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Catalogue Updates
2Une Lavandiere (FR) B/Br.M. by Laveron (GB) x Nouvelle Donne (FR)
4Casamento (IRE) / Shirocco Passion (GB) B.C.
5Notnowcato (GB) / Thunder Road (IRE) Ch.G.
6Shantou (USA) / Whats Up Britta (IRE) Ch.F.
16Mahler (GB) / Samsha (IRE) B.C.
24Workforce (GB) / Shokalocka Baby (IRE) B.C.
25Presenting (GB) / Shuil Away (IRE) B.C.
28Primitic (FR) B.C. by Creachadoir (IRE) x Sistadenn (FR)
54Red Jazz (USA) / Too Little To Late (IRE) B.C.
57Imperial Monarch (IRE) / Treasure Trix (IRE) B.F.
59Westerner (GB) / Tullyglush (IRE) B.C.
64Walk In The Park (IRE) / Vast Consumption (IRE) B.C.
67Cloudings (IRE) / Western Starlight (IRE) Gr.C.
83Nutan (IRE) / Athenry (GER) B.C.
86Doyen (IRE) / Back In Town (IRE) Ch.C.
95Westerner (GB) / Because of You (IRE) B.C.
107Mount Nelson (GB) / Bob's Flame (IRE) B.F.
113Champs Elysees (GB) / Brooklyn Babe (IRE) B.C.
122Ol' Man River (IRE) / Carthanoora (IRE) B.C.
126Champs Elysees (GB) / Chase The Favorite (IRE) Ch.F.
127Soldier of Fortune (IRE) / Christmas Cracker (IRE) Ch.F.
137Beat Hollow (GB) / Dalamine (FR) B.C.
149Beat Hollow (GB) / Double Dream (IRE) B.F.
152Soldier of Fortune (IRE) / Easy To Find (IRE) B.F.
179Vendangeur (IRE) / Hardabout (IRE) B.C.
183Malinas (GER) / Hillview Princess (IRE) B.C.
189Valirann (FR) / Hurricane Debbie (IRE) Ch.C.
191Walk In The Park (IRE) / Ideal Song (IRE) B.C.
201Soldier of Fortune (IRE) / Kala Brandy (IRE) B.C.
202Walk In The Park (IRE) / Kalico Kalista (IRE) B.F.
225Laverock (IRE) / Last Hope (IRE) B.C.
228Mount Nelson (GB) / Letherbelucky (IRE) B.C.
232Sageburg (IRE) / Lochannagh (IRE) B.F.
245Mamool (IRE) / Mariah Mooney (IRE) B.C.
252Doyen (IRE) / Miss Baden (IRE) B.C.
275Retirement Plan (GB) / Niffyrann (FR) B.C.
287Califet (FR) / Our Polly (IRE) B.F.
292Incoryable Buck's (FR) B.C. by Buck's Boum (FR) x Parislatino (FR)
311Gatewood (GB) / Rumble Doll (IRE) Br.C.
313Bonus Scheme (IRE) B.M. by Beneficial (GB) x Too Little To Late (IRE)

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