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194 lots found Excel

Summary INFO Lots Sold Total Sales Average Median Top Price
Whole Sale 111 573,300 5,165 2,500 45,000
 + Other Private Sales 1 200      
Lot NamebySireexDam INFO Consignor Purchaser Price
1 Mukhadram (GB) / Belle Caroline (USA) 2017 B.F. (GB) Manor House Farm Stud Lot Not Sold
2 Bated Breath (GB) / Eventfull Meet (IRE) 2017 B.F. (GB) Pattles Grove Stud Ltd. Ed Stapleton Bloodstock 3,500
3 Animateur (IRE) 2017 Ch.C. BY Anjaal (GB) EX Nijah (IRE) Pattles Grove Stud Ltd. Vendor 600
4 Harbour Watch (IRE) / Impertinent (GB) 2017 B.C. (GB) Highfield Bloodstock Vendor 600
5 War Command (USA) / Cadeau Speciale (GB) 2017 B.C. (GB) Highfield Bloodstock Attwater Racing 2,200
6 Sashcord (GB) 2016 B.F. BY Pour Moi (IRE) EX Ms Cordelia (USA) Telscombe Stud Farm Vendor 600
7 Montys Angel (IRE) 2010 B.M. BY Definite Article (GB) EX Montys Bank (IRE) Upper Hatch Farm (J. Bridger) Lot Not Sold 1,400
8 Maryhill (IRE) 2017 B.F. BY Camelot (GB) EX Similu (GB) Trillium Place Stables (D. Simcock) P & S Syndicate 2,200
9 Current (GB) 2017 Ch.F. BY Equiano (FR) EX Updated (FR) East Everleigh Stables (R. Hannon) Dave Roberts 1,500
10 Peanut (GB) 2017 B.F. BY Cable Bay (IRE) EX Grand Depart (GB) East Everleigh Stables (R. Hannon) Max Charlton 2,500
11 Air Bender (GB) 2016 B.G. BY Garswood (GB) EX Swanky Lady (GB) East Everleigh Stables (R. Hannon) Berkshire Bloodstock 1,000
12 Ingrained (GB) 2017 B.F. BY Intrinsic (GB) EX Cara's Delight (AUS) Whitwell Bloodstock Lot Not Sold
13 Hyba (GB) 2017 B.F. BY Muhaarar (GB) EX Jellwa (IRE) Whitwell Bloodstock Lot Withdrawn
14 Microscopic (IRE) 2017 Br.F. BY Intense Focus (USA) EX Royal Esteem (GB) Whitwell Bloodstock Martin Wanless / David Evans 3,800
15 Gmasha (GB) 2017 Ch.F. BY Intrinsic (GB) EX She's So Pretty (IRE) Robert Cowell Racing Lot Withdrawn
16 Rajan (GB) 2017 B.C. BY Fountain of Youth (IRE) EX Dayville (USA) Tom Clover Racing LLP Pont St 600
17 Goodman Square (GB) 2017 B.F. BY Kyllachy (GB) EX Freedom Rock (GB) Mark Usher Racing Ltd. Benjamin Malasomma 600
18 Gifted Dreamer (IRE) 2017 B.G. BY Morpheus (GB) EX Bronntanas (IRE) Mark Usher Racing Ltd. Lot Not Sold
19 Royal Charmer (GB) 2017 B.G. BY Hallowed Crown (AUS) EX Yaqootah (USA) Mark Usher Racing Ltd. Steven Barton 9,000
20 Goddess of Rome (IRE) 2017 B.F. BY Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) EX Gariepa (GER) Gainsborough Stables (S. Crisford) Tim Hide 2,200
21 Laciredeski (GB) 2017 B.F. BY Toronado (IRE) EX Sciolina (IRE) Weathercock House Stables (R. Hughes) Am Horse Racing 600
22 Village Rock (IRE) 2017 Ch.C. BY Society Rock (IRE) EX Village Singer (USA) Weathercock House Stables (R. Hughes) T McCourt 7,000
23 Candid (IRE) 2017 B.F. BY Requinto (IRE) EX Afnoon (USA) Whitcoombe House Stables (J. Portman) Lot Withdrawn
24 Wallaby (IRE) 2017 Ch.F. BY Australia (GB) EX Sky Boat (IRE) Whitcoombe House Stables (J. Portman) Tim Hide 1,500
25 Flowing Clarets (GB) 2013 Ch.M. BY Pastoral Pursuits (GB) EX Flying Clarets (IRE) Upper Hatch Farm (J. Bridger) Rhiain Ingram 1,800
26 Doti (GB) 2016 B.F. BY Charm Spirit (IRE) EX Garanciere (FR) The Paddocks (B. R. Millman) Lot Not Sold
27 Keith (GB) 2016 B.G. BY Rip Van Winkle (IRE) EX Serenity Spa (GB) The Paddocks (B. R. Millman) Bader Almutairi 3,000
28 Smart Samba (IRE) 2016 B.G. BY Intello (GER) EX Brazilian Bride (IRE) Induna Stables (C. Wall) Herrn Erwin Hinzmann (P.S.) 600
29 Cinzento (IRE) 2016 Gr.G. BY Lawman (FR) EX Silver Samba (GB) Impel Equine Lot Withdrawn
30 Maid From The Mist (GB) 2016 Gr.F. BY Hellvelyn (GB) EX Ball Burst (IRE) Grove Farm Stables (J. Gallagher) JC Boher 1,500
31 Mayfair Madame (GB) 2016 Ch.F. BY Mayson (GB) EX Talqaa (GB) Haynefield Farm (S. Kittow) Am Horse Racing 1,200
32 Exning Queen (IRE) 2016 B.F. BY Camacho (GB) EX Seven Sing (USA) Harraton Stud (J. Feilden) Lot Withdrawn
33 Telekinetic (GB) 2015 B.F. BY Champs Elysees (GB) EX Kinetix (GB) Harraton Stud (J. Feilden) J D Moore / AW Carroll 5,200
34 Boxatricks (IRE) 2015 B.G. BY Arakan (USA) EX Million To One (IRE) Harraton Stud (J. Feilden) P Jarvis 1,000
35 Midnight Mood (GB) 2013 B.M. BY Aqlaam (GB) EX Inflammable (GB) High View Stables (D. Ffrench Davis) Lot Withdrawn
36 Kelinda Dice (GB) 2017 B.F. BY Hot Streak (IRE) EX Dora's Sister (IRE) Chestnut Tree Stables (M. Quinn) Lot Withdrawn
37 Princess Harley (IRE) 2015 Gr.F. BY Dark Angel (IRE) EX Tonle Sap (IRE) Chestnut Tree Stables (M. Quinn) Vendor 9,500
38 Dolly Dupree (GB) 2016 B.F. BY Poet's Voice (GB) EX Meddle (GB) Charnwood Stables (P. D'Arcy) Sean Conway 2,500
39 Overbeck (IRE) 2015 B.G. BY Camelot (GB) EX Brigid (USA) Dean Ivory Racing Ltd. Lot Withdrawn
40 Zero To Hero (IRE) 2015 Ch.F. BY Arakan (USA) EX Blue Daze (GB) Saxon Gate (A. Watson) Leech Racing Stables 4,200
41 Dalness Express (GB) 2013 B.G. BY Firebreak (GB) EX Under My Spell (GB) Saxon Gate (A. Watson) Am Horse Racing 600
42 Gerry The Glover (IRE) 2012 B.G. BY Approve (IRE) EX Umlani (IRE) Clear Height Stables (L. Carter) Arjan Allaraj 1,000
43 Lily Ash (IRE) 2013 B.M. BY Lilbourne Lad (IRE) EX Ashdali (IRE) Mike Murphy Racing Dave Roberts 1,800
44 Aegean Legend (GB) 2015 B.G. BY Mayson (GB) EX Aegean Mystery (GB) Upper Hatch Farm (J. Bridger) Lot Not Sold
45 Abenakian (IRE) 2017 B.G. BY Dylan Thomas (IRE) EX Till Dawn (IRE) Jane Chapple-Hyam Racing Lot Not Sold 800
46 Pushmi Pullyu (IRE) 2016 B.F. BY Roderic O'Connor (IRE) EX Russian Rave (GB) Jane Chapple-Hyam Racing Lot Not Sold 1,400
47 Mochalov (GB) 2015 B.G. BY Denounce (GB) EX Awesome Asset (USA) Jane Chapple-Hyam Racing Lot Not Sold 4,800
48 Four Mile Bridge (IRE) 2016 B.G. BY Acclamation (GB) EX Agent Allison (GB) Mark Usher Racing Ltd. Gary Kent 6,500
49 Freedom And Wheat (IRE) 2016 B.G. BY Fast Company (IRE) EX Rustam (GB) Mark Usher Racing Ltd. Michael Blake Racing 6,200
50 Ace Combat (GB) 2015 B.G. BY Shamardal (USA) EX Require (GB) Forest Farm Stables (M. Madgwick) Pete Ponting 2,200
51 Reassurance (GB) 2015 B.F. BY Champs Elysees (GB) EX Timely Words (GB) Habton Grange Stables (T. Easterby) Lot Withdrawn
52 Any Smile (IRE) 2016 B.F. BY Zoffany (IRE) EX Bahja (USA) Harraton Stud (J. Feilden) Renello Bloodstock Agency 2,200
53 Ride And Prejudice (GB) 2017 B.F. BY Casamento (IRE) EX Emma's Gift (IRE) Harraton Stud (J. Feilden) Lot Withdrawn
54 Ragstone Cowboy (IRE) 2016 B.G. BY Slade Power (IRE) EX Three Decades (IRE) G. L. Moore Racing LLP Rashed Hjeelan 5,000
55 Hurry Kane (GB) 2016 Ch.G. BY Dunaden (FR) EX Flotation (USA) Mr Mike Hocking Lot Withdrawn
56 Iffraaj (GB) / White And Red (IRE) 2016 B.F. (GB) Hill Top Stables (R. Brisland) Lot Not Sold
57 Navajo Star (IRE) 2014 B.M. BY Mastercraftsman (IRE) EX Champagne Aerial (IRE) Hill Top Stables (R. Brisland) Lot Not Sold 24,000
58 Compass Point (GB) 2015 B.C. BY Helmet (AUS) EX Takarna (IRE) Hill Top Stables (R. Brisland) Cross Channel Racing 5,000
59 Royal Flag (GB) 2010 B.G. BY New Approach (IRE) EX Gonbarda (GER) Spring Cottage Stables (B. Ellison) Oliver Schwarzenberg 600
60 Be Kool (IRE) 2013 B.G. BY Approve (IRE) EX Accounting (GB) Spring Cottage Stables (B. Ellison) Ed Stapleton Bloodstock 4,500
61 Summer Skies (GB) 2016 B.F. BY Leroidesanimaux (BRZ) EX Sunset Shore (GB) Whitsbury Manor Racing Stables (M. Tregoning) Highfield Bloodstock 3,800
62 Barca (USA) 2014 B.G. BY War Front (USA) EX Magnificent Honour (USA) Whitsbury Manor Racing Stables (M. Tregoning) Tony Forbes 6,500
63 Honourbound (IRE) 2015 B.G. BY Thewayyouare (USA) EX Lavender List (IRE) Whitsbury Manor Racing Stables (M. Tregoning) Lot Withdrawn
64 Waterville Lady (IRE) 2017 B.F. BY Starspangledbanner (AUS) EX Sheer Delight (IRE) Commonstown Stables, Ireland (Mrs J. Harrington) Lot Withdrawn
65 Herringswell (FR) 2015 B.F. BY Pour Moi (IRE) EX Sovereign's Honour (USA) Henry Spiller Racing Lot Withdrawn
66 Folie Douze (GB) 2015 B.G. BY Foxwedge (AUS) EX Chicklade (GB) Henry Spiller Racing Lot Not Sold
67 Hackle Setter (USA) 2016 B.G. BY Noble Mission (GB) EX Zaharias (USA) Cedar Lodge Stables (S. Kirk) P & F Monfort 9,500
68 Imbucato (GB) 2014 B.G. BY Paco Boy (IRE) EX L'Invitata (GB) Mill House Racing (A. W. Carroll) Oliver Schwarzenberg 1,000
69 Top Boy (GB) 2010 B.G. BY Exceed And Excel (AUS) EX Injaaz (GB) Mill House Racing (A. W. Carroll) Lot Withdrawn
70 George Thomas (GB) 2016 B.G. BY Heeraat (IRE) EX Lexington Rose (GB) Chestnut Tree Stables (M. Quinn) Robert Eddery Racing 600
71 Colonel Frank (GB) 2014 B.G. BY Dutch Art (GB) EX Loquacity (GB) Chestnut Tree Stables (M. Quinn) Lot Withdrawn
72 Rosamour (IRE) 2016 B.F. BY Paco Boy (IRE) EX Goldamour (IRE) Weathercock House Stables (R. Hughes) P Barendregt 4,000
73 Mister Fawkes (GB) 2016 B.G. BY Phoenix Reach (IRE) EX Sister Moonshine (GB) Weathercock House Stables (R. Hughes) Lot Withdrawn
74 Bay Watching (GB) 2017 Ch.F. BY Hunter's Light (IRE) EX Tropicana Bay (GB) Meon Valley Stud Oliver St Lawrence Bloodstock 600
75 Chantilly Jewel (USA) 2005 B.M. BY Century City (IRE) EX Betty's Star (USA) Bottisham Heath Stud Lot Not Sold
76 Charlotte Rosina (GB) 2009 B.M. BY Choisir (AUS) EX Intriguing Glimpse (GB) Cheval Court Stud Tom Malone Bloodstock 45,000
77 Celebrity (GB) 2008 B.M. BY Pivotal (GB) EX Dance Solo (GB) Windmill Farm Hever Stud Farm 600
78 First Experience (GB) 2011 B.M. BY Tamayuz (GB) EX Lolla's Spirit (IRE) Shade Oak Stud Tom Malone Bloodstock 22,000
79 Lagavara (IRE) 2012 B.M. BY Exit To Nowhere (USA) EX Knocklayde Rose (IRE) Harris Piece Stud Lot Not Sold 1,400
80 Rebecca Romero (GB) 2007 B.M. BY Exceed And Excel (AUS) EX Cloud Dancer (GB) Kingsclere Stud L White 3,500
81 Hypnology (USA) 2007 B/Br.M. BY Gone West (USA) EX Sleepytime (IRE) Highclere Stud J D Moore / Abdullah 7,000
82 Tamara Moon (IRE) 2005 B.M. BY Acclamation (GB) EX Non Ultra (USA) Highclere Stud Helen McLennan 1,000
83 Simple Thought (IRE) 2015 B.M. BY Teofilo (IRE) EX Punita (USA) Godolphin Lot Withdrawn
84 Navajo Chant (GB) 2012 B.M. BY Cape Cross (IRE) EX Bezant (IRE) Godolphin Howson & Houldsworth Bloodstock 1,000
85 Derrymore (IRE) 2015 Gr.F. BY Dark Angel (IRE) EX Slieve Mish (IRE) Godolphin Mel Mathias 3,800
86 Another Opinion (IRE) 2016 B.F. BY Morpheus (GB) EX Your Opinion (IRE) Godolphin Lot Not Sold
87 Malika I Jahan (FR) 2016 B.F. BY Australia (GB) EX Have Faith (IRE) Godolphin The Horse Watchers 12,000
88 Irish Steps (USA) 2016 B.F. BY Giant's Causeway (USA) EX Sarah Lynx (IRE) Godolphin Lot Withdrawn
89 Exotic Escape (GB) 2017 B.F. BY Muhaarar (GB) EX Zacheta (GB) Godolphin FCL Equine 20,000
90 Kyllang Rock (IRE) 2014 B.G. BY Kyllachy (GB) EX Megec Blis (IRE) Godolphin Debbie Mountain 38,000
91 Main Reef (GB) 2017 Ch.C. BY Pivotal (GB) EX Coral Mist (GB) Godolphin Debbie Mountain 17,000
92 Hula Ballew (GB) 2000 Ch.M. BY Weldnaas (USA) EX Ballon (GB) Wildcard Shade Oak Stud Lot Not Sold
93 Dr Julius No (GB) 2014 B.G. BY Dick Turpin (IRE) EX Royal Assent (GB) Wildcard G L Moore Racing LLP Alejandro Gonzalez 1,800
94 Croeso Cymraeg (GB) 2014 B.G. BY Dick Turpin (IRE) EX Croeso Cusan (GB) Wildcard Oxstalls Farm Lot Not Sold 24,000
95 Hollander (GB) 2014 Ch.G. BY Dutch Art (GB) EX Thrill (GB) Wildcard The Gallops (Mrs A. Dunn) Vendor 1,500
96 Molivaliente (USA) 2016 Ro.C. BY The Factor (USA) EX Bee Brave (GB) Wildcard Highfield Bloodstock Ed Stapleton Bloodstock 5,000
97 No Such Luck (IRE) 2017 B.C. BY Tamayuz (GB) EX Laftah (IRE) Wildcard Paul & Clare Rooney Rhiain Ingram 1,800
98 I Need A Drink (IRE) 2017 Ch.C. BY Society Rock (IRE) EX Birthday (IRE) Wildcard Paul & Clare Rooney Blandford Bloodstock / A Watson 7,000
98A Sure I'm Your Man (IRE) 2017 B.C. BY Sea The Moon (GER) EX All Hallows (IRE) Wildcard Paul & Clare Rooney Lot Withdrawn
99 Global Rock (FR) 2016 B.G. BY Siyouni (FR) EX Baino Rock (FR) Ed Dunlop Racing Ltd. Robin Trevor-Jones 3,500
100 Global Express (GB) 2016 Ch.G. BY New Approach (IRE) EX All For Laura (GB) Ed Dunlop Racing Ltd. T Fitzgerald 7,500
101 Amorously (IRE) 2016 B.F. BY Australia (GB) EX Know Me Love Me (IRE) East Everleigh Stables (R. Hannon) Lot Withdrawn
102 Winnetka (IRE) 2017 Ch.G. BY Camacho (GB) EX Little Audio (IRE) East Everleigh Stables (R. Hannon) AW Carroll 4,500
103 Water Diviner (IRE) 2016 B.C. BY Bungle Inthejungle (GB) EX Khayrat (IRE) East Everleigh Stables (R. Hannon) Ulrich Scherello 6,000
104 Philamundo (IRE) 2015 B.G. BY Sir Prancealot (IRE) EX Rublevka Star (USA) Sefton Lodge Stables (R. Spencer) Lot Withdrawn
105 Seven Clans (IRE) 2012 B.G. BY Cape Cross (IRE) EX Cherokee Rose (IRE) The Affordable (2) Partnership Karen Tutty / Thoroughbred Homes 4,500
106 C'Est No Mour (GER) 2013 B.G. BY Champs Elysees (GB) EX C'Est L'Amour (GER) P. C. F. Racing Ltd. PCF Racing 17,000
107 Fryerns (GB) 2017 B.F. BY Helmet (AUS) EX Beyond Fashion (GB) George Scott Racing Five Star Bloodstock 1,400
108 Havana Gold (IRE) / Inauguration (IRE) 2017 B.F. (GB) Oakshott Bloodstock Lot Withdrawn
109 Fame And Glory (GB) / Laetitia (IRE) 2016 B.F. (GB) Culverhill Farm (N. Williams) John Benfield 800
110 Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) / Clever Liz (GB) 2016 Ch.F. (GB) Mr A. P. Rogers Lot Withdrawn
111 Lucarno (USA) / Rocking Robin (GB) 2016 B.G. (GB) Mr A. P. Rogers Lot Withdrawn
112 Norse Dancer (IRE) / Prospero's Belle (IRE) 2016 B.F. (GB) Steve Lloyd Lot Not Sold 3,800
113 Fight Club (GER) / Bank On Lady (GB) 2015 Ch.G. (GB) Worthen Hall Stables Jackie Skelton 600
114 Picture Painter (IRE) 2013 Gr.G. BY Zoffany (IRE) EX Sisceal (GB) Wildcard Pond House Stables (D. Pipe) Mark Flinton 5,000
115 Shroughmore Lass (IRE) 2011 B.M. BY Flemensfirth (USA) EX Smokey Bandit (IRE) Wildcard Worsley Racing Stables (H. Oliver) Oliver Schwarzenberg 600
116 Hard To Forget (IRE) 2013 B.G. BY Gold Well (GB) EX Raheen Na Hoon (IRE) Wildcard Worsley Racing Stables (H. Oliver) Lot Withdrawn
117 Greybychoice (IRE) 2016 B.G. BY Dark Angel (IRE) EX Khalice (GB) Brickfield Stables (N. Littmoden) Am Horse Racing 1,500
118 Joycetick (FR) 2014 B.G. BY Myboycharlie (IRE) EX Joyce (GER) Brickfield Stables (N. Littmoden) Value Racing 3,500
119 Careyanne (GB) 2014 Ch.M. BY Mount Nelson (GB) EX Mayaar (USA) David Loughnane Racing Ramzi Alghul (P.S.) 2,500
120 Electric Landlady (IRE) 2015 B.F. BY Red Jazz (USA) EX Margie (IRE) Keeper's Stables (D. Coakley) Lot Withdrawn
121 Keeper's Choice (IRE) 2014 Ch.M. BY Intikhab (USA) EX Crossing (GB) Keeper's Stables (D. Coakley) G Wintle 2,300
122 Give Him Time (GB) 2011 B.G. BY Kalanisi (IRE) EX Delayed (FR) The Downs Stables (N. Gifford) Tom Malone Bloodstock 6,500
123 Cooperess (GB) 2013 B.M. BY Sixties Icon (GB) EX Vilnius (GB) Adrian Wintle Racing Ltd. R Spencer 600
124 Mollyow (IRE) 2008 Ch.M. BY Iceman (GB) EX Corryvreckan (IRE) Adrian Wintle Racing Ltd. Penny Kerry 800
125 Show of Force (GB) 2015 Gr.F. BY Lethal Force (IRE) EX Craighall (GB) The Glanvilles Stud Tom Best 3,500
126 Twenty Years On (GB) 2016 B.G. BY Rip Van Winkle (IRE) EX Distinctive (GB) Barbury Castle Stables (A. King) Stroud Coleman Bloodstock / Sean Clancy 30,000
127 Running Cloud (IRE) 2015 B.G. BY Cacique (IRE) EX Nimbus Star (GB) Barbury Castle Stables (A. King) DML Racing 12,000
128 Hummdinger (FR) 2016 Ch.G. BY Planteur (IRE) EX Interior (USA) Barbury Castle Stables (A. King) Renello Bloodstock Agency / Taxi 4 Horses 7,000
129 Sauchiehall Street (IRE) 2015 B.G. BY Mastercraftsman (IRE) EX Top Trail (USA) Churn Stables (N. Williams) Julia Brooke Racing 10,500
130 Gopsies Daughter (IRE) 2011 Ch.M. BY Captain Rio (GB) EX Brief Journey (IRE) Boherna Stables, Ireland (D. Hogan) Lot Withdrawn
131 Little Saint (IRE) 2015 B.G. BY Morozov (USA) EX Matinee Show (IRE) Boherna Stables, Ireland (D. Hogan) Sean Conway 3,000
132 Generator City (IRE) 2013 B.G. BY Primary (USA) EX Sabbatical (IRE) Boherna Stables, Ireland (D. Hogan) Lot Not Sold 28,000
133 Motcomb Street (USA) 2013 B.G. BY Street Cry (IRE) EX Zaeema (GB) Court Stud, Ireland (J. Hanlon) Sam Allwood / Ed Bailey Bloodstock 4,500
134 Robin The Hare (IRE) 2012 B.G. BY Robin des Champs (FR) EX Pretty Puttens (IRE) Court Stud, Ireland (J. Hanlon) Harrison Beswick 4,000
135 Snowpiercer (FR) 2014 B.G. BY Astarabad (USA) EX My Darling Rose (FR) Wildcard Mr J. Cunningham Lot Withdrawn
136 Hard Ground (GB) 2014 B.G. BY Malinas (GER) EX Poppy Come Running (IRE) Wildcard Ballyboy Stables, Ireland (D. P. Murphy) G C Bloodstock 4,500
137 All The Fame (IRE) 2015 B.G. BY Fame And Glory (GB) EX Abhainn Ri (IRE) Wildcard Ballyboy Stables, Ireland (D. P. Murphy) David Phelan 30,000
138 Ahead of Schedule (IRE) 2015 Ch.G. BY Shirocco (GER) EX Colleen Bawn (FR) Wildcard Milestone Stables, Ireland (C. Bowe) Rakesh Singh 10,000
139 Arans Choice (IRE) 2013 B.M. BY Scorpion (IRE) EX Miss Greylands (GB) Wildcard Crossgales Stables, Ireland (Mrs J. Walsh) Roger Teal 10,000
140 Thequeenbee (IRE) 2015 B.F. BY Stowaway (GB) EX Accordeon Royale (IRE) Wildcard Milestone Stables, Ireland (C. Bowe) Ed Bailey Bloodstock / Michael Wilkes 15,000
140A Pour Une Raison (FR) 2015 B/Br.G. BY Kapgarde (FR) EX Got Aba (FR) Wildcard Milestone Stables, Ireland (C. Bowe) Susan May 8,000
141 Percy B Shelley (GB) 2014 Ch.G. BY Archipenko (USA) EX Oshiponga (GB) Friars Lough Stables, Ireland (E. Mullins) Lot Withdrawn
142 Ayr Of Elegance (GB) 2012 B.M. BY Motivator (GB) EX Gaelic Swan (IRE) Knockeen Racing Ltd., Ireland (H. de Bromhead) Lot Withdrawn
143 Kuiper Belt (USA) 2014 B.G. BY Elusive Quality (USA) EX Youre So Sweet (USA) Cullentra House Stables, Ireland (G. Elliott) Christian Williams Racing 9,500
144 Skyace (IRE) 2015 B.F. BY Westerner (GB) EX Graigace (IRE) Graiglore Stables, Ireland (C. Tobin) John Hanlon 600
145 Byrnersround (IRE) 2013 B.G. BY Alkaadhem (GB) EX Persian Flower (GB) Jarlath Fahey Racing, Ireland Penny Kerry 1,000
146 Mustmeetforapint (IRE) 2012 B.G. BY Mustameet (USA) EX Dariyba (IRE) Athena Bloodstock Lot Withdrawn
147 Global Anchor (IRE) 2014 B.G. BY Stowaway (GB) EX Loreley (IRE) Jackdaws Castle (J. J. O'Neill) Lot Withdrawn
148 His Dream (IRE) 2013 B.G. BY Yeats (IRE) EX Rosa Muscosa (USA) Jackdaws Castle (J. J. O'Neill) Lot Withdrawn
149 Scottshill (IRE) 2012 Ch.G. BY Flemensfirth (USA) EX Loch Lomond (IRE) Jackdaws Castle (J. J O'Neill) Nick O'Reilly 2,200
150 Jukebox Junior (GB) 2016 Gr.G. BY Jukebox Jury (IRE) EX Street Fire (IRE) Seven Barrows (N. J. Henderson) Paul Evans 1,400
151 Sorghatani (GB) 2015 B.F. BY Kayf Tara (GB) EX Follow The Dream (GB) Seven Barrows (N. J. Henderson) Lot Withdrawn
152 You Know Best (IRE) 2009 B.G. BY Publisher (USA) EX Devs Delight (IRE) Black Rock Stables Connor Gray 800
153 Grumpy Boots (IRE) 2014 B.G. BY Stowaway (GB) EX Reina Reed (IRE) Court Stud, Ireland (J. Hanlon) Lot Not Sold 13,000
154 Rocks of Bawnree (GB) 2012 B.G. BY Revoque (IRE) EX Byronsprincess (GB) Court Stud, Ireland (J. Hanlon) Lot Not Sold 800
155 Downloadtheapp (IRE) 2013 B.G. BY Definite Article (GB) EX Chase A Dream (IRE) Wyck Hill Farm Stables (D. G. Bridgwater) AM Sadik 3,200
156 Orchestrated (IRE) 2011 B.G. BY Mahler (GB) EX Rose Island (GB) Wyck Hill Farm Stables (D. G. Bridgwater) Sue Brooke 3,400
157 Samson (GB) 2011 Ch.G. BY Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) EX Riverine (GB) Linacres Farm (Dr R. Newland) T McCourt 600
158 Sin Sin (IRE) 2014 B.M. BY Intense Focus (USA) EX Saor Sinn (IRE) Thorne Farm Racing (N. Hawke) Grace Harris Racing 2,500
159 Barfly (GB) 2014 Gr.G. BY Fair Mix (IRE) EX Just Smokie (GB) Wildcard Chris Grant Racing Lot Withdrawn
160 Swift Crusador (GB) 2011 B.G. BY Kayf Tara (GB) EX Goldenswift (IRE) Wildcard The Gallops (Mrs A. Dunn) Sam Drinkwater 5,000
161 Charming Thought (GB) / Powder Blue (GB) 2018 B.F. (GB) Wildcard Clover Leaf Stud Lot Not Sold 9,000
162 Fast Company (IRE) / Nouvelle Lune (GB) 2018 B.C. (GB) Wildcard Clover Leaf Stud Lot Not Sold 2,800
163 Rosie Present (GB) 2014 B.M. BY Presenting (GB) EX Malindi Bay (GB) Holcombe Brook Stables (Ms P. Gundry) Lot Withdrawn
164 Minella Rising (IRE) 2012 B.G. BY King's Theatre (IRE) EX Heltornic (IRE) Holcombe Brook Stables (Ms P. Gundry) Lot Not Sold 1,800
165 Vincs Vinnie (IRE) 2013 B/Br.G. BY Vinnie Roe (IRE) EX You're A Native (IRE) Holcombe Brook Stables (Ms P. Gundry) Philip Hirst 600
166 Baasha (GB) 2015 B.G. BY Havana Gold (IRE) EX Tawaasul (GB) Neardown Stables (C. Mann) Oliver Schwarzenberg 2,000
167 Head Spin (IRE) 2008 B.G. BY Beneficial (GB) EX Who Tells Jan (GB) Brightling Park Julie Butler 2,500
168 Very Extravagant (IRE) 2009 Ch.M. BY Touch of Land (FR) EX Raveleen Rose (IRE) Heart of Oak Stables (R. Walford) Lot Withdrawn
169 Roundhead (GB) 2015 Ch.G. BY Helmet (AUS) EX Blue Mistral (IRE) Adlestrop Stables (R. Phillips) Lot Withdrawn
170 Sixties Idol (GB) 2013 B.M. BY Sixties Icon (GB) EX Fading Away (GB) Balmer Farm Stables (Miss S. West) Lot Not Sold
171 Molly Frontiers (IRE) 2015 B.F. BY Sans Frontieres (IRE) EX Losing Grip (IRE) Black Rock Stables Lot Not Sold
172 Rolling Along (GB) 2013 B.G. BY Bollin Eric (GB) EX Brychan (IRE) Blaenbarthen Stables Lauren Mills 600
173 Risks Emery (FR) 2015 Ch.G. BY Vision d'Etat (FR) EX Take Emery (FR) Summertree Farm Stables (M. Roberts) Lot Not Sold
174 Outstrip (GB) / Jaiyana (GB) 2018 Ch.F. (GB) Oakshott Bloodstock Sylvester Kirk Racing 600
175 Acclamation (GB) / Silent Music (IRE) 2018 B.F. (GB) Chasemore Farm Vendor 4,000
176 Kendargent (FR) / Blast Furnace (IRE) 2018 B.F. (GB) Chasemore Farm Mark Palmer 2,000
177 Cityscape (GB) / Elegant Annie (GB) 2018 B.F. (GB) Swynford Paddocks Vendor 600
178 Gutaifan (IRE) / Arrowood (IRE) 2018 Gr.F. (GB) Wood Hall Stud Ltd. Lot Not Sold 1,800
179 Fast Company (IRE) / Forgotten Paradise (GB) 2018 B.F. (GB) Trinity Park Stud Lot Withdrawn
180 Swiss Spirit (GB) / Speech (GB) 2018 B.F. (GB) Trinity Park Stud Lot Withdrawn
181 Living On A Dream (GB) 2018 B.F. BY Swiss Spirit (GB) EX Khafayif (USA) Miss L. Wallace Lot Not Sold 2,200
182 Gregorian (IRE) / Amour Fou (IRE) 2018 Gr.F. (GB) John Troy (Agent) Eclipse Racing 4,000
183 Hellvelyn (GB) / Lady Fiona (GB) 2018 Br/Gr.F. (GB) Lucas Bloodstock Mark Palmer 600
184 Avonbridge (GB) / Blaise For Me (GB) 2018 B.C. (UNK) Lucas Bloodstock Joseph Perryman Loveridge 600
185 Outstrip (GB) / Fidget (GB) 2018 Ro.C. (GB) Lucas Bloodstock Lot Not Sold
186 French Navy (GB) / Gipsy Doll (GB) 2018 C. (FR) Laundry Cottage Stud Farm Vendor 5,000
187 Elzaam (AUS) / Another Day (GB) 2018 B.C. (GB) Genesis Green Stud Lot Withdrawn
188 Belardo (IRE) / Pudding (IRE) 2018 B.C. (IRE) Mr Charles Woodhouse Four Ginger Men 600
189 Coach House (IRE) / Emerald Girl (IRE) 2018 B.C. (GB) Galteemore Farm Vendor 3,000
190 Pivotal (GB) / Hestia (FR) 2018 B.F. (IRE) Chasemore Farm Vendor 5,500
191 Sepoy (AUS) / Dubai Media (CAN) 2018 Ch.F. (GB) Chasemore Farm Vendor 3,500
192 Outstrip (GB) / Winterbourne (GB) 2018 B/Gr.C. (GB) Stephen Kemble Bloodstock (Agent) Oliver St Lawrence Bloodstock 600