IRE) Lewinstown Farm Frederik Tylicki 4,500
19 Nathaniel (IRE) / Allannah Abu (GB) B.F. (IRE) Airlie Stud Tomas Janda (P.S.) 7,500
20 Cotai Glory (GB) / Allegrissimo (IRE) Ch.C. (IRE) Ringfort Stud Charles Greene 12,000
21 Galileo Gold (GB) / Almond Brook (GB) Ch.F. (IRE) Killourney Mór Farm BBA Ireland 19,000
22 Profitable (IRE) / Alphabetique (GB) B.F. (IRE) Loughmore Stables Valfredo Valiani 15,000
23 Belardo (IRE) / Alpine (GB) B.C. (IRE) Ballyvolane Stud Marco Botti 24,000
24 Slade Power (IRE) / Amador (IRE) Ch.F. (IRE) Leacarrow House Stud Vendor 3,000
25 Kodiac (GB) / Ameliorate (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Tally-Ho Stud Paul Midgley 17,000
26 Gutaifan (IRE) / Amthal (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Torard House Stud Scuderia Fert SAS 7,000
27 Fascinating Rock (IRE) / Anam Allta (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Ballylinch Stud Johnston Racing 15,000
28 Bobby's Kitten (USA) / Anarchiste (GB) B.F. (GB) Staffordstown Newmarket Pre-Training 3,500
29 Cotai Glory (GB) / Angel Meadow (GB) B.F. (IRE) Tally-Ho Stud SackvilleDonald 16,000
30 Oasis Dream (GB) / Angelic Guest (IRE) Gr.F. (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Ken Carroll 25,000
31 Bobby's Kitten (USA) / Argenterie (GB) Ch.F. (GB) Staffordstown Johnston Racing 6,000
32 Exceed And Excel (AUS) / Arjeed (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Northern Bloodstock Ltd Bushypark Stables 23,000
33 Australia (GB) / Artwork Genie (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Deerpark Stud Avenue Bloodstock / Joe Parr Racing 20,000
34 Nathaniel (IRE) / Askmour (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Castleboy Farm JP Murtagh Racing / Eddie Linehan Bloodstock 13,000
35 Ardad (IRE) / Avenbury (GB) B.F. (IRE) Ballyvolane Stud Kilbride Equine 25,000
36 Starspangledbanner (AUS) / Awohaam (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Egmont Stud Lot Withdrawn
37 Garswood (GB) / Bahia Emerald (IRE) Ch.F. (IRE) Ms. Nicola Kent Karl & Kelly Burke 14,000
38 The Gurkha (IRE) / Bahja (USA) Ch.C. (IRE) Glenvale Stud Stefano Botti (P.S.) 4,000
39 Gutaifan (IRE) / Baileys Pursuit (GB) B.C. (IRE) Ballylinch Stud Vendor 12,000
40 The Gurkha (IRE) / Balcony (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Castlehyde Stud Nicolo Simondi 8,000
41 Cotai Glory (GB) / Bali Breeze (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Ballybin Stud Lot Not Sold 4,500
42 Markaz (IRE) / Balladiene (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Church View Stables Lucy Ryan / Michael O'Callaghan 13,500
43 Cocktail Trezy (FR) B.C. BY Le Havre (IRE) EX Barmaid (FR) Danesrath Stud Andrew Oliver 9,000
44 Footstepsinthesand (GB) / Bayan Kasirga (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Tally-Ho Stud (Agent) Michael Dods 34,000
45 Cable Bay (IRE) / Beauty Within (GB) B.F. (IRE) Castledillon Stud (Agent) TJ Kent Racing (P.S.) 6,500
46 Adaay (IRE) / Belatorio (IRE) Br.C. (GB) Mr. Michael Tallon Clive Cox Racing 22,000
47 El Kabeir (USA) / Bella Ophelia (IRE) B/Br.F. (IRE) Yeomanstown Stud R Spencer 12,500
48 Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) / Belle des Airs (IRE) B.F. (IRE) The Forge Stables Leamore Horses (P.S.) 6,000
49 Ardad (IRE) / Bergamot Orange (USA) B.C. (IRE) Castletown Quarry Stud Mark Flannery 18,000
50 Exceed And Excel (AUS) / Betty Loch (GB) B.C. (GB) Monksland Stables James Toller 38,000
51 Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) / Beylerbey (USA) B.F. (IRE) Rochestown Lodge Stud Vendor 7,500
52 Kodi Bear (IRE) / Bigasiwannabe (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Oak Lodge & Springfield House Stud Company AA 3,000
53 Kodi Bear (IRE) / Bint Malyana (IRE) B.F. (UNK) Ms. Nicola Kent Razza Latina 23,000
54 Belardo (IRE) / Bint Nayef (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Roundhill Stud Janda Bloodstock 3,000
55 Aclaim (IRE) / Blaise Chorus (IRE) B.C. (GB) Egmont Stud Andrew Oliver 6,500
56 National Defense (GB) / Bleu Ciel Et Rouge (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Belmont Stud (Co. Meath) Kingsfield Stud 3,500
57 Churchill (IRE) / Blue Angel (IRE) Ch.C. (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Mark Flannery 30,000
58 Starspangledbanner (AUS) / Blue Dahlia (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Glenvale Stud De Burgh Equine 21,000
59 Cityscape (GB) / Blue Lyric (GB) B.F. (GB) Grove Stud C Dwyer / Victoria de Sousa 20,000
60 New Bay (GB) / Body Beautiful (IRE) Br.F. (IRE) Simmonstown Stud Lot Withdrawn
61 Sea The Moon (GER) / Bracing Breeze (GB) B.C. (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment William Easterby 25,000
62 Mastercraftsman (IRE) / Brambleberry (GB) Ch.C. (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Lot Withdrawn
63 Mastercraftsman (IRE) / Brazilian Samba (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Croom House Stud The Hong Kong Jockey Club 55,000
64 Footstepsinthesand (GB) / Brianna Bay (IRE) Ch.C. (IRE) Highfield Cottage SackvilleDonald / Brian O'Rourke 14,000
65 Caravaggio (USA) / Bright Birdie (IRE) Gr.C. (IRE) Castletown Stud EAM Bloodstock 25,000
66 Make Believe (GB) / Brimful (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Ballintober Stud Vendor 19,000
67 Exceed And Excel (AUS) / Broadway Melody (GB) B.C. (IRE) Mount Eaton Stud Howson & Houldsworth Bloodstock 32,000
68 Galileo Gold (GB) / Bronze Baby (USA) B.C. (IRE) Tally-Ho Stud Aguiar Bloodstock 25,000
69 Elzaam (AUS) / Brown Bee (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Tinnakill House Peter & Ross Doyle Bloodstock 20,000
70 Awtaad (IRE) / Brown Butterfly (GB) B.F. (IRE) Lewinstown Farm Lot Withdrawn
71 Kodi Bear (IRE) / Bulgadin Lady (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Ridge Manor Stud Eddie Ahern 7,000
72 Red Jazz (USA) / Bulrushes (GB) Ch.C. (IRE) Bluegate Stud Clive Cox Racing 75,000
73 Profitable (IRE) / By Jupiter (GB) Ch.C. (IRE) Redpender Stud Kilronan (P.S.) 7,000
74 Starspangledbanner (AUS) / Callisto Star (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Ballybin Stud BBA Ireland 24,000
75 Cotai Glory (GB) / Cape Elizabeth (IRE) Ch.F. (IRE) Castledillon Stud (Agent) Barry Lynch 12,000
76 Profitable (IRE) / Caressor (USA) Ch.F. (IRE) Glidawn Stud Kilbrew Stables 10,000
77 Footstepsinthesand (GB) / Casino Girl (GB) B.C. (IRE) Rockton Stud Lot Not Sold 26,000
78 Vadamos (FR) / Celestial Fable (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Church View Stables Vendor 12,000
79 Mastercraftsman (IRE) / Celestial Love (IRE) Gr.C. (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment BBA Ireland 6,000
80 Garswood (GB) / Chance of Bubbles (IRE) Ch.C. (GB) Mount Richard Stud Lot Not Sold
81 Starspangledbanner (AUS) / Chances Are (IRE) Ch.C. (IRE) Danesrath Stud Mark Flannery (P.S.) 8,000
82 Belardo (IRE) / Chanter (GB) B.F. (IRE) Glidawn Stud Jason Kelly Bloodstock 21,000
83 Divine Prophet (AUS) / Chellalla (GB) Ch.F. (IRE) Newtownbarry House Stud Johnston Racing 32,000
84 Excelebration (IRE) / Cherry Creek (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Baroda Stud Peter & Ross Doyle Bloodstock 60,000
85 Mehmas (IRE) / Cheworee (GB) Ch.C. (IRE) Nanallac Stud Lot Not Sold 9,000
86 El Kabeir (USA) / Chinese Democracy (USA) B.F. (IRE) Northern Bloodstock Ltd Edgar Byrne 4,000
87 Belardo (IRE) / Choc U Zel Nell (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Loughmore Stables Avenue Bloodstock (P.S.) 7,000
88 Cotai Glory (GB) / Clef (GB) Ch.C. (IRE) Owenstown Stud Vendor 40,000
89 National Defense (GB) / Clenaghcastle Lady (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Monksland Stables JS Bloodstock / G Scott Racing 10,000
90 No Nay Never (USA) / Clip Art (GB) B.F. (IRE) Tally-Ho Stud Oliver St Lawrence / JS Bloodstock 22,000
91 Highland Reel (IRE) / Clodovina (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Castletown Stud Marco Bozzi Bloodstock 11,000
92 Fast Company (IRE) / Club Prive (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Deer Forest Stud Bell For Ed Dunlop Racing 37,000
93 Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) / Colour Rhapsody (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Ballybin Stud Lot Not Sold 14,000
94 Starspangledbanner (AUS) / Come Softly (GB) B.F. (IRE) Mount Eaton Stud Cormac McCormack 30,000
95 Acclamation (GB) / Comes A Time (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Ballydorgan Stud Vendor 10,000
96 Starspangledbanner (AUS) / Condensed (GB) B.C. (IRE) Mount Eaton Stud Vendor 40,000
97 Prince of Lir (IRE) / Conjuring (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Ballygowan Stud SackvilleDonald 25,000
98 Kingman (GB) / Continental Drift (USA) B.F. (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Greenhills Farm 70,000
99 Postponed (IRE) / Conveyor Belt (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Baroda Stud Renato Giacomo Discepolo 12,500
100 Kodi Bear (IRE) / Coup de Main (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Rathbarry Stud Blandford Bloodstock / A Watson 25,000
101 Highland Reel (IRE) / Court Circular (GB) B.F. (IRE) Whitehall Stud Liam Norris 20,000
102 El Kabeir (USA) / Cover Girl (IRE) Ch.C. (IRE) Yeomanstown Stud Kingsfield Stud 7,000
103 Anjaal (GB) / Dabista (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Rathasker Stud Lot Withdrawn
104 Free Eagle (IRE) / Dalmatia (IRE) Gr.C. (IRE) Galbertstown Stables EAM Bloodstock 15,000
105 Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) / Dame Lucy (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Belmont Stud Dwayne Woods 50,000
106 Coulsty (IRE) / Dance Along (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Owenstown Stud Mark Cuschieri 6,000
107 Profitable (IRE) / Dancing Years (IRE) Ch.C. (IRE) Beechvale Stud BBA Ireland 46,000
108 Mehmas (IRE) / Darwell (IRE) Ch.C. (IRE) Cross Stables Tally-Ho Stud 25,000
109 Prince of Lir (IRE) / Date Mate (USA) B.C. (IRE) Ballysax Manor Stud Lot Withdrawn
110 Fast Company (IRE) / Deemah (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Cooneen Stud Midland Equine 7,000
111 Pride of Dubai (AUS) / Deira Miracle (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Highpark Societa Di Allenamento Pierdomenico Di Pierdomenico SRLS 3,000
112 Profitable (IRE) / Deora De (GB) B.C. (IRE) Ballyhagan Stud Dwayne Woods 37,000
113 Fascinating Rock (IRE) / Deviate (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Carrigbeg Stud J Portman 4,500
114 Profitable (IRE) / Diamond (IRE) Ch.F. (IRE) Roundhill Stud Warrenstown Stud 9,000
115 Australia (GB) / Dillydallydo (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Manister House Stud De Burgh Equine 68,000
116 Fast Company (IRE) / Diminish (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Wardstown Stud C M Stables 8,000
117 Starspangledbanner (AUS) / Diptych (USA) B.F. (IRE) Tinnakill House Lot Withdrawn
118 Dabirsim (FR) / Discipline (GB) B.C. (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Peter & Ross Doyle Bloodstock 36,000
119 New Bay (GB) / Discuss (USA) B.C. (IRE) Tinnakill House Lot Withdrawn
120 Markaz (IRE) / Disko (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Cooneen Stud Nick Bradley Racing 11,000
121 Vadamos (FR) / Divert (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Peter Nolan Bloodstock Lot Withdrawn
122 Mehmas (IRE) / Doctrine (GB) B.F. (IRE) Lodge Park Stud Leamore Horses 24,000
123 Mastercraftsman (IRE) / Douala (GB) B/Br.C. (IRE) Castletown Stud Renello Bloodstock 65,000
124 Galileo Gold (GB) / Dover Vision (IRE) Ch.C. (IRE) Aylesbury House Stud Lot Withdrawn
125 Highland Reel (IRE) / Dream Craft (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Mount Pleasant Farm Lot Not Sold 14,000
126 Cotai Glory (GB) / Dream Impossible (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Mount Pleasant Farm Anthony Ross 10,000
127 Belardo (IRE) / Dream On Me (GER) B.C. (IRE) Clonbonny Stud Mark Cuschieri 4,500
128 Kodi Bear (IRE) / Drumcliffe Dancer (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Olive O'Connor Bloodstock Kildallan Farm 16,000
129 Kodiac (GB) / Duchess Andorra (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Al Eile Stud Yeomanstown Stud 65,000
130 Territories (IRE) / Dynaglow (USA) Ch.C. (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Emmanuel Hughes 7,500
131 Showcasing (GB) / Ealaan (USA) B.F. (GB) Baroda Stud C & S Bloodstock 11,000
132 Profitable (IRE) / Ebtisama (USA) B.F. (IRE) Egmont Stud Aidan O'Ryan / Ben Haslam Racing 27,000
133 Dabirsim (FR) / Elite (GB) B.F. (GB) Rathbarry Stud Peter & Ross Doyle Bloodstock 15,000
134 Free Eagle (IRE) / Elusive Ellen (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Ballyshannon Stud J Walsh Bloodstock 10,000
135 Dandy Man (IRE) / Emma's Surprise (GB) B.C. (IRE) Hart Livery Farm & Stud Vendor 20,000
136 Caravaggio (USA) / Energia Fox (BRZ) B.F. (IRE) Hart Livery Farm & Stud Lot Not Sold 95,000
137 Mastercraftsman (IRE) / Eneryda (FR) B.C. (IRE) Cooneen Stud D Easterby 8,500
138 Mastercraftsman (IRE) / Enjoy Life (IRE) Ch.C. (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Heather Main Racing 20,000
139 Showcasing (GB) / Entree (GB) B.F. (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Johnston Racing 9,000
140 Highland Reel (IRE) / Ermine And Velvet (GB) Ch.F. (IRE) Glenard Stables (Agent) Lot Not Sold 14,000
141 Divine Prophet (AUS) / Escapism (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Tally-Ho Stud Blandford Bloodstock / A Watson 23,000
142 Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) / Et Dona Ferentes (GB) B.C. (IRE) Confey Stud Howson & Houldsworth Bloodstock 6,000
143 Mehmas (IRE) / Evie Be Kool (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Kilmoon Stud Avenue Bloodstock 17,000
144 Profitable (IRE) / Exclusive Diamond (GB) B.C. (IRE) Clonbonny Stud Vendor 17,000
145 Kodiac (GB) / Faithful Duchess (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Egmont Stud Con Marnane 38,000
146 Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) / Fantastic Account (GB) B.F. (IRE) Oak Lodge & Springfield House Stud BBA Ireland 30,000
147 Havana Gold (IRE) / Fantastic Santanyi (GB) B.C. (GB) Rahinston Stud (Agent) Vendor 13,000
148 Belardo (IRE) / Fashion Line (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Ballybin Stud Lot Withdrawn
149 No Nay Never (USA) / Fata Morgana (GER) B.F. (IRE) Egmont Stud Vendor 7,000
150 Awtaad (IRE) / Female Strategy (IRE) B.C. (IRE) McCarthy Bloodstock Lot Withdrawn
151 Twilight Son (GB) / Fey (GB) Ch.C. (IRE) Rockview Stables Mark Cuschieri 10,000
152 Footstepsinthesand (GB) / Fickle Feelings (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Baroda Stud Hurworth Bloodstock 10,000
153 Havana Gold (IRE) / Figurante (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Mount Coote Stud Shefford Bloodstock / Highflyer 30,000
154 Mastercraftsman (IRE) / Fiuntach (IRE) Ch.F. (IRE) Irish National Stud Vendor 25,000
155 Showcasing (GB) / Flirty Thirty (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Manister House Stud Etchingham Fennessy 26,000
156 Fast Company (IRE) / Florida City (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Lynn Lodge Stud Ben Haslam / Mouse O'Ryan 22,000
157 Footstepsinthesand (GB) / Flower Fairy (USA) B.F. (IRE) Skara Stud (Agent) Renato Giacomo Discepolo 7,500
158 Mehmas (IRE) / Fonseca (IRE) Br.C. (IRE) Tally-Ho Stud Keep Dreaming Bloodstock 26,000
159 Twilight Son (GB) / Foot of Pride (IRE) Ch.C. (IRE) Ballyreddin & Kellsgrange Studs Vendor 3,000
160 Mehmas (IRE) / Forevertwentyone (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Tally-Ho Stud Hurworth Bloodstock 25,000
161 Dark Angel (IRE) / Freedom Pass (USA) B.F. (IRE) Yeomanstown Stud Rob Speers 43,000
162 Galileo Gold (GB) / Fuaigh Mor (IRE) Ch.C. (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment William Easterby 23,000
163 Fast Company (IRE) / Full Moon Fever (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Corduff Stud Milan Racing Club 4,500
164 Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) / Galileos Daughter (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Castledillon Stud (Agent) R O'Ryan / R Fahey 15,000
165 Teofilo (IRE) / Gearanai (USA) Ch.C. (IRE) Boherguy Stud The Hong Kong Jockey Club 325,000
166 Vadamos (FR) / Ghanimah (GB) Ch.F. (IRE) Tally-Ho Stud Paul Midgley 14,000
167 El Kabeir (USA) / Girl Ranger (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Egmont Stud Vendor 12,000
168 El Kabeir (USA) / Glimmer of Peace (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Danesrath Stud Charles Greene 12,000
169 Declaration of War (USA) / Go Kart (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Ballylinch Stud Kern/Lillingston Association 42,000
170 Highland Reel (IRE) / Gold Lace (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Boherguy Stud Blandford Bloodstock 25,000
171 Decorated Knight (GB) / Grain de Beaute (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Irish National Stud Philippa Mains / Kevin Philippart 20,000
172 Pride of Dubai (AUS) / Grand Zafeen (GB) B.F. (IRE) Ballybin Stud Aldunio Botti 17,000
173 Mehmas (IRE) / Green Briar (GB) B.C. (IRE) Redpender Stud Kilronan 23,000
174 Camelot (GB) / Grey Sky Blue (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Kinane Bloodstock Tomas Janda 32,000
175 Slade Power (IRE) / Hajmah (IRE) Ch.C. (IRE) Oak Lodge & Springfield House Stud JP Murtagh Racing / Eddie Linehan Bloodstock 3,000
176 New Bay (GB) / Hall Hee (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Castleboy Farm Kubler Racing 22,000
177 Havana Gold (IRE) / Hamsat Elqamar (GB) B.C. (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Peter & Ross Doyle Bloodstock 15,000
178 New Approach (IRE) / Hanzada (USA) B.C. (IRE) Tinnakill House Lot Withdrawn
179 Mehmas (IRE) / Hazarayna (GB) B.F. (IRE) Woodtown House Stud Margaret O'Toole 23,000
180 Bobby's Kitten (USA) / He Loves Me More (USA) B.C. (GB) Laurel Stables Mark Cuschieri 5,000
181 Camacho (GB) / Heartstrings (GB) B.C. (IRE) Peter Nolan Bloodstock Lot Not Sold
182 Camacho (GB) / Heavenly Helper (USA) B.C. (UNK) Mr. Brendan McSorley Eddie Linehan Bloodstock / Conor McNamara 7,500
183 Markaz (IRE) / Heavenly River (FR) B/Gr.C. (IRE) Rossenarra Stud Gordian Troeller Bloodstock 7,500
184 Mehmas (IRE) / Height of Vanity (IRE) Ch.F. (IRE) Ballyvolane Stud Rabbah Bloodstock 42,000
185 Galileo Gold (GB) / Hen Night (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Lynn Lodge Stud Peter & Ross Doyle Bloodstock 45,000
186 Lawman (FR) / Hidden Girl (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Mr. Michael Tallon Ed Dunlop Racing / J D Moore 45,000
187 Camacho (GB) / High Vintage (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Portlester Stud Aidan O'Ryan / Keith Dagleish 26,000
188 Make Believe (GB) / Hint of Glas (FR) B.C. (IRE) Cooneen Stud Charles Greene 25,000
189 The Last Lion (IRE) / Hope Against Hope (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Rockview Stables Jason Kelly Bloodstock 3,000
190 Mayson (GB) / Idealist (GB) B.C. (FR) Grangemore Stud Karl & Kelly Burke 47,000
191 Belardo (IRE) / Illico (GB) B.C. (IRE) Danesrath Stud A C Elliott, Agent / Ed Dunlop 15,000
192 Fascinating Rock (IRE) / Imdancinwithurwife (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Galbertstown Stables Lot Withdrawn
193 Dandy Man (IRE) / Imelda Mayhem (GB) B.F. (IRE) Ballyhane SackvilleDonald 44,000
194 Kodi Bear (IRE) / In Dubai (USA) B.C. (IRE) Al Eile Stud Aguiar Bloodstock 50,000
195 Make Believe (GB) / In The House (IRE) B/Br.C. (IRE) Danesrath Stud JP Murtagh Racing / Eddie Linehan Bloodstock 33,000
196 Aclaim (IRE) / Inagh River (GB) B.C. (GB) Pier House Stud Martin Smith Racing 25,000
197 Belardo (IRE) / Inchelle (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Knocktoran Stud EAM Bloodstock 3,000
198 Bated Breath (GB) / Inflammable (GB) Ch.C. (GB) Danesrath Stud Vendor 20,000
199 Australia (GB) / Into The Lane (IRE) Ch.C. (IRE) Lynn Lodge Stud Aidan O'Ryan / Joseph O'Brien 55,000
200 Divine Prophet (AUS) / Ipsa Loquitur (GB) Ch.C. (IRE) Springhill Stud Lot Withdrawn
201 Elzaam (AUS) / Ivor's Magic (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Rossenarra Stud Eddie Ahern 12,000
202 Exceed And Excel (AUS) / Ivory Gala (FR) Ch.C. (GB) Salcey Forest Stud W Easterby 7,500
203 Australia (GB) / Jealous Beauty (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Mount Coote Stud Dolmen Bloodstock 25,000
204 Marcel (IRE) / Jersey Cream (IRE) B.C. (GB) Portlester Stud Peter & Ross Doyle Bloodstock 21,000
205 Mehmas (IRE) / Jolly Juicester (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Castledillon Stud (Agent) Lot Withdrawn
206 Zoffany (IRE) / Jowana (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Collegelands Stud Kilbrew Stables 16,000
207 Mastercraftsman (IRE) / Joyce Compton (IRE) Ch.F. (IRE) Redpender Stud Lot Not Sold 18,000
208 Vadamos (FR) / June (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Tally-Ho Stud Hyde Park Stud 9,000
209 National Defense (GB) / Just Special (GB) B.C. (IRE) Platinum Bloodstock Vendor 14,000
210 Dandy Man (IRE) / Kadesh (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Nanallac Stud Lot Not Sold 14,000
211 Free Eagle (IRE) / Kaleefa (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Ringfort Stud (Agent) Lot Withdrawn
212 Kodi Bear (IRE) / Katherine Lee (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Riverview Farm C Dwyer / Victoria de Sousa 32,000
213 Fascinating Rock (IRE) / Kayd Kodaun (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Mount Richard Stud Vendor 24,000
214 Raven's Pass (USA) / Kentucky Belle (IRE) Ch.F. (GB) Cooneen Stud Scuderia Semeso SRLS 7,500
215 Bated Breath (GB) / Kerrys Requiem (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Oghill House Stud Patrick Owens 11,000
216 Footstepsinthesand (GB) / Keyta Bonita (IRE) Ch.C. (IRE) Torard House Stud C Gordon Watson Bloodstock 19,000
217 Exceed And Excel (AUS) / Khajool (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Maypole Stables Mark Grant / Leamore Horses 27,000
218 Belardo (IRE) / Khameela (GB) B.F. (IRE) Knocklong House Stud A C Elliott, Agent 13,000
219 Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) / Kirk's Dancer (USA) B.C. (IRE) Mount Eaton Stud Peter & Ross Doyle Bloodstock 40,000
220 War Command (USA) / Knysna (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Yeomanstown Lodge Stud Lot Withdrawn
221 Elzaam (AUS) / Kualke (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Moyfinn Stud Highfield Bloodstock / Kerry Cournane 6,500
222 Mehmas (IRE) / La Cuvee (GB) B.C. (IRE) Beechvale Stud Joe Foley 190,000
223 Highland Reel (IRE) / La Divina (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Danesrath Stud EAM Bloodstock 17,000
224 Australia (GB) / La Spezia (IRE) Ch.C. (IRE) Mount Coote Stud Richard Knight Bloodstock Agent 34,000
225 Highland Reel (IRE) / Lady Canford (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Clonmult Farm Vendor 11,000
226 Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) / Lady Gray (IRE) B/Gr.F. (IRE) Glenvale Stud Hyde Park Stud 10,000
227 El Kabeir (USA) / Lady Marita (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Grangemore Stud SackvilleDonald 18,000
228 Kendargent (FR) / Lady Slippers (IRE) Gr.C. (IRE) Airlie Stud Johnston Racing 14,000
229 Awtaad (IRE) / Lady Vyrnwy (IRE) B.C. (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Kildallan Farm 12,000
230 Galileo Gold (GB) / Ladylishandra (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Ringfort Stud Vendor 65,000
231 Aclaim (IRE) / Lamps of Heaven (IRE) B.C. (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Sanatone Lodge 15,000
232 Highland Reel (IRE) / Lamsa (IRE) Ch.C. (IRE) Galbertstown Stables Nicolo Simondi 12,500
233 Starspangledbanner (AUS) / Lara Amelia (IRE) Ch.F. (IRE) Yeomanstown Stud Anthony Ross 9,000
234 El Kabeir (USA) / Last Mojito (USA) Gr.C. (IRE) Clonbonny Stud Edgar Byrne 15,000
235 Aclaim (IRE) / Let's Dance (IRE) B.C. (GB) Ballyhane Vendor 10,000
236 New Bay (GB) / Levanto (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Ballylinch Stud MLW Bell Racing 16,000
237 Gutaifan (IRE) / Light Laughter (IRE) Gr.C. (IRE) Yeomanstown Stud Stefano Botti 12,000
238 Dandy Man (IRE) / Light Sea (IRE) Ch.C. (IRE) Vinesgrove Stud Charles Greene 27,000
239 Highland Reel (IRE) / Lily of Kenmare (IRE) B.C. (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Alduino Botti 17,000
240 Footstepsinthesand (GB) / Lisfannon (GB) Ch.F. (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Durcan Bloodstock / J P O'Brien 44,000
241 Fast Company (IRE) / Littlemissara (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Browne Brothers Bloodstock Vendor 6,000
242 Acclamation (GB) / Littlepromisedland (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Awbeg Stud Ardglas Stables 7,000
243 Elzaam (AUS) / Liturgy (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Ballyhane Lot Withdrawn
244 Lope de Vega (IRE) / Lorgnette (FR) B.F. (GB) Portlester Stud JP Murtagh Racing / Eddie Linehan Bloodstock 47,000
245 Invincible Spirit (IRE) / Lost In Silence (IRE) B.C. (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Syndicates Racing / Kelly Equine 18,000
246 Acclamation (GB) / Louarn (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Rathbarry Stud Mark Flannery 8,500
247 Adaay (IRE) / Loughtownlady (IRE) B.C. (GB) Drumhill Stud Johnstown Stud 9,000
248 Kingman (GB) / Loulwa (IRE) B.F. (GB) Manister House Stud Rabbah Bloodstock 60,000
249 Ardad (IRE) / Lovellian (GB) B.C. (GB) Sherbourne Lodge Scuderia Semeso SRLS 6,000
250 Dawn Approach (IRE) / Luminaria (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Boherguy Stud Vendor 10,000
251 Mastercraftsman (IRE) / Lundy Island (GB) B.F. (IRE) Ballyline House Stud Vendor 10,000
252 Time Test (GB) / Lyric Art (USA) B.C. (IRE) Hyde Park Stud Lot Withdrawn
253 Profitable (IRE) / Ma Nikitia (IRE) Ch.C. (IRE) Rossenarra Stud John & Sean Quinn 9,500
254 Highland Reel (IRE) / Maany (USA) Ch.C. (IRE) Broad Meadow Stables Lot Withdrawn
255 Cotai Glory (GB) / Madam Macie (IRE) Ch.C. (IRE) Collegelands Stud Renato Giacomo Discepolo 12,000
256 Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) / Majraa (FR) Br.F. (IRE) Coole House Farm Lot Withdrawn
257 Dragon Pulse (IRE) / Make A Dance (USA) B.C. (IRE) Irish National Stud SackvilleDonald 15,000
258 No Nay Never (USA) / Mambo Paradise (GB) Ch.F. (IRE) Grove Stud D Farrington 38,000
259 Camacho (GB) / Mandoria (GER) B.C. (IRE) Kildaragh Stud (Agent) JP Murtagh Racing / Eddie Linehan Bloodstock 25,000
260 New Approach (IRE) / Maoineach (USA) Ch.C. (IRE) Boherguy Stud Ebonos 190,000
261 Zoffany (IRE) / Maqueda (USA) Ch.C. (IRE) Rathasker Stud Lot Withdrawn
262 Requinto (IRE) / Maraglen (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Danesrath Stud Lot Not Sold
263 Galileo Gold (GB) / Marian Halcombe (USA) Ch.C. (IRE) Tally-Ho Stud Razza Latina 24,000
264 Pearl Secret (GB) / Marise (IRE) B.C. (GB) Baroda Stud Leonardi Rosario 3,500
265 Mehmas (IRE) / Mark Too (IRE) Ch.C. (IRE) Egmont Stud Marco Bozzi Bloodstock 65,000
266 Mehmas (IRE) / Marol (IRE) Ch.C. (IRE) Castledillon Stud (Agent) Lot Withdrawn
267 Mastercraftsman (IRE) / Marvellous Ways (IRE) Ch/Gr.C. (IRE) Castledillon Stud (Agent) Adam Wyrzyk 25,000
268 Galileo Gold (GB) / Masela (IRE) Ch.C. (IRE) Ballyhast House Lot Withdrawn
269 Camacho (GB) / Mia Madonna (GB) B.F. (IRE) Coolnamona Stables Peter & Ross Doyle Bloodstock 34,000
270 Showcasing (GB) / Minionette (IRE) Br.F. (IRE) Castledillon Stud (Agent) Vendor 16,000
271 Bungle Inthejungle (GB) / Mirandassister (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Rathasker Stud Scuderia Semeso SRLS 7,000
272 Dandy Man (IRE) / Misrepresent (USA) B.F. (IRE) Ballygowan Stud Gay Kelleway Racing / Hamish Macauley 8,500
273 Dawn Approach (IRE) / Miss Cogent (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Cooneen Stud Lot Withdrawn
274 Aclaim (IRE) / Miss Giler (GB) B.F. (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Tomas Janda 4,500
275 Kodiac (GB) / Miss Glitters (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Tally-Ho Stud Hyde Park Stud 17,000
276 Dandy Man (IRE) / Model Looks (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Ballyhane SackvilleDonald 70,000
277 Estidhkaar (IRE) / Mokama (GB) B.C. (IRE) Castletown Quarry Stud Gianmichele Crisponi 3,000
278 Fascinating Rock (IRE) / Mood Indigo (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Ballylinch Stud Durcan Bloodstock / M Grassick 20,000
279 New Bay (GB) / Moondust (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Baroda Stud Vendor 15,000
280 El Kabeir (USA) / Moriches (IRE) Gr.F. (IRE) Ridge Manor Stud Scuderia Semeso SRLS 17,000
281 Mastercraftsman (IRE) / Ms Grande Corniche (GB) Ch.C. (IRE) Whitehall Stud Vendor 15,000
282 Vadamos (FR) / Multi Grain (GB) B.C. (IRE) Ringfort Stud A C Elliott, Agent / LUCRA II 27,000
283 Camacho (GB) / Muluk (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Eli Creek House Bindi Iacopo 8,000
284 Make Believe (GB) / Musalaha (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Grangemore Stud Marco Bozzi Bloodstock 13,000
285 Buratino (IRE) / Musical Review (UAE) B.C. (IRE) Sherbourne Lodge Ed Dunlop Racing / JD Moore 12,500
286 Havana Gold (IRE) / My Twinkle (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Lodge Park Stud Peter & Ross Doyle Bloodstock 20,000
287 Mehmas (IRE) / Na Zdorovie (GB) B.C. (IRE) Boston Stables Con Marnane 26,000
288 Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) / Nancy Astor (GB) B.F. (IRE) Ballintry Stud Janda Bloodstock 24,000
289 Zoffany (IRE) / Natural Bloom (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Castlehyde Stud BBA Ireland (P.S.) 20,000
290 Belardo (IRE) / Navette (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Church View Stables Grizzette Galoppo 13,000
291 Decorated Knight (GB) / Negotiate (GB) Ch.F. (IRE) Cloneymore Farm Ontoawinner 11,000
292 Kodiac (GB) / Newellen (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Galbertstown Stables Lot Not Sold 9,500
293 Galileo Gold (GB) / Nimbus Star (GB) B.C. (IRE) Castledillon Stud (Agent) Lot Not Sold 9,500
294 Free Eagle (IRE) / Nitya (FR) B.C. (IRE) Danesrath Stud Innishannon Valley Stud / Eddie Linhan 18,000
295 Cotai Glory (GB) / No Clubs (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Rossenarra Stud Vendor 3,000
296 Dandy Man (IRE) / Noble View (USA) Ch.C. (IRE) Ballyhane Vendor 8,000
297 Footstepsinthesand (GB) / Nonetheless (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Newtown Stud SackvilleDonald 35,000
298 Dandy Man (IRE) / Nora Batty (GB) B.F. (IRE) Ballyhane Lot Withdrawn
299 New Bay (GB) / Nordkappe (GER) Ch.C. (IRE) Castletown Stud Barry Lynch / Andrew Balding 31,000
300 Mastercraftsman (IRE) / Nour'spirit (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Simmonstown Stud Lot Withdrawn
301 Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) / Novat (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Drumree Lodge Stud Lot Withdrawn
302 Mondialiste (IRE) / Novita (FR) B.F. (IRE) Peter Nolan Bloodstock Aidan O'Ryan / Ben Haslam Racing 4,500
303 Belardo (IRE) / Oddysey (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Ballybin Stud Lot Withdrawn
304 Cotai Glory (GB) / Ohsosecret (GB) Ch.C. (IRE) Quarryland Farm New Racing Factory 7,000
305 Anjaal (GB) / One Time (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Rathasker Stud Dwayne Woods 3,500
306 Kodiac (GB) / Oui Say Oui (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Croom House Stud Peter & Ross Doyle Bloodstock 68,000
307 Cotai Glory (GB) / Own Gift (GB) B.C. (IRE) Eli Creek House Shane Ryan 8,500
308 Dandy Man (IRE) / Paddy Again (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Ballylinch Stud Joe Foley 45,000
309 Tamayuz (GB) / Pardoven (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Coole House Farm (Agent) Vendor 100,000
310 National Defense (GB) / Party Angel (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Platinum Bloodstock Renato Giacomo Discepolo 11,000
311 Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) / Pashmina (IRE) B.F. (UNK) Ms. Nicola Kent Gianluca Verricelli 8,000
312 Bated Breath (GB) / Passionatta (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Olive O'Connor Bloodstock Hyde Park Stud (P.S.) 8,000
313 Mastercraftsman (IRE) / Pavement (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Boherguy Stud Lot Not Sold 14,000
314 Requinto (IRE) / Pavlopetri (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Kildaragh Stud (Agent) JP Murtagh Racing / Eddie Linehan Bloodstock 32,000
315 Footstepsinthesand (GB) / Pearl Blue (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Gloster Cottage Stud Tomas Janda 6,000
316 Fast Company (IRE) / Pearl Diamond (GER) B.F. (IRE) Skara Stud (Agent) Vendor 18,000
317 Vadamos (FR) / Pearl Mountain (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Tally-Ho Stud Societa Di Allenamento Pierdomenico Di Pierdomenico 5,000
318 Camacho (GB) / Phoenix Clubs (IRE) B.C. (IRE) The Forge Stables Sanatone Lodge 14,000
319 Dandy Man (IRE) / Pilot Hill (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Ballyhane Lot Withdrawn
320 Cotai Glory (GB) / Pingin Rua (IRE) Ch.C. (IRE) Mr. Richard Ahern Lot Not Sold 9,000
321 Fascinating Rock (IRE) / Pixie's Blue (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Torard House Stud Janda Bloodstock 7,500
322 Elzaam (AUS) / Pleasure Place (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Ballyhane Rabbah Bloodstock 6,000
323 Vadamos (FR) / Plus Ca Change (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Airlie Stud De Burgh Equine 20,000
324 Cotai Glory (GB) / Poetry Aloud (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Ringfort Stud Scuderia Cuschieri (P.S.) 3,000
325 Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) / Polka Dot (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Limekiln Stud Peter & Ross Doyle Bloodstock 57,000
326 Camacho (GB) / Ponty Royale (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Ballyhagan Stud Manoel Marques dos Santos 19,000
327 The Gurkha (IRE) / Portrait of A Lady (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Railstown Stud (Agent) Lot Withdrawn
328 Kodiac (GB) / Qalahari (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Rathbarry Stud Shamrock Thoroughbreds 32,000
329 Bated Breath (GB) / Queen Andorra (IRE) Ch.F. (IRE) Al Eile Stud Joe Foley 48,000
330 El Kabeir (USA) / Queen Grace (IRE) Ch.C. (IRE) Boston Stables Beechlawn Bloodstock 25,000
331 Kodiac (GB) / Question (USA) B.C. (IRE) Tally-Ho Stud Oliver St Lawrence / JS Bloodstock 40,000
332 Dragon Pulse (IRE) / Quiania (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Kildaragh Stud (Agent) Level Par Bloodstock 21,000
333 The Gurkha (IRE) / Quiet Down (USA) B.C. (IRE) Glenvale Stud Eddie Ahern 7,000
334 Muhaarar (GB) / Rainbow Springs (GB) B.C. (GB) Ringfort Stud Ardglas Stables 25,000
335 Fast Company (IRE) / Red Perdita (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Tinnakill House Marco Bozzi Bloodstock 9,000
336 Zoffany (IRE) / Red Stars (IRE) B.C. (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment John Butler Racing 7,000
337 Footstepsinthesand (GB) / Redinha (GB) B.F. (IRE) Church View Stables Vendor 25,000
338 Free Eagle (IRE) / Redoutable (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Irish National Stud Eoghan J O'Neill 5,500
339 Gutaifan (IRE) / Reflect Alexander (IRE) Gr.C. (IRE) Mountarmstrong Stud Lot Withdrawn
340 Ardad (IRE) / Regina (GB) B.C. (IRE) Lodge Park Stud Kern/Lillingston Association 55,000
341 Footstepsinthesand (GB) / Remy (GB) B.C. (IRE) Ridge Manor Stud Marco Bozzi Bloodstock 5,000
342 Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) / Rip Van Music (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Arglo House Stud DPA Bloodstock 19,000
343 Fast Company (IRE) / Rising Wind (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Tradewinds Stud Dermot Farrington 28,000
344 Highland Reel (IRE) / Rockahoolababy (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Rathasker Stud Lot Withdrawn
345 Dandy Man (IRE) / Romea (GB) B.C. (IRE) Clonbonny Stud Eddie Linehan Bloodstock 22,000
346 Kodiac (GB) / Rose of Africa (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Belmont Stud Lot Withdrawn
347 Fast Company (IRE) / Rouge d'Amour (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Cloney Stud Lot Withdrawn
348 Pride of Dubai (AUS) / Royal Guinevere (GB) B.C. (IRE) Ballyline House Stud Vendor 3,000
349 Hot Streak (IRE) / Royal Visit (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Kildaragh Stud (Agent) Scuderia Semeso SRLS 13,000
350 Dragon Pulse (IRE) / Ruby Girl (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Ballygowan Stud Lacka Bloodstock 15,000
351 Highland Reel (IRE) / Ruby Shoes (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Orchardstown Stud Westminster Race Horses 10,000
352 Dandy Man (IRE) / Russian Flower (USA) B.C. (IRE) Ballyhane Con Marnane 9,000
353 Ribchester (IRE) / Sabinillas (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Northern Bloodstock Ltd Vendor 3,000
354 Lawman (FR) / Saphira Silver (IRE) Gr/Ro.C. (IRE) Tinnakill House Lot Withdrawn
355 Dabirsim (FR) / Sapore di Roma (IRE) Bl.C. (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Blandford Bloodstock / A Watson 20,000
356 Free Eagle (IRE) / Sassy (FR) Ch.C. (IRE) Cooneen Stud Vendor 4,000
357 New Bay (GB) / Scatina (IRE) Ch.F. (IRE) Tinnakill House David Loughnane Racing 25,000
358 Mastercraftsman (IRE) / Scripture (IRE) Ch.C. (IRE) Rathasker Stud BBA Ireland 15,000
359 Ulysses (IRE) / Sea Chanter (USA) Ch.F. (IRE) Owenstown Stud Lot Withdrawn
360 The Last Lion (IRE) / Seasons (GB) B.C. (IRE) Betaghstown Stud Lot Withdrawn
361 Elzaam (AUS) / Secret Liaison (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Ballygowan Stud Federico Barberini 7,500
362 Cotai Glory (GB) / Semper Fi (GB) Ch.C. (IRE) Kildallan Farm New Racing Factory 12,000
363 Havana Gold (IRE) / Serasana (GB) B.F. (IRE) Lodge Park Stud Scuderia Semeso SRLS 7,000
364 Highland Reel (IRE) / Sereza (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Cappagh Beg Stud Tomas Janda 7,500
365 Outstrip (GB) / Seschat (IRE) Gr.C. (IRE) Castletown Quarry Stud Lot Withdrawn
366 Elzaam (AUS) / Sesmen (GB) Gr.C. (IRE) Tinnakill House Michael Dods 25,000
367 The Gurkha (IRE) / Shagra (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Mount Coote Stud Philippa Mains / Kevin Philippart 15,000
368 Pearl Secret (GB) / Shahaama (GB) Ch.C. (IRE) Knocklong House Stud Scuderia Cuschieri 3,000
369 Mehmas (IRE) / Shallow Lake (USA) B.C. (IRE) Tally-Ho Stud Scuderia Cuschieri 3,000
370 Kodiac (GB) / Shama's Song (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Oghill House Stud Katie McGivern 13,000
371 El Kabeir (USA) / Shamardyh (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Kildallan Farm Blandford Bloodstock / A Watson 40,000
372 Rock of Gibraltar (IRE) / Shanjia (GER) Bl.C. (IRE) Stanley Lodge Hans Stihl 45,000
373 Churchill (IRE) / Shapoura (FR) B.C. (IRE) Oghill House Stud Lot Withdrawn
374 Mehmas (IRE) / She Bu (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Tally-Ho Stud Kevin Ross 65,000
375 Fastnet Rock (AUS) / Sheba Five (USA) B.C. (IRE) Baroda Stud Compas Equine 15,000
376 Footstepsinthesand (GB) / Sherbert (GB) Ch.F. (IRE) Baroda Stud Marco Bozzi Bloodstock 16,000
377 Aclaim (IRE) / Short Shrift (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Ballyhagan Stud CJW Bloodstock 12,000
378 Territories (IRE) / Showbird (GB) Ch.C. (GB) Donnellys Well (Agent) Meadowview Stables 11,000
379 Due Diligence (USA) / Showbizzy (GB) B.C. (GB) Ballintober Stud BBA Ireland 26,000
380 The Gurkha (IRE) / Siesta Time (GB) B.C. (IRE) Grange Hill Stud Marco Botti 9,000
381 Cotai Glory (GB) / Silca Boo (GB) B.F. (IRE) Castledillon Stud (Agent) Lot Withdrawn
382 Kodi Bear (IRE) / Silk Affair (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Rathbarry Stud Alice Haynes Racing 7,500
383 El Kabeir (USA) / Silk Fairy (IRE) Gr.C. (IRE) Stonestown Stud Lot Withdrawn
384 Vadamos (FR) / Silque (GB) B.C. (IRE) Tally-Ho Stud EAM Bloodstock 8,000
385 Pride of Dubai (AUS) / Sliding Scale (GB) Br.F. (IRE) Ridge Manor Stud (Agent) Company AA 3,000
386 Aclaim (IRE) / Snake's Head (GB) B.C. (GB) Cross Stables Avenue Bloodstock 33,000
387 Zoffany (IRE) / So Katie (IRE) Ch.C. (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Paolo Aragoni 3,000
388 Time Test (GB) / Sophie Gray (IRE) B.F. (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Liam Norris 20,000
389 Fast Company (IRE) / South Atlantic (USA) B.C. (IRE) Mr. Michael Tallon Nicolo Simondi 9,000
390 Fast Company (IRE) / Special Chocolate (FR) B.C. (IRE) Mr. Michael Tallon Vendor 10,000
391 Cable Bay (IRE) / Spectacular Show (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Kildaragh Stud (Agent) BBA Ireland / Shamrock Thoroughbreds 26,000
392 Galileo Gold (GB) / Spirited Charm (GB) Ch.C. (IRE) Donnellys Well (Agent) Avenue Bloodstock 20,000
393 Gutaifan (IRE) / Spiritoftheunion (GB) Gr.C. (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Peter & Ross Doyle Bloodstock 20,000
394 Zoffany (IRE) / Spiritual Flame (GB) B.F. (IRE) Corbal-lis Stud BBA Ireland / Shamrock Thoroughbreds 8,000
395 Camelot (GB) / Spiritual Praise (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Kinane Bloodstock Vendor 29,000
396 Cotai Glory (GB) / Star of Kings (GB) Ch.C. (IRE) Tally-Ho Stud Vendor 15,000
397 National Defense (GB) / Starbright (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Irish National Stud John Butler Racing 6,000
398 Mastercraftsman (IRE) / Starlight Circus (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Deerpark Stud Gianluca Verricelli 3,000
399 Cable Bay (IRE) / State Anthem (GB) B.F. (IRE) Mount Coote Stud Kingsfield Stud 19,000
400 Galileo Gold (GB) / Subtle Shimmer (GB) B.C. (IRE) Portlester Stud Eddie Linehan Bloodstock 15,000
401 Profitable (IRE) / Sufoof (IRE) Ch.F. (IRE) Lynn Lodge Stud Lot Withdrawn
402 Dawn Approach (IRE) / Suggest (IRE) Ch.C. (IRE) Ridge Manor Stud Lot Withdrawn
403 Dandy Man (IRE) / Sundown Sally (IRE) Ch.C. (IRE) Mr. Michael Tallon Hyde Park Stud 14,000
404 Cotai Glory (GB) / Superabundance (IRE) Ch.C. (IRE) Clonbonny Stud Tally Ho Stud 19,000
405 Raven's Pass (USA) / Susiescot (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Rathasker Stud Lot Withdrawn
406 Teofilo (IRE) / Sway Me Now (USA) Ch.C. (IRE) Boherguy Stud Frederik Tylicki 36,000
407 Australia (GB) / Sweet Temptation (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Rossenarra Stud Compas Equine / Dave Loughnane 18,000
408 Raven's Pass (USA) / Tadkhirah (GB) Ch.C. (IRE) Galbertstown Stables W Easterby 7,000
409 Footstepsinthesand (GB) / Tartan Blue (GB) Ch.C. (IRE) Oak Lodge & Springfield House Stud Kilronan 21,000
410 Prince of Lir (IRE) / Tartufo Dolce (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Ballyhane Lot Withdrawn
411 Bated Breath (GB) / Taste The Salt (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Croom House Stud John & Jake Warren 30,000
412 Mastercraftsman (IRE) / Tears In My Eyes (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Springfort Park Stud Paul Harley Bloodstock 15,000
413 Pivotal (GB) / Testimony (GB) Ch.C. (IRE) Awbeg Stud Kildallan Farm 23,000
414 Starspangledbanner (AUS) / The Last Sister (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Castledillon Stud (Agent) De Burgh Equine / F Stack 42,000
415 Acclamation (GB) / Thousandfold (USA) B.F. (IRE) Rathbarry Stud Warrenstown Stud 17,000
416 Kodiac (GB) / Tides Reach (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Knocklong House Stud Vendor 10,000
417 War Command (USA) / Timeless Dream (GB) B.C. (IRE) Ballyhane EAM Bloodstock 11,000
418 El Kabeir (USA) / Tinder (IRE) Gr.C. (IRE) Collegelands Stud Andrew Oliver 8,000
419 Make Believe (GB) / Tobair An Sheeda (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Oghill House Stud Lacka Bloodstock 8,000
420 Cotai Glory (GB) / Top of The Ridge (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Tally-Ho Stud Andrea Sironi 7,000
421 Night of Thunder (IRE) / Tuolumne Meadows (GB) Ch.C. (GB) Grove Stud Peter & Ross Doyle Bloodstock 155,000
422 Adaay (IRE) / Two In The Pink (IRE) B.C. (GB) Danesrath Stud Razza Latina 15,000
423 Anjaal (GB) / Undulant Way (GB) B.C. (IRE) Rathasker Stud Valfredo Valiani 5,000
424 Blame (USA) / Unifier (USA) B.F. (USA) Glidawn Stud Ardglas Stables 10,000
425 Footstepsinthesand (GB) / Valen (IRE) Gr.F. (IRE) Cloneymore Farm Alduino Botti 9,000
426 Free Eagle (IRE) / Vaniloquence (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Irish National Stud Lot Withdrawn
427 Cable Bay (IRE) / Vanoise (GB) B.C. (GB) Torard House Stud Scuderia Semeso SRLS 12,500
428 Profitable (IRE) / Ventura Falcon (IRE) Ch.F. (IRE) Pier House Stud Peter & Ross Doyle Bloodstock 15,000
429 Divine Prophet (AUS) / Vera Lilley (IRE) Gr.C. (IRE) Shinglis Stud Nicolo Simondi 9,000
430 Belardo (IRE) / Via Ballycroy (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Ballybin Stud Lot Withdrawn
431 Starspangledbanner (AUS) / Victoria Bear (IRE) Ch.F. (IRE) Baroda Stud Lot Withdrawn
432 Mehmas (IRE) / Vida Amorosa (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Tally-Ho Stud (Agent) C Gordon Watson Bloodstock 26,000
433 Belardo (IRE) / Viking Rose (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Dunmahon Stud Lot Not Sold 5,500
434 Mayson (GB) / Vintage Gardenia (GB) B.C. (GB) Ballincurrig House Stud Valfredo Valianio 6,800
435 Fast Company (IRE) / Virtudes (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Nanallac Stud Ballymount Bloodstock 5,000
436 Starspangledbanner (AUS) / Visalia (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Ballyhane Fairgreen Stables 11,000
437 Acclamation (GB) / Voom Voom (IRE) B.C. (GB) Salcey Forest Stud JP Murtagh Racing / Eddie Linehan Bloodstock 70,000
438 Cotai Glory (GB) / Vulnicura (IRE) Ch.C. (IRE) Tally-Ho Stud SackvilleDonald 28,000
439 The Gurkha (IRE) / Weekend Lady (IRE) Ch.F. (IRE) Galbertstown Stables Vendor 3,000
440 Gutaifan (IRE) / Whatever You Do (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Baroda Stud Alduino Botti 16,000
441 Fashion Delight (USA) B.F. BY Overanalyze (USA) EX Where Woody Bea (USA) Ballyduane Stud Vendor 15,000
442 Gleneagles (IRE) / Wild Idle (USA) B.F. (IRE) Castledillon Stud (Agent) John Davis 16,000
443 Bated Breath (GB) / Wild Storm (GB) B.F. (IRE) Rochestown Lodge Stud Lot Withdrawn
444 The Gurkha (IRE) / Wingspan (USA) B.F. (IRE) Danesrath Stud Vendor 8,000
445 Aclaim (IRE) / With Colour (GB) B.F. (IRE) Awbeg Stud Janda Bloodstock 6,000
446 Mehmas (IRE) / Woodland Maiden (IRE) B.C. (UNK) Hyde Park Stud Vendor 12,000
447 Caravaggio (USA) / Woolstone (GB) Gr.F. (IRE) Ridge Manor Stud Vendor 15,000