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Summary Lots Sold Total Sales AverageAv. MedianMed. Top Price
Whole Sale 30 2,367,000 78,900 60,000 215,000
Lot NamebySireexDam Consignor Purchaser Price
1   Lot Withdrawn
2   Lot Withdrawn
3 Oscar Academy (IRE) 2013 B.G. BY Oscar (IRE) EX Flaming Brandy (IRE) Warren Chase Stables (O. Murphy) Gavin Cromwell 50,000
4 Kilbeg King (IRE) 2015 B.G. BY Doyen (IRE) EX Prayuwin Drummer (IRE) Milestone Stables, Ireland (C. Bowe) Lot Withdrawn
5   Lot Withdrawn
6 Here Comes Johny (IRE) 2015 B.G. BY Yeats (IRE) EX Strike An Ark (IRE) Knockbally Stables, Ireland (A. Ahern) Oliver Murphy Racing 20,000
7 I Hope Star (IRE) 2016 B.G. BY Casamento (IRE) EX Bint Nayef (IRE) Stellar Racing Vendor 20,000
8 God Knows Why (IRE) 2015 B.G. BY Oscar (IRE) EX Ballys Baby (IRE) Wildcard Kate Harrington Racing, Ireland Christian Williams Racing 12,000
9 Fashion Nova (IRE) 2015 Gr.M. BY Flemensfirth (USA) EX Fashion's Worth (IRE) Monbeg Stables, Ireland (D. Doyle) Fergal O'Brien Racing 42,000
10 Manorbank (IRE) 2015 B.G. BY Arcadio (GER) EX Kind Word (IRE) J. R. Bewley Highflyer Bloodstock 80,000
11 Rockadenn (FR) 2016 B.G. BY High Rock (IRE) EX Nijadenn (FR) Wildcard Ecurie J. Merienne, France Lot Not Sold 58,000
12 Wouldubewell (IRE) 2014 B.M. BY Gold Well (GB) EX Howrwedoin (IRE) Walshtown Beg Stables, Ireland (T. Townend) Highflyer Bloodstock 52,000
13 Star Gate (IRE) 2016 B.G. BY Imperial Monarch (IRE) EX Supreme Judge (IRE) Milestone Stables, Ireland (C. Bowe) Evan Williams 140,000
14 Drumlee Getaway (IRE) 2015 B.M. BY Getaway (GER) EX The Vicars Lady (IRE) Wildcard Sean McParlan Racing Lot Not Sold 38,000
15 Glory And Honour (IRE) 2016 B.G. BY Elusive Pimpernel (USA) EX On Khee (GB) Miss Anya Ingman Lot Not Sold 58,000
16 Brooksway Fair (IRE) 2016 B.G. BY Mahler (GB) EX Brook Style (IRE) Ballyboy Stables, Ireland (D. P. Murphy) Evan Williams (P.S.) 80,000
17 Tango Theatre (IRE) 2015 B.M. BY Shirocco (GER) EX Tango Moll (IRE) Bernice Stables (W. Ewing) John McConnell Racing 22,000
18 Latino Fling (IRE) 2015 B.M. BY Milan (GB) EX Five of Spades (IRE) Dower House Stables, Ireland (M. P. Collins) Lot Withdrawn
19 Western Fiona (IRE) 2015 B.M. BY Westerner (GB) EX Lindas Last (IRE) Skehanagh Stables, Ireland (S. Curling) Lot Withdrawn
20 Supreme Jet (IRE) 2016 B.G. BY Jet Away (GB) EX Pollys Leader (IRE) Wildcard Moulisha Stables, Ireland (P. J. O. Farrell) Lot Not Sold 95,000
21 Velasco (IRE) 2016 B.G. BY Sholokhov (IRE) EX Bilboa (FR) Wildcard Cottagefield Stables (T. Lacey) Lot Not Sold 95,000
22 Kilbree Warrior (IRE) 2015 B/Br.M. BY Mahler (GB) EX Tukawhile (IRE) James Collender Lot Withdrawn
23 Sambezi (FR) 2016 B.G. BY Rajsaman (FR) EX Tunis (FR) Ballyboy Stables, Ireland (D. P. Murphy) Marcus Collie / Oliver Signy Racing 50,000
24 Ballingers Corner (IRE) 2015 Br.M. BY Jeremy (USA) EX Dances With Waves (IRE) Paurick O'Connor Racing, Ireland Henrietta Knight (P.S.) 50,000
25 Glenglass (IRE) 2016 Ch.G. BY Ocovango (GB) EX Funny Times (GB) Milestone Stables, Ireland (C. Bowe) Aidan O'Ryan / Gordon Elliott 155,000
26 Guardino (FR) 2016 B.G. BY Authorized (IRE) EX Monicker (GB) Wildcard Ballyboy Stables, Ireland (D. P. Murphy) Highflyer Bloodstock / Ben Pauling Racing 170,000
27 File Illico (FR) 2015 B.G. BY Cokoriko (FR) EX Noryane (FR) Wildcard Moate Stables, Ireland (M. Goff) Stroud Coleman Bloodstock/Jonjo O'Neill 58,000
28 Magnificent Ben (IRE) 2015 B.G. BY Sans Frontieres (IRE) EX Lakeshore Lodge (IRE) Wildcard Mharla Stables, Ireland (S. Hassett) Lot Not Sold 28,000
29 Minella Escape (IRE) 2015 B.G. BY Beat Hollow (GB) EX Be My Leader (IRE) John Nallen. Kevin Ross Bloodstock 100,000
30 Only The Bold (IRE) 2015 B.G. BY Jeremy (USA) EX Cloghoge Lady (IRE) Bernice Stables (W. Ewing) Evan Williams 215,000
31 Holymacapony (IRE) 2016 B.G. BY Libertarian (GB) EX Heavenly Star (IRE) Leamore Horses, Ireland (C. Farrell) Lot Withdrawn
32 Orbys Legend (IRE) 2016 B.G. BY Milan (GB) EX Morning Legend (IRE) Ballydaragh Stables, Ireland (L. Kenny) Tom Malone Bloodstock 80,000
33 Recite A Prayer (IRE) 2015 B.G. BY Recital (FR) EX Old Madam (IRE) Redbridge Stables, Ireland (M. R. Murphy) Lot Withdrawn
34 Striking A Pose (IRE) 2016 Br.G. BY Getaway (GER) EX Clonsingle Native (IRE) Wildcard G & T Racing Peter & Ross Doyle Bloodstock / C Tizzard 95,000
35 The New McDonald (IRE) 2015 B.G. BY Elusive Pimpernel (USA) EX Ski For Me (IRE) Wildcard Durra House Stables, Ireland (N. Glynn) Lot Not Sold 44,000
36 Timeless Beauty (IRE) 2015 B.M. BY Yeats (IRE) EX Love Divided (IRE) Wildcard Monbeg Stables, Ireland (S. Doyle) McNeill Family 100,000
37 Poppa Poutine (IRE) 2016 B.G. BY Sholokhov (IRE) EX Sherchanceit (IRE) Ballyboy Stables, Ireland (D. P. Murphy) Ian Ferguson 100,000
38 Minella Drama (IRE) 2015 B.G. BY Flemensfirth (USA) EX Midsummer Drama (IRE) John Nallen. D McCain Racing 60,000
39 Bebraveforglory (IRE) 2016 B.G. BY Fame And Glory (GB) EX Brave Betsy (IRE) Ballycrystal Stables, Ireland (M. Flynn O'Connor) Select Racing Bloodstock / T Vaughan 82,000
40 Gold Clermont (FR) 2016 B.F. BY Balko (FR) EX Une Dame d'Or (FR) Wildcard Cottagefield Stables (T. Lacey) Lot Not Sold 28,000
41 Brandy Love (IRE) 2016 B.F. BY Jet Away (GB) EX Bambootcha (IRE) Wildcard Milestone Stables, Ireland (C. Bowe) Harold Kirk / WP Mullins 200,000
42 Tallow For Coal (IRE) 2016 B.G. BY Arctic Cosmos (USA) EX South Queen Lady (IRE) Wildcard Dower House Stables, Ireland (M. P. Collins) Tom Malone/Jamie Snowden (P.S.) 50,000
43 Will Carver (IRE) 2015 B.G. BY Califet (FR) EX Rock Angel (IRE) Bernice Stables (W. Ewing) Highflyer Bloodstock 60,000
44 Home Farm House (IRE) 2015 Bl.M. BY Winged Love (IRE) EX Recession Lass (IRE) Rathsilla Stables, Ireland (K. Roche) Tom Malone Bloodstock 24,000
45 Starvoski (IRE) 2015 B.M. BY Aizavoski (IRE) EX Telstar (IRE) Mr John C. Byrne Aiden Murphy (P.S.) 35,000
46 Just A Dime (IRE) 2016 B.G. BY Doyen (IRE) EX Somebody's Darling (IRE) Wildcard Josh Ryan, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
47 Velvet Elvis (IRE) 2016 Br.G. BY Shirocco (GER) EX Treen (IRE) Wildcard Milestone Stables, Ireland (C. Bowe) John McConnell Racing 95,000
48   Lot Withdrawn
49 Walking The Walk (IRE) 2015 B.G. BY Imperial Monarch (IRE) EX Iconic Events (IRE) Murbery Stables, Ireland (J. P. Berry) Lot Not Sold 38,000
50 Ucanaver (GB) 2016 Bl.F. BY Maxios (GB) EX Purely By Chance (GB) Mr P. Naughton Ryan Mahon / Anthony Honeyball 35,000
51 Unit Sixtyfour (IRE) 2015 B.G. BY Sholokhov (IRE) EX Dixie Chick (IRE) Wildcard Yellowford Racing, Ireland (C. Motherway) Highflyer Bloodstock 55,000