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Lot NamebySireexDam Consignor Stabling
68 EX Abbey Angel (IRE) BY Kodiac (GB), B.C. (IRE) Oghill House Stud F 214
167 EX Admire The View (IRE) BY Acclamation (GB), B.F. (IRE) Longways Stables B 75
142 EX Ainippe (IRE) BY Frankel (GB), B.F. (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Longways Stables B 74
237 EX Al Gharrafa (GB) BY Estidhkaar (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Wildcard San Antone Lodge H 322
14 EX Alexiade (IRE) BY Awtaad (IRE), B.F. (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Yellowford Farm D 160
120 EX Alice Liddel (IRE) BY Elzaam (AUS), B.C. (IRE) Tally-Ho Stud C 102
113 EX Alleviate (IRE) BY Holy Roman Emperor (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Ardglas Stables B 65
211 EX Angel Stevens (IRE) BY Fast Company (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Kildallan Farm E 172
126 EX Apache Storm (GB) BY Showcasing (GB), B.F. (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Gaybrook Lodge Stud B 93
123 EX Ares Choix (GB) BY Havana Gold (IRE), Ch.C. (GB) Grove Stud C 134
91 EX Astronomy Domine (GB) BY Siyouni (FR), B.C. Mercian Hymn (GB) UPDATE Oak Tree Farm C 124
171 EX Asuncion (USA) BY Dragon Pulse (IRE), B.C. (IRE) UPDATE M.L. Bloodstock H 325
236 EX Avon Lady (GB) BY Bobby's Kitten (USA), B.C. (GB) Wildcard Kilbrew Stables A 29
110 EX Bacall (GB) BY Mayson (GB), B.C. (GB) UPDATE Ballycullen Stables J 339
118 EX Baileys Parisienne (FR) BY Acclamation (GB), B.C. (FR)  Lot Withdrawn Mocklershill H 314
147 EX Baliyka (IRE) BY Siyouni (FR), B.F. (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Greenhills Farm A 48
60 EX Balkaya (IRE) BY Harzand (IRE), B.F. (IRE) Tally-Ho Stud C 107
31 EX Batiste (GB) BY Territories (IRE), Ch.F. (IRE) Church View Stables H 327
34 EX Baynunah (USA) BY Territories (IRE), C. (FR) Church Farm & Horse Park Stud F 232
97 EX Bees (USA) BY Jersey Town (USA), B.C. (CAN) Gaybrook Lodge Stud B 92
54 EX Bessie Lou (IRE) BY War Command (USA), B.C. (IRE) Declan Wall Equine Ltd. J 361
228 EX Billowing (IRE) BY Twilight Son (GB), B.C. (GB) Wildcard Skryne Stables A 15
78 EX Bisous Y Besos (IRE) BY Free Eagle (IRE), B.F. (IRE) Aguiar Bloodstock Ltd. G 282
51 EX Black Baroness (GB) BY Cable Bay (IRE), B.C. (GB) UPDATE Ardglas Stables B 63
192 EX Blackangelheart (IRE) BY Tamayuz (GB), B.C. (IRE) San Antone Lodge H 324
226 EX Blue Lyric (GB) BY Adaay (IRE), B.C. (GB) Wildcard Kilbrew Stables A 30
59 EX Blue Marmalade (IRE) BY Estidhkaar (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Meadowview Stables H 331
231 EX Boca Raton (IRE) BY Pride of Dubai (AUS), B.C. (IRE) Wildcard San Antone Lodge J 348
158 EX Body Beautiful (IRE) BY Tamayuz (GB), B.C. (IRE) Mocklershill H 318
64 EX Brambleberry (GB) BY Footstepsinthesand (GB), Ch.C. (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Egmont Stud G 251
227 EX Brigids Cross (IRE) BY No Nay Never (USA), B/Br.C. (IRE) Wildcard Mocklershill H 317
38 EX Buttonhole (GB) BY Starspangledbanner (AUS), B.C. (IRE) Greenhills Farm A 42
23 EX Callmeakhab (IRE) BY Vadamos (FR), B.F. (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Tally-Ho Stud B 84
62 EX Candy Banter (USA) BY Slade Power (IRE), Ch.C. (IRE) Church Farm & Horse Park Stud F 233
215 EX Cartoon (GB) BY Sir Percy (GB), B.F. (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Tally-Ho Stud C 108
61 EX Ceaseless (IRE) BY Kodiac (GB), B.C. (IRE) Oak Tree Farm C 123
212 EX Chizzler (IRE) BY Prince of Lir (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Sylvally Stables E 194
100 EX Church Melody (GB) BY Acclamation (GB), B.C. (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Egmont Stud G 246
225 EX Cintsa Sun (IRE) BY Kodi Bear (IRE), B.C. (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Ballinahulla Stables A 40
164 EX Cloudspin (USA) BY The Gurkha (IRE), B.F. (IRE) The Ivy's Stables A 14
145 EX Coco Rouge (IRE) BY Twilight Son (GB), Ch.C. (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Mocklershill H 317
229 EX Confidente (IRE) BY Buratino (IRE), Ch.C. (IRE) Wildcard Mayfield Stables C 121
52 EX Consultant Stylist (IRE) BY Most Improved (IRE), B.F. (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Mocklershill H 295
140 EX Cool Cap (IRE) BY Pride of Dubai (AUS), Ch.C. (IRE) Beechmount Bloodstock A 11
141 EX Cool Power (IRE) BY Holy Roman Emperor (IRE), B.F. (IRE) Knockgraffon Stables A 26
191 EX Coumlara (IRE) BY Slade Power (IRE), B.C. (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Ballyvorgal Stables J 336
234 EX Crazyforlovingyou (USA) BY Gleneagles (IRE), B.F. (IRE) Wildcard Mocklershill H 293
185 EX Crystal Crossing (IRE) BY Pride of Dubai (AUS), B.C. (IRE) Drumphea Stables H 303
1 EX Dancing Rocket (GB) BY Excelebration (IRE), B/Br.F. (IRE) UPDATE Moores Bridge House E 178
172 EX Danish Princess (IRE) BY Lope de Vega (IRE), B.C. (GB) Greenhills Farm A 49
19 EX Dansalong (IRE) BY Sir Prancealot (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Knockanglass Stables J 343
117 EX Dark Reality (IRE) BY Kodi Bear (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Knockatrina House F 239
173 EX Dashing Approach (GB) BY Camelot (GB), B.F. (IRE) Ballycullen Stables J 358
3 EX Deire Na Sli (IRE) BY Toronado (IRE), B.C. (GB) Leamore Horses A 8
74 EX Desertstormelite (USA) BY Kitten's Joy (USA), B.F. (USA) Grove Stud C 132
44 EX Diamond Finesse (IRE) BY Mehmas (IRE), B.F. (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Ballinahulla Stables A 37
210 EX Docklands Grace (USA) BY Elzaam (AUS), B.C. (IRE) UPDATE Derrymore House F 223
130 EX Doctor's Note (GB) BY Camacho (GB), Ch.C. (IRE) Friars Lough Stables B 80
148 EX Dubai (IRE) BY Kendargent (FR), Gr.C. (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Knockatrina House F 241
71 EX Dubai Breeze (IRE) BY Twilight Son (GB), Ch.C. (GB) UPDATE Derryconnor Stud D 138
99 EX Dusty Moon (GB) BY Power (GB), Ch.C. (IRE) Greenhills Farm A 46
161 EX Edwinstowe (IRE) BY Gleneagles (IRE), B.C. (IRE) UPDATE Windmill Stables G 275
21 EX Ekleel (IRE) BY Daaher (CAN), B.C. (IRE) Shanaville Stables F 230
98 EX Elevator Action (IRE) BY Night of Thunder (IRE), B.F. (IRE) The Bloodstock Connection E 196
49 EX Emirates Challenge (IRE) BY Kodiac (GB), B.F. (IRE) Ms. Pamela O'Rourke C 117
114 EX Enfijaar (IRE) BY Exceed And Excel (AUS), B.C. (IRE) UPDATE Hyde Park Stud D 162
67 EX Entree (GB) BY Oasis Dream (GB), B.F. (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Egmont Stud G 248
16 EX Equitissa (IRE) BY Toronado (IRE), B.C. (GB) Hyde Park Stud D 149
168 EX Ermine Ruby (GB) BY Kodiac (GB), B.F. (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Tally-Ho Stud C 112
196 EX Estonia (GB) BY Markaz (IRE), B.F. (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Tradewinds Stud E 180
233 EX Fanci That (IRE) BY Due Diligence (USA), Br.C. (GB) Wildcard  Lot Withdrawn Knockgraffon Stables A 23
15 EX Fanzine (USA) BY Gemologist (USA), B.F. (USA) Meadowview Stables H 333
36 EX Female Strategy (IRE) BY Kodi Bear (IRE), B.F. (IRE) Meadowview Stables H 332
198 EX Feruzzi (IRE) BY Elzaam (AUS), B.C. (IRE) Lewinstown Farm H 321
201 EX Figment (GB) BY Dutch Art (GB), B.F. (GB) Dolmen Bloodstock B 71
6 EX Four Poorer (IRE) BY Camacho (GB), B.C. (IRE) Shanaville Stables F 229
43 EX Fourth Way (IRE) BY Charm Spirit (IRE), B.C. (GB) Longways Stables B 53
157 EX Frances Stuart (IRE) BY Charm Spirit (IRE), B.C. (GB) Folistown Farm H 301
213 EX Freya Tricks (GB) BY Raven's Pass (USA), B.C. (IRE) Ballyvorgal Stables J 337
207 EX Fujara (GB) BY Most Improved (IRE), B.F. (IRE) Skryne Stables A 18
18 EX Gali Gal (IRE) BY Zoffany (IRE), Ch.F. (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Mocklershill H 292
46 EX Girouette (IRE) BY Zoffany (IRE), B.F. (IRE) Kilbrew Stables A 31
37 EX Gladys Cooper (IRE) BY Territories (IRE), Br.C. (FR) Brackile Stables A 27
165 EX Goldane (IRE) BY Red Jazz (USA), B.C. (IRE) San Antone Lodge H 323
149 EX Gracious Lady (GB) BY Rock of Gibraltar (IRE), B.C. (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Ballinahulla Stables A 39
85 EX Harmonic Note (GB) BY Awtaad (IRE), B.F. (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Egmont Stud G 247
193 EX Hazarayna (GB) BY Kodiac (GB), B.F. (IRE) UPDATE Woodtown House Stud E 184
58 EX Heads You Win (GB) BY Equiano (FR), B.F. (IRE) Gourneen Stables A 5
159 EX Heavenly River (FR) BY Mehmas (IRE), B.F. (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Rossenarra Stud G 291
177 EX Hflah (IRE) BY Kodi Bear (IRE), Br.F. (IRE) UPDATE Slievebrook House Stud F 220
116 EX Ho Hey (GB) BY Camacho (GB), B.F. (IRE) Kingsfield Stud D 142
203 EX Honesty Pays (GB) BY Havana Gold (IRE), B.C. (GB) Windmill Stables G 276
108 EX I'm So Glad (GB) BY Shalaa (IRE), B.F. (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Tally-Ho Stud C 103
11 EX Iamnoangel (IRE) BY Coulsty (IRE), B.C. (IRE) A. & N. Bloodstock B 87
179 EX Ibiza Empress (IRE) BY Excelebration (IRE), Ch.C. (IRE) Leamore Horses A 9
154 EX Ice On Fire (GB) BY Dragon Pulse (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Derryconnor Stud D 153
41 EX Idyllic Star (IRE) BY Territories (IRE), Ch.C. (GB) Mayfield Stables C 94
80 EX Illuminating Dream (IRE) BY Awtaad (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Ballinahulla Stables A 38
69 EX Interlacing (GB) BY Fast Company (IRE), B.F. (IRE) Shanaville Stables F 231
144 EX International Love (IRE) BY Oasis Dream (GB), B.C. (IRE) UPDATE Tally-Ho Stud C 114
47 EX Invincible Me (IRE) BY Mehmas (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Tally-Ho Stud B 85
50 EX Jawaaneb (USA) BY Belardo (IRE), Ch.C. (IRE) Grove Stud C 131
224 EX Jayarbee (IRE) BY Estidhkaar (IRE), B.C. (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn K.B. Bloodstock F 218
221 EX Jedward (IRE) BY Red Jazz (USA), B.C. (IRE) Beresford Stables F 210
10 EX Josefa Goya (GB) BY Mayson (GB), B.C. (GB) UPDATE Knockanglass Stables J 342
222 EX Joyful Risk (IRE) BY Prince of Lir (IRE), Ch.F. (IRE) Ms. Pamela O'Rourke C 119
77 EX Kasumi (GB) BY Mayson (GB), Ch.C. (GB) Clenagh Castle Stud J 334
76 EX Kelley Marie (USA) BY Noble Mission (GB), Gr/Ro.C. (USA) Gaybrook Lodge Stud B 91
187 EX Kerry Gal (IRE) BY New Bay (GB), Ch.F. (IRE) UPDATE Ballylinch Stud C 125
96 EX Kirunavaara (IRE) BY Pearl Secret (GB), Ch.C. (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Tally-Ho Stud C 104
102 EX Koharu (GB) BY Fountain of Youth (IRE), B.C. (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Aguiar Bloodstock Ltd. G 283
66 EX Kummel Excess (IRE) BY Mehmas (IRE), B.F. (IRE) Hyde Park Stud D 147
26 EX Kymera (IRE) BY Night of Thunder (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Greenhills Farm A 41
138 EX La Roumegue (USA) BY Outstrip (GB), Gr/Ro.C. (GB) UPDATE Hyde Park Stud D 163
73 EX Labisa (IRE) BY Kodi Bear (IRE), B.C. (IRE) UPDATE Knockanglass Stables J 345
188 EX Lady McBeth (IRE) BY Footstepsinthesand (GB), B.F. (IRE) UPDATE Knockatrina House F 242
122 EX Larella (GER) BY Siyouni (FR), B.C. (GNY)  Lot Withdrawn Greenhills Farm A 47
218 EX Legal Lyric (IRE) BY New Bay (GB), B.F. (IRE) UPDATE Ballylinch Stud C 126
79 EX Lemonette (USA) BY Hard Spun (USA), Ch.F. (USA)  Lot Withdrawn Mocklershill H 297
20 EX Leopard Hunt (USA) BY Pride of Dubai (AUS), B.C. (IRE) Ardglas Stables B 62
94 EX Lethal Lena (IRE) BY Dark Angel (IRE), Gr.C. (IRE) Knockatrina House F 238
55 EX Life At Night (IRE) BY Free Eagle (IRE), B.C. Wish Stay Here (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Powerstown Stud G 286
209 EX Lilac (IRE) BY Camelot (GB), B.F. (GB) UPDATE Lewinstown Farm H 322
230 EX Lily White Socks (IRE) BY Night of Thunder (IRE), Ch.F. (IRE) Wildcard Mocklershill H 292
155 EX Limetree Lady (GB) BY Zoffany (IRE), B.F. (IRE) Eddie Ahern Bloodstock F 212
180 EX Livia's Wake (IRE) BY Lucky Lion (GB), B.C. (GNY)  Lot Withdrawn Tally-Ho Stud C 110
217 EX Louarn (IRE) BY Acclamation (GB), B.C. (IRE) Kingsfield Stud D 158
166 EX Lysanda (GER) BY Australia (GB), Ch.F. (GB) Derryconnor Stud D 154
175 EX Make Amends (IRE) BY Ajaya (GB), B.C. (IRE) Shanaville Stables F 201
22 EX Mana (IRE) BY Clodovil (IRE), B.F. (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Powerstown Stud G 285
65 EX Manuelita Rose (ITY) BY Gutaifan (IRE), B.F. (IRE) Mocklershill H 296
25 EX Mariana (IRE) BY Kingman (GB), B.F. (IRE) C. H. Thoroughbreds A 21
48 EX Mary Boleyn (IRE) BY Kingman (GB), B.C. (GB) UPDATE Egmont Stud G 249
88 EX Mary's Daughter (GB) BY Starspangledbanner (AUS), B.C. (IRE) UPDATE Church Farm & Horse Park Stud F 235
42 EX Maybe I Will (IRE) BY Due Diligence (USA), B.C. (IRE) Hyde Park Stud D 148
204 EX Mezogiorno (IRE) BY Camacho (GB), B.C. (IRE) Knockanglass Stables J 349
89 EX Midas Haze (GB) BY Lawman (FR), B.C. (IRE) Church View Stables H 328
39 EX Mirsaalah (GB) BY Kodiac (GB), B.F. (FR) Knockanglass Stables J 344
139 EX Miss Brazil (IRE) BY Footstepsinthesand (GB), Ch.F. (IRE) UPDATE Ardglas Stables B 64
194 EX Miss Hygrove (IRE) BY Dabirsim (FR), B.F. (FR) Knockanglass Stables J 350
219 EX Miss Legal Eagle (IRE) BY Dandy Man (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Drumphea Stables H 304
223 EX Miss Prim (GB) BY Coulsty (IRE), B.F. (IRE) M. C. Thoroughbreds F 207
129 EX Miss Villefranche (GB) BY Equiano (FR), B.C. (GB) UPDATE Ballinvana House Stud H 307
92 EX Mokama (GB) BY Estidhkaar (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Mocklershill H 298
27 EX Morant Bay (IRE) BY Sepoy (AUS), Ch.C. (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Mocklershill H 293
176 EX Morinda (GB) BY Kodiac (GB), B.F. (IRE) Mark Grant Racing E 187
156 EX Ms O'Malley (IRE) BY Vadamos (FR), B.C. (IRE) UPDATE Tally-Ho Stud C 113
143 EX Much Promise (GB) BY Iffraaj (GB), Ch.C. (GB) UPDATE Knockanglass Stables J 354
63 EX Mujadil Shadow (IRE) BY Buratino (IRE), Ch.C. (IRE) Glending Stables B 69
119 EX Muscadelle (GB) BY Kodi Bear (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Egmont Stud G 269
190 EX My Girl Lisa (USA) BY Night of Thunder (IRE), Ch.F. (IRE) Castlelyons Stables B 58
30 EX Na Zdorovie (GB) BY Awtaad (IRE), B.F. (IRE) UPDATE Aguiar Bloodstock Ltd. G 279
40 EX Nan Power (IRE) BY Buratino (IRE), B.F. (IRE) Mocklershill H 294
135 EX Next Life (GB) BY Vadamos (FR), B.C. (IRE) Ballycullen Stables J 340
205 EX Ninja Lady (GB) BY Charming Thought (GB), B.C. (GB) UPDATE Hyde Park Stud D 167
183 EX Noble Cause (GB) BY Due Diligence (USA), B.C. (GB) UPDATE Knockanglass Stables J 351
45 EX Noble View (USA) BY Prince of Lir (IRE), Ch.C. (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn M. C. Thoroughbreds F 205
53 EX One Time (IRE) BY Coulsty (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Aguiar Bloodstock Ltd. G 280
220 EX Oregon Trail (USA) BY Kodiac (GB), B.F. (UNK) UPDATE Woodfort Stud F 226
87 EX Passaggio (GB) BY Awtaad (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Longways Stables B 54
84 EX Passified Lady (USA) BY Strath Burn (GB), B.C. (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Tally-Ho Stud (Agent) C 105
86 EX Perdicilla (FR) BY Morandi (FR), B.C. Unstoppable (FR)  Lot Withdrawn Sherbourne Lodge G 255
29 EX Permsiri (IRE) BY Night of Thunder (IRE), B.F. (IRE) UPDATE Oak Tree Farm C 122
7 EX Petit Adagio (IRE) BY Night of Thunder (IRE), Ch.C. (IRE) Longways Stables B 52
32 EX Pinch of Posh (IRE) BY Territories (IRE), B.F. (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Egmont Stud G 250
208 EX Pop Art (IRE) BY Lawman (FR), B.F. (IRE) Slievebrook House Stud F 221
103 EX Porcelain (IRE) BY Mayson (GB), Ch.C. (GB) C.A.J. Stables G 260
214 EX Princess Mood (GER) BY Awtaad (IRE), Br.F. (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn C. H. Thoroughbreds A 22
35 EX Promesse de L'Aube (FR) BY Sepoy (AUS), B.C. (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Derryconnor Stud D 137
127 EX Purple Sage (IRE) BY Gleneagles (IRE), B.C. (IRE) UPDATE Longways Stables B 73
235 EX Pushkar (GB) BY Most Improved (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Wildcard Skryne Stables A 16
197 EX Queen of The Nile (GB) BY Prince of Lir (IRE), B.C. (GB) Brackile Stables A 28
163 EX Queen's Light (FR) BY Evasive (GB), B.C. Light Up My Dream (FR) UPDATE Knockanglass Stables J 353
124 EX Rahlah (GB) BY Mehmas (IRE), B/Br.C. (IRE) Knockanglass Stables J 355
153 EX Rainfall Radar (USA) BY Gleneagles (IRE), B.F. (GB) Egmont Stud G 272
181 EX Rare Ransom (GB) BY Camacho (GB), B.C. (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Gilbinstown Stud G 265
199 EX Rebel Aclaim (IRE) BY Moohaajim (IRE), Br.C. (IRE) Innishannon Valley Stud H 310
4 EX Rebel Force (IRE) BY Bated Breath (GB), B/Br.C. (IRE) Warrenstown Stud H 330
83 EX Red Ivy (IRE) BY Dandy Man (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Knockanglass Stables J 346
9 EX Red Top (IRE) BY Epaulette (AUS), B.C. (IRE) Ardglas Stables B 61
75 EX Refreshing (GB) BY Mshawish (USA), B.C. (USA) UPDATE Brown Island Stables A 2
57 EX Revealing (GB) BY Raven's Pass (USA), Ch.C. (IRE) Kingsfield Stud D 140
195 EX Rocking Horse (GB) BY Estidhkaar (IRE), B.C. (IRE) UPDATE C.A.J. Stables G 258
162 EX Romina (FR) BY Mayson (GB), B.C. (FR) Hyde Park Stud D 164
12 EX Rose Lilas (GB) BY Sir Prancealot (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Tally-Ho Stud B 83
70 EX Rose O'Neal (IRE) BY Exceed And Excel (AUS), Ch.C. (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Powerstown Stud G 287
152 EX Rose of Africa (IRE) BY Make Believe (GB), B.F. (IRE) Ms. Pamela O'Rourke C 118
216 EX Rose Pink (IRE) BY Tagula (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Kilbrew Stables A 33
101 EX Roseisarose (IRE) BY Sir Prancealot (IRE), B.C. (IRE) UPDATE Feigh Stables F 245
128 EX Sail Away Home (USA) BY Hard Spun (USA), B.F. (USA) The Ivy's Stables A 13
2 EX Sally (FR) BY Charm Spirit (IRE), B.F. (GB) Lackendarra Stables J 363
202 EX Sava Sunset (IRE) BY Kodiac (GB), B.C. (IRE) Tally-Ho Stud C 109
134 EX Saxum (FR) BY Markaz (IRE), B.C. (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Powerstown Stud G 288
8 EX Sciolina (IRE) BY Sepoy (AUS), B.C. (IRE) Coole House Farm F 215
125 EX Seduct (IRE) BY Equiano (FR), B.F. (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Church Farm & Horse Park Stud F 237
107 EX Shaaraat (USA) BY Kitten's Joy (USA), Ch.F. (USA) Mayfield Stables C 95
109 EX She's A Pistol (IRE) BY Dandy Man (IRE), Ch.F. (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Brown Island Stables A 3
189 EX Shebelia (GER) BY Power (GB), Ch.F. (IRE) Skryne Stables A 17
81 EX Sheer Indulgence (FR) BY Cable Bay (IRE), B.C. (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Greenhills Farm A 44
5 EX Shirley Blake (IRE) BY Kodi Bear (IRE), B.F. (IRE) Feigh Stables F 243
186 EX Sibling Honour (GB) BY Territories (IRE), B.F. (IRE) UPDATE Hyde Park Stud D 166
111 EX Silver Cache (USA) BY Sir Prancealot (IRE), B.C. (IRE) C.A.J. Stables G 261
238 EX Sivensen (IRE) BY Pride of Dubai (AUS), B.F. (IRE) Wildcard Knockatrina House F 240
137 EX Sky Colours (IRE) BY Shalaa (IRE), B.F. (FR) Mayfield Stables C 96
150 EX Sleep Dance (GB) BY Havana Gold (IRE), Ch.C. (GB) UPDATE Innishannon Valley Stud H 309
169 EX Sofi's Spirit (IRE) BY Canford Cliffs (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Sherbourne Lodge G 256
105 EX Soliana (GB) BY Prince of Lir (IRE), Ch.C. (IRE) Mocklershill H 313
184 EX Sommerflora (GER) BY Shalaa (IRE), B.F. (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Mocklershill H 319
121 EX Song of Hours (USA) BY Temple City (USA), Gr/Ro.C. (USA) Friars Lough Stables B 79
232 EX Souville (GB) BY Shalaa (IRE), B.C. (GB) Wildcard  Lot Withdrawn Church Farm & Horse Park Stud F 234
178 EX Street Chic (USA) BY Awtaad (IRE), B.C. (GB) C.A.J. Stables G 259
106 EX Street Kitty (IRE) BY Night of Thunder (IRE), B.F. (IRE) UPDATE Grove Stud C 133
160 EX Sunny Again (GB) BY Literato (FR), Ch.C. (IRE) UPDATE Mocklershill Stables E 174
132 EX Sunny Harbor (IRE) BY Mehmas (IRE), B.F. (IRE) UPDATE Tally-Ho Stud C 101
28 EX Surprisingly (IRE) BY Siyouni (FR), B.F. (IRE) UPDATE Grove Stud C 130
206 EX Tasha's Dream (USA) BY Pride of Dubai (AUS), Ch.F. (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn UPDATE Ballycullen Stables J 357
104 EX Tax Heaven (IRE) BY Dabirsim (FR), B.C. (FR) Knockanglass Stables J 347
13 EX Texas Ruby (USA) BY Cable Bay (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Declan Wall Equine Ltd. J 360
146 EX Thewaytosanjose (IRE) BY No Nay Never (USA), B.C. (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn M. C. Thoroughbreds F 206
131 EX Three Choirs (IRE) BY Shalaa (IRE), B.F. (IRE) Mocklershill H 315
170 EX Top of The Art (IRE) BY Showcasing (GB), B.C. (IRE) Egmont Stud G 273
151 EX Touriga (GB) BY Twilight Son (GB), B.C. (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Powerstown Stud G 289
82 EX Toute Famille (GB) BY Acclamation (GB), F. (FR) UPDATE Ardglas Stables B 66
182 EX Tranquil Sky (GB) BY Epaulette (AUS), B.C. (IRE) Kilcorral House G 264
17 EX Trisara (GB) BY Free Eagle (IRE), B.C. (IRE) UPDATE Knockgraffon Stables A 24
115 EX Vassaria (IRE) BY Wootton Bassett (GB), B.F. (GB) UPDATE Glending Stables B 70
24 EX Verbose (USA) BY The Gurkha (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Lackendarra Stables J 364
200 EX Vespasia (GB) BY Bated Breath (GB), Br.C. (GB) Shanaville Stables F 203
33 EX Wattrey (GB) BY Vadamos (FR), B.G. (IRE) UPDATE Albany Stud C 98
93 EX Wonderful Town (USA) BY Dragon Pulse (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Knockgraffon Stables A 25
56 EX Xaphania (GB) BY No Nay Never (USA), B.F. (GB) UPDATE Gaybrook Lodge Stud B 90
95 EX Xarzee (IRE) BY Mastercraftsman (IRE), Ch.F. (IRE) Kingsfield Stud D 141
174 EX Yet Again (GB) BY Zoffany (IRE), B.C. (IRE) UPDATE Kingsfield Stud D 156
112 EX Ysper (FR) BY Charm Spirit (IRE), B.C. (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Church Farm & Horse Park Stud F 236
133 EX Yukon Girl (IRE) BY Rock of Gibraltar (IRE), Br.C. (IRE) Kilbrew Stables A 32
72 EX Zain Time (GB) BY Kodiac (GB), B.C. (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Tally-Ho Stud C 106
136 EX Zamira (IRE) BY Exceed And Excel (AUS), B.F. (IRE) Egmont Stud G 270
90 EX Zerka (GB) BY Twilight Son (GB), B.F. (GB) Hyde Park Stud D 146