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Catalogue Updates
8Ocovango (GB) / She's Our Luck (IRE) B.G.
16Shirocco (GER) / Storm In Front (IRE) B.F.
27Imperial Monarch (IRE) / Tipp On Air (IRE) B.F.
50Kapgarde (FR) / American Creek (FR) B.G.
64Getaway (GER) / Ballerina Queen (IRE) B.G.
71Fame And Glory (GB) / Beechill Dancer (IRE) B.F.
89Forterrythepainter (IRE) B.F. by Scorpion (IRE) x Broadway Boulevard (IRE)
107Beat Hollow (GB) / Coppenagh Lady (IRE) B.G.
139Kayf Tara (GB) / Fleur de Nikos (FR) B.G.
167Court Cave (IRE) / Iktitafs Sister (IRE) B.G.
169Mustameet (USA) / Inter Alia (IRE) B.F.
171Fame And Glory (GB) / Ivy Queen (IRE) B.G.
190Harry Do Brasil (FR) Gr.G. by Ballingarry (IRE) x La Nicoise (FR)
199Lanziano (FR) B.G. by Last Train (GB) x Lanciana (IRE)
210Leading Light (IRE) / Marie The (FR) Ch.G.
211Westerner (GB) / Masriyna's Article (IRE) B.F.
228Dylan Thomas (IRE) / Miss Platinum (IRE) B.G.
234Elusive Pimpernel (USA) / Mrs Pankhurst (GB) B.G.
241Yeats (IRE) / Name For Fame (USA) B.G.
246Ocovango (GB) / Nicola's Girl (IRE) B/Br.G.
303Leading Light (IRE) / Rubys Shadow (IRE) Ch.G.
305Ocovango (GB) / Saddlers Green (IRE) B.F.
308Ocovango (GB) / Sainte Careigne (FR) Br.G.
327Morozov (USA) / Smiths Lady (IRE) B.G.
332Masterofthehorse (IRE) / Speed Lady (IRE) B.G.
344Leading Light (IRE) / Sunwake (GER) B.F.
351Shirocco (GER) / Sweetness Herself (GB) Ch.G.
371Masterofthehorse (IRE) / Truckers Princess (IRE) B.F.
379Ocovango (GB) / Wattrey (GB) B.F.
389Fame And Glory (GB) / Zaharath Al Bustan (GB) B.F.
392Casamento (IRE) / Alaysieh (IRE) Ch.G.
393Valirann (FR) / All For Fame (IRE) B.G.
425Dylan Thomas (IRE) / Bonnie Theatre (IRE) B.G.
429Ocovango (GB) / Brown Sheila (IRE) B.G.
437Presenting (GB) / Cherry Black (IRE) Br.G.
465Gale Force Ten (GB) / Faanan Aldaar (IRE) B.G.
467Westerner (GB) / Fieldtown (IRE) B.F.
474Gamadan (FR) B/Br.G. by Magadan (IRE) x Gamine d'Ici (FR)
487Elusive Pimpernel (USA) / High Destiny (IRE) Br.F.
500Beat Hollow (GB) / Islandbane (IRE) B.F.
502Morozov (USA) / Jennys Gem (IRE) B.G.
516Joshua Tree (IRE) / La Bella Notte (GB) B.G.
551Sholokhov (IRE) / Moon Over Monaloo (IRE) B.F.
562Mountain High (IRE) / Nadwell (IRE) B.G.
613Ocovango (GB) / Shanliss (IRE) B.G.
622Grey Swallow (IRE) / Sparkling Gem (IRE) B/Br.G.
707Windsor Knot (IRE) / Emeranna (IRE) B/Br.G.
717Fame And Glory (GB) / Flying Bella (GB) B.G.
750Califet (FR) / Josh's Sister (IRE) B.F.
775Arcadio (GER) / Lisdaleen (IRE) B.G.
781Califet (FR) / Louis's Teffia (IRE) B.G.

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