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Lot NamebySireexDam INFO Consignor Purchaser Price
1 Equiano (FR) / Naayla (IRE) B.C. Ladytown Stables Vendor  MAKE OFFER 20,000
8 Lope de Vega (IRE) / No Such Zone (GB) Ch.C. Ms. Morna McDowall Vendor  MAKE OFFER 55,000
46 Tamayuz (GB) / Pretty Bonnie (GB) Ch.C. UPDATE Lynn Lodge Stud Vendor  MAKE OFFER 7,000
47 Tagula (IRE) / Pretty Demanding (IRE) Ch.C. Kildallan Farm Vendor  MAKE OFFER 10,000
48 Garswood (GB) / Pretty Famous (IRE) B.C. Riverview Farm Lot Not Sold  MAKE OFFER 13,000
49 Starspangledbanner (AUS) / Prianca (GER) Ch.F. The Cottage Stud Vendor  MAKE OFFER 18,000
50 Raven's Pass (USA) / Priceless Princess (IRE) Ch.F. UPDATE Lewinstown Farm Vendor  MAKE OFFER 19,000
53 Elzaam (AUS) / Punished (IRE) B.C. Ms. Alice Fitzgerald Vendor  MAKE OFFER 7,000
56 Gregorian (IRE) / Queen of The Nile (GB) B.C. Ballynure Park Stud Lot Not Sold  MAKE OFFER 4,500
69 Gutaifan (IRE) / Rich Gift (GB) B.C. Knockatrina House Vendor  MAKE OFFER 28,000
70 Alhebayeb (IRE) / Ringarooma (GB) B.C. UPDATE Mr. Harry Dutfield (Agent) Vendor  MAKE OFFER 3,000
74 Elzaam (AUS) / Royal Aly (USA) B.C. Miltown Park Stud Lot Not Sold  MAKE OFFER 3,000
78 Dragon Pulse (IRE) / Runway Giant (USA) Ch.C. UPDATE Irish National Stud Lot Not Sold  MAKE OFFER 11,000
80 Red Jazz (USA) / Saffey of Nowhere (IRE) Ch.C. Ballynure Park Stud Lot Not Sold  MAKE OFFER
83 Showcasing (GB) / Salinia (IRE) Ch.C. UPDATE Torard House Stud Lot Not Sold  MAKE OFFER 9,500
85 Gutaifan (IRE) / Salmon Rose (IRE) B/Br.F. UPDATE Ballybin Stud Vendor  MAKE OFFER 20,000
91 War Command (USA) / Secret Suspect (GB) B.C. Mr. Michael Downey Lot Not Sold  MAKE OFFER 7,000
92 No Nay Never (USA) / Seinellanima (IRE) Ch.F. Abbeyleix Stud Vendor  MAKE OFFER 19,000
95 Tamayuz (GB) / Shaddeya (IRE) Ch.C. Rinroe House Farm Lot Not Sold  MAKE OFFER 17,000
99 Dream Ahead (USA) / Shamsalmaidan (IRE) Ch.C. UPDATE Laurel Stables Lot Not Sold  MAKE OFFER 9,000
111 Mayson (GB) / Silk Affair (IRE) B.C. UPDATE Rathbarry Stud (Agent) Vendor  MAKE OFFER 22,000
112 Requinto (IRE) / Silk Feather (USA) B.C. Egmont Stud Vendor  MAKE OFFER 6,500
120 Make Believe (GB) / Slope (GB) B/Gr.C. The Castlebridge Consignment Lot Not Sold  MAKE OFFER 18,000
135 Mukhadram (GB) / Spoil Yourself (USA) B.C. UPDATE Duhill Stud Lot Not Sold  MAKE OFFER
136 Footstepsinthesand (GB) / Spring Crocus (IRE) B.F. Loughmore Stables Lot Not Sold  MAKE OFFER 9,500
154 Due Diligence (USA) / Sweet Alabama (GB) B.C. Buckley Bloodstock Vendor  MAKE OFFER 10,000
157 Sea The Stars (IRE) / Syamantaka (IRE) B.F. UPDATE Rathasker Stud Vendor  MAKE OFFER 35,000
164 Camacho (GB) / Terme Cay (USA) B.C. Burgage Stud Lot Not Sold  MAKE OFFER 8,500
168 Lawman (FR) / Tinaheely (IRE) B.F. Carrigbeg Stud Lot Not Sold  MAKE OFFER 19,000
172 Gutaifan (IRE) / Treasure The Lady (IRE) B.C. UPDATE Solo Bloodstock Vendor  MAKE OFFER 3,000
179 Hot Streak (IRE) / Tut (IRE) B.C. Tullerboy Farm Lot Not Sold  MAKE OFFER
180 Gutaifan (IRE) / Twiggy's Girl (IRE) B.C. Danesrath Stud Vendor  MAKE OFFER 10,000
181 Dutch Art (GB) / Up Tempo (GB) Br.C. UPDATE Killulla Stud Lot Not Sold  MAKE OFFER 14,500
182 Dream Ahead (USA) / Valley of Queens (IRE) Ch.F. Peter Nolan Bloodstock Lot Not Sold  MAKE OFFER 9,000
187 Heeraat (IRE) / Villabella (FR) B.C. Ardo Farm Vendor  MAKE OFFER 16,000
192 Canford Cliffs (IRE) / Way of Light (IRE) B.C. Whitehall Stud Vendor  MAKE OFFER 14,000
196 Helmet (AUS) / Windlass (IRE) B.C. Ballyvolane Stud Vendor  MAKE OFFER 3,000
200 Ivawood (IRE) / Woodsophiesmile (IRE) B.C. Ballymartin Stud Lot Not Sold  MAKE OFFER 4,500
203 War Command (USA) / Yeah Baby (IRE) B.C. Glenvale Stud Vendor  MAKE OFFER 7,000
208 Excelebration (IRE) / Zadalla (GB) B.F. UPDATE Railstown Stud (Agent) Vendor  MAKE OFFER 12,000
212 Epaulette (AUS) / Ziggy's Secret (GB) B.C. UPDATE Newtownbarry House Stud Lot Not Sold  MAKE OFFER
217 Due Diligence (USA) / Ahwahnee (GB) B.C. UPDATE Manister House Stud Vendor  MAKE OFFER 16,000
223 Toronado (IRE) / Al Kirana (IRE) B.C. UPDATE Taroka Stud Vendor  MAKE OFFER 32,000
224 Night of Thunder (IRE) / Al Nassa (USA) B.C. Oghill House Stud Lot Not Sold  MAKE OFFER 29,000
236 War Command (USA) / Anna David (GB) B.C. UPDATE The Premier Consignment Vendor  MAKE OFFER 16,000
238 Gutaifan (IRE) / Aqraan (GB) Br.C. UPDATE Kildallan Farm Lot Not Sold  MAKE OFFER
244 Tagula (IRE) / Array of Stars (IRE) B.C. Rathbarry Stud Vendor  MAKE OFFER 10,000
246 Fulbright (GB) / Ashdali (IRE) B.C. UPDATE The Forge Stables Lot Not Sold  MAKE OFFER 4,500
247 Cable Bay (IRE) / Ashwell Rose (GB) B.C. Lewinstown Farm Lot Not Sold  MAKE OFFER 14,000
248 Equiano (FR) / Astrobrava (GB) Ch.C. UPDATE Danesrath Stud Vendor  MAKE OFFER 5,000
255 Footstepsinthesand (GB) / Ballerina Rose (GB) B.C. UPDATE Newtown Stud Vendor  MAKE OFFER 50,000
261 Swiss Spirit (GB) / Behest (GB) B.C. UPDATE Belmont Stud Lot Not Sold  MAKE OFFER
262 Due Diligence (USA) / Belle of Honour (USA) B.C. UPDATE Ballynure Park Stud Lot Not Sold  MAKE OFFER
264 Free Eagle (IRE) / Best Be Careful (IRE) Ch.C. Castledillon Stud (Agent) Vendor  MAKE OFFER 20,000
274 Excelebration (IRE) / Box of Frogs (IRE) Ch.F. UPDATE Springwell Stud Lot Not Sold  MAKE OFFER
275 Raven's Pass (USA) / Brazilian Spirit (IRE) B.C. Irish National Stud Lot Not Sold  MAKE OFFER
292 Night of Thunder (IRE) / Cape Castle (IRE) B.F. Manister House Stud Lot Not Sold  MAKE OFFER 19,000
299 Epaulette (AUS) / Chalas (GER) B.C. Duhill Stud Lot Not Sold  MAKE OFFER 8,500
304 Lawman (FR) / Chervil (GB) B.C. UPDATE Platinum Bloodstock Vendor  MAKE OFFER 8,000
313 Fastnet Rock (AUS) / Cmonbabylitemyfire (IRE) B.F. Castledillon Stud (Agent) Lot Not Sold  MAKE OFFER 14,500
317 Dandy Man (IRE) / Coincidently (GB) B.F. UPDATE Mr. Harry Dutfield (Agent) Vendor  MAKE OFFER 15,000
332 Free Eagle (IRE) / Curious Lashes (IRE) B.F. Coonogue Stud Lot Not Sold  MAKE OFFER
333 Ivawood (IRE) / Cute Cait (GB) Br.F. Portlester Stud Lot Not Sold  MAKE OFFER 14,000
348 Footstepsinthesand (GB) / Dazzling Light (UAE) B.F. UPDATE Moyfinn Stud (Agent) Lot Not Sold  MAKE OFFER 11,000
356 Gutaifan (IRE) / Dinka Raja (USA) Gr.F. UPDATE Cooneen Stud Vendor  MAKE OFFER 10,000
366 Epaulette (AUS) / Dotada (IRE) B.C. Rockton Stud Lot Not Sold  MAKE OFFER 19,000
368 Showcasing (GB) / Dusty Red (GB) B.F. UPDATE Baroda & Colbinstown Studs Vendor  MAKE OFFER 19,000
374 Due Diligence (USA) / Elysee (IRE) B.C. Churchhill House Vendor  MAKE OFFER 4,000
375 Starspangledbanner (AUS) / Emerald Cutter (USA) B.C. Ms. Morna McDowall Vendor  MAKE OFFER 10,000
376 Lethal Force (IRE) / Emmuska (GB) B.C. Baroda & Colbinstown Studs Vendor  MAKE OFFER 13,000
385 Gutaifan (IRE) / Exclusion (USA) B/Br.F. UPDATE The Forge Stables Lot Not Sold  MAKE OFFER
398 Epaulette (AUS) / Firecrest (IRE) B.F. UPDATE Airlie Stud Vendor  MAKE OFFER 12,000
403 Dandy Man (IRE) / Fly By Magic (IRE) Ch.C. UPDATE Owenstown Stud (Agent) Vendor  MAKE OFFER 8,500
407 Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) / Fruit O'The Forest (IRE) B.C. Torard House Stud Vendor  MAKE OFFER 19,000
409 Outstrip (GB) / Gandini (GB) Ch.C. Portlester Stud Vendor  MAKE OFFER 15,000
410 Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) / Gariepa (GER) B.F. Deerpark Stud Vendor  MAKE OFFER 19,000
421 Camelot (GB) / Grumpy Connie (IRE) B.F. Knockatrina House Vendor  MAKE OFFER 24,000
422 Equiano (FR) / Guinnevre (IRE) B.F. Tirnaskea Stud Lot Not Sold  MAKE OFFER 32,000
426 Dragon Pulse (IRE) / Hallie's Comet (IRE) B.C. UPDATE Grangemore Stud (Agent) Vendor  MAKE OFFER 25,000
427 Alhebayeb (IRE) / Hankering (IRE) B.C. Springfort Park Stud Vendor  MAKE OFFER 3,000
439 Lawman (FR) / Hovering (IRE) B.F. UPDATE Kiltulla Stud Vendor  MAKE OFFER 12,000
444 War Command (USA) / Ice Box (IRE) B.C. UPDATE Rathasker Stud Vendor  MAKE OFFER 15,000
447 Ivawood (IRE) / Impressive Victory (USA) B.F. Mr. Michael Downey Lot Not Sold  MAKE OFFER 9,000
449 Society Rock (IRE) / Independent Girl (IRE) Ch.C. Kilmoon Stud Vendor  MAKE OFFER 3,500
455 Heeraat (IRE) / Irish Mint (IRE) B.C. Church View Stables Vendor  MAKE OFFER 12,000
458 Tamayuz (GB) / Issarose (IRE) B.C. Betaghstown Stud Lot Not Sold  MAKE OFFER
465 Ivawood (IRE) / Jesting (GB) B.C. UPDATE Railstown Stud (Agent) Vendor  MAKE OFFER 3,000
480 No Nay Never (USA) / Kingsridge (IRE) B.F. Kilfeacle Stud Vendor  MAKE OFFER 4,000
484 Starspangledbanner (AUS) / Know (IRE) Ch.F. Rahinston Farm & Stud Vendor  MAKE OFFER 8,000
488 Ivawood (IRE) / Lady Berta (GB) B.C. UPDATE Castledillon Stud (Agent) Lot Not Sold  MAKE OFFER 9,500
494 Heeraat (IRE) / Lady Royal Oak (IRE) B.C. Castledillon Stud (Agent) Vendor  MAKE OFFER 3,000
495 Anjaal (GB) / Ladytown (IRE) B.C. UPDATE Ladytown House Stud Lot Not Sold  MAKE OFFER 7,000
497 Equiano (FR) / Laguna Salada (IRE) B.C. UPDATE Tirnaskea Stud Lot Not Sold  MAKE OFFER 17,000
500 Toronado (IRE) / Lasso (GB) B.F. UPDATE Portlester Stud Vendor  MAKE OFFER 8,000
507 Heeraat (IRE) / Lexington Rose (GB) B.C. Mickley Stud Ltd Vendor  MAKE OFFER 8,000
518 Mukhadram (GB) / Lovely Dancer (IRE) Ch.C. Tally-Ho Stud Vendor  MAKE OFFER 5,000
519 Zebedee (GB) / Lovely Lou (IRE) Gr.C. UPDATE Sherbourne Lodge Vendor  MAKE OFFER 7,000
532 Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) / Mary McPhee (GB) B.F. UPDATE Norelands Lot Not Sold  MAKE OFFER 14,000
533 Fulbright (GB) / Mary Sea (FR) B.C. Kilnamoragh Stud Lot Not Sold  MAKE OFFER
535 Elzaam (AUS) / Mawaakeb (USA) B.C. UPDATE Ballyhane Vendor  MAKE OFFER 3,000
545 No Nay Never (USA) / Miss Latina (IRE) B.C. Gaynestown Stud (Agent) Vendor  MAKE OFFER 15,000
552 Zebedee (GB) / Monspa (GB) B.F. UPDATE Solo Bloodstock Vendor  MAKE OFFER 20,000
560 Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) / Mysteriousness (FR) B.F. Church View Stables Vendor  MAKE OFFER 5,000