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Catalogue Updates
5Finsceal Fior (IRE) / In Dubai (USA) Ch.F.
15Poet's Voice (GB) / Trilemma (GB) B.F.
37Sandmason (GB) / Aske View (IRE) Ch.C.
59Mount Nelson (GB) / Boldilocks (GB) B.C.
62Flemensfirth (USA) / Brijomi Queen (IRE) B.F.
70Spanish Moon (USA) / Capuccina (FR) B.C.
85Lauro (GER) / Dancerfromthedance (IRE) B.C.
90Kalanisi (IRE) / Definite Leader (IRE) B.C.
119Pillar Coral (GB) / Gee Whizz (FR) B.C.
127Dansant (GB) / Grande Milan (IRE) Ch.C.
150Mount Nelson (GB) / Kopitar (IRE) B.F.
180Workforce (GB) / Meadstown Girl (IRE) B.C.
183Youmzain (IRE) / Mexican Sky (IRE) B.C.
186Laverock (IRE) / Millys Girl (IRE) B/Br.C.
201Califet (FR) / Musical Shan (IRE) B.C.
202Flemensfirth (USA) / My Cousin Rachel (IRE) Br.C.
213Mount Nelson (GB) / Nohabodder (IRE) B.F.
214Walk In The Park (IRE) / Noras Fancy (IRE) B.F.
249Califet (FR) / Rosa Fleet (IRE) B.C.
258Champs Elysees (GB) / Sarahall (IRE) Ch.C.
259No Risk At All (FR) / Sardagna (FR) Ch.C.
265Soldier of Fortune (IRE) / She's No Pet (IRE) B.C.
266Beat Hollow (GB) / Shivermetimber (IRE) B.C.
268Sageburg (IRE) / Shuil A Hocht (IRE) B/Br.C.
277Califet (FR) / Step On My Soul (IRE) B.C.
285Hillstar (GB) / Taipans Girl (IRE) B.C.
301Milan (GB) / Tullyglush (IRE) B.F.
304Jukebox Jury (IRE) / Vindonissa (IRE) B.C.

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