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196 lots found Excel

Summary INFO Lots Sold Total Sales Average Median Top Price
Whole Sale 119 726,700 6,107 3,500 90,000
 + Other Private Sales 5 1,900      
Lot NamebySireexDam INFO Consignor Purchaser Price
145 EX Adventure Seeker (FR) BY Lawman (FR), 2015 B.G. The Lincoln Lawyer (GB) Neardown Stables (C. Mann) Ed Telfer 10,000
27 EX Alkhawarah (USA) BY Born To Sea (IRE), 2014 B.G. Oceanus (IRE) Harraton Stud (Miss J. Feilden) Dianne Sayer 4,000
109 EX All Hallows (IRE) BY Lawman (FR), 2013 Gr.G. Argyle (IRE) G. L. Moore Racing LLP Nigel Kelly 12,500
143 EX Any Dough (IRE) BY Daylami (IRE), 2011 Ch.G. Rebel Ace (IRE) Mr T. Underwood Leech Racing Stables 2,500
25 EX Apple Sauce (GB) BY Mount Nelson (GB), 2013 B.G. Palawan (GB) Out of Bounds Racing Club Joanna Ellis 1,800
127 EX Areef (IRE) BY Myboycharlie (IRE), 2013 B.G. Charle Brune (FR) Wildcard Kilkarney Stables, Ireland (T. Shanahan) Lot Not Sold 49,000
190 EX Ash (GB) BY Trans Island (GB), 2010 B.G. Murray Mount (IRE) Mrs D. Daly Lot Withdrawn
154 EX Ashlings Princess (IRE) BY Mountain High (IRE), 2014 Ch.G. Do It For Thy Sen (IRE) Bell House Stables (Miss K. Lee) Lot Withdrawn
80 EX Ashtaroth (GB) BY Cityscape (GB), 2016 B.F. I Love You Baby (GB) Higher Eastington Stables Craig Buckingham 600
29 EX Attlongglast (GB) BY Multiplex (GB), 2010 B.G. Multitask (GB) G. L. Moore Racing LLP Lot Not Sold
177 EX Awwal Malika (USA) BY Authorized (IRE), 2012 B.G. Desert Sensation (IRE) Linacres Farm (Dr R. Newland) Dianne Sayer 5,000
64 EX Azameera (IRE) BY Dutch Art (GB), 2015 B.F. Wazin (GB) Godolphin Gow Equine 2,200
79 EX Baltic Time (IRE) BY Sir Prancealot (IRE), 2017 B.C. (IRE) Higher Eastington Stables Aurora 600
36 EX Barleycorn Lady (IRE) BY Lethal Force (IRE), 2016 B.F. Forcetoreckon (GB) Habton Grange Stables (T. Easterby) Dutch Master Stables / Ed Stapleton,Agent 600
46 EX Beal Ban (IRE) BY Intense Focus (USA), 2015 B.G. Carpet Time (IRE) Maunby House Stables (T. D. Barron) Leanne Breen 3,500
187 EX Bell Walks Caroll (IRE) BY Soapy Danger (GB), 2010 B.G. Yanmare (IRE) Grange Hill Farm (N. Twiston Davies) Lizzie Luxton 600
134 EX Bell Walks Lady (IRE) BY Arcadio (GER), 2014 B.G. Bonamargy (IRE) Manor House Farm Lot Withdrawn
37 EX Birthstone (GB) BY Invincible Spirit (IRE), 2015 B.G. Star of Valour (IRE) Martin Hall Farm Stables (D. Griffiths) Lot Withdrawn
110 EX Bold Classic (USA) BY Motivator (GB), 2015 B.G. Brandy James (GER) Harry Whittington Racing LTD Select Racing Bloodstock / T Vaughan 10,000
2 EX Bollin Annabel (GB) BY Multiplex (GB), 2015 B.F. (GB) Park Head Stables David White 600
106 EX Bonne Anniversaire (GB) BY Lucarno (USA), 2015 Ch.F. (GB) Hackpen Farm (L. Thomas) Maurice Barnes 1,500
69 EX Braided (USA) BY Animal Kingdom (USA), 2016 Ch.F. French Twist (GB) Godolphin David Loughnane Racing 11,000
7 EX Brilliant Sunshine (GB) BY Bated Breath (GB), 2016 Br.G. Glorious Sunshine (IRE) Faringdon Place Stables (C. Hills) Kylie Manser-Baines 800
65 EX Bronwen (IRE) BY Iffraaj (GB), 2015 B.F. Fouz (GB) Godolphin Flint Hall Bloodstock 1,000
33 EX Carafe (GB) BY Foxwedge (AUS), 2016 Ch.F. Cafe Sydney (IRE) Osborne Lodge Stables, Ireland (K. Condon) J D Moore / AW Carroll 5,800
164 EX Cassilis (IRE) BY Old Vic, 2009 B.G. According To Harry (IRE) Bradley Partnership Lot Not Sold 5,800
9 EX Celeste (GB) BY Garswood (GB), 2016 B.G. Glorious Galaxy (GB) Ed Walker Racing Von de Recke 6,000
144 EX Ceo Draiochta (IRE) BY Doyen (IRE), 2014 B.M. Tenoutoften (IRE) Greenhills Farm, Ireland (T. M. Walsh) Vendor 2,500
66 EX Certainly Brave (GB) BY Camacho (GB), 2017 B.F. Almost Certain (IRE) Godolphin Flint Hall Bloodstock 800
63 EX Choir Lady (IRE) BY Tough As Nails (IRE), 2016 Br.G. Oofy Prosser (IRE) Windsor House Stables (H. Dunlop) Sultan al Maimoni 1,400
73 EX Cindy Bould (GB) BY Dabirsim (FR), 2016 B.F. Balgees Time (FR) Godolphin Lot Withdrawn
133 EX Clotted Cream (USA) BY Malinas (GER), 2014 B.M. Crem Fresh (GB) Holcombe Brook David Gibbons 7,000
41 EX Conveyor Belt (IRE) BY Rip Van Winkle (IRE), 2016 B.F. Princess Juliana (IRE) Manton House Stables (B. Meehan) Edgar Byrne / C Vang (P.S.) 600
196 EX Copper Cailin (IRE) BY Marienbard (IRE), 2010 B.G. Tommo (IRE) Hambledon Partners Ann Bryant 1,200
67 EX Crimson Year (USA) BY Sepoy (AUS), 2016 Ch.F. Crimson Kiss (IRE) Godolphin Ermyn Lodge 6,000
160 EX Crystal Swan (IRE) BY Authorized (IRE), 2014 B.G. War Drums (GB) Cropredy Lawn Stables (P. Webber) West Buckland Bloodstock 4,500
175 EX Culmore Native (IRE) BY Germany (USA), 2009 B.G. Captain Von Trappe (IRE) Miss A Banks Von de Recke 5,000
75 EX Dalasyla (IRE) BY Dubawi (IRE), 2016 B.G. Devizes (IRE) Godolphin Paul Bocking 13,000
12 EX Danceatdusk (GB) BY Archipenko (USA), 2016 Ch.G. Deerfoot (GB) Cedar Lodge Stables (A. Carson) Anne Barnes 800
147 EX Dark Wish (IRE) BY Asian Heights (GB), 2011 Br.M. Wishicould (IRE) Neardown Stables (C. Mann) Gordon Chambers 1,600
30 EX Dee Dee Girl (IRE) BY Bated Breath (GB), 2016 B/Br.F. (GB) Maunby House Stables (T. D. Barron) Stephanie Read 600
180 EX Definite Leader (IRE) BY Jeremy (USA), 2014 B.G. Jackson Hill (IRE) Uplands Stables (W. Greatrex) MFH Bloodstock 11,000
87 EX Dissolve (GB) BY Sulamani (IRE), 2015 Gr.F. (GB) Springcombe Park Stud Lot Withdrawn
56 EX Dusky Queen (IRE) BY Muhaarar (GB), 2017 B.C. (IRE) The Old Malthouse Stables (J. Osborne) Ramzi Alghul 3,200
111 EX Elaborate (GB) BY Clodovil (IRE), 2014 Gr.G. Hi There Silver (IRE) Los Leader Lot Withdrawn
15 EX Ella Ransom (GER) BY Camelot (GB), 2016 B.F. Enyama (GER) Tattenham Corner Stables (M. Attwater) Lot Withdrawn
165 EX Emesions Lady (IRE) BY Milan (GB), 2012 B.G. Pistol Shoot (IRE) Bradley Partnership Tom Malone/Gordon Elliott 12,000
58 EX Empress Anna (IRE) BY Bated Breath (GB), 2017 B.F. Liath Luachra (IRE) Osborne Lodge Stables, Ireland (K. Condon) Snackers / Weissmeier 3,000
159 EX Exchanging Glances (GB) BY Universal (IRE), 2015 B.G. Denis (GB) Cropredy Lawn Stables (P. Webber) Lot Withdrawn
172 EX Fair Present (IRE) BY Oscar (IRE), 2008 B.G. Ravished (IRE) GFB Joseph O'Shea 8,000
22 EX Fanditha (IRE) BY Bungle Inthejungle (GB), 2016 Ch.G. Jungle Warfare (IRE) East Everleigh Stables (R. Hannon) Edgar Byrne / C Vang 1,800
156 EX Fautine World (FR) BY Kap Rock (FR), 2013 B.G. Capmonfor (FR) Bankhouse Stables (D. McCain) Lot Withdrawn
141 EX Finnow Turkle (IRE) BY Mahler (GB), 2013 Ch.M. Miss Massey (IRE) Mr T. Underwood Lot Not Sold 14,000
188 EX First of April (IRE) BY Trans Island (GB), 2011 B.G. Canyouhearmenow (IRE) Brightling Park Thomas David 6,500
169 EX Flamebird (IRE) BY Fair Mix (IRE), 2011 B.G. Templepoint (GB) Shorne Hill Lot Withdrawn
49 EX Flashbang (GB) BY Mount Nelson (GB), 2016 Ch.F. Nguni (GB) Whatcombe Stables (P. Cole) Falah Meteib Muhanna 4,000
185 EX Fridays Folly (IRE) BY Definite Article (GB), 2011 B.G. Indian Brave (IRE) Potwell Farm Stables (A. Honeyball) Neil Mulholland Racing 5,500
157 EX Gemmeus (IRE) BY Stowaway (GB), 2011 B.M. Chicago Lady (IRE) Bankhouse Stables (D. McCain) Val Mason 3,500
192 EX Glass Note (IRE) BY Frozen Fire (GER), 2013 B.M. Belle Ballade (GB) Greenstreet Farm Lot Withdrawn
116 EX Gortbofearna (IRE) BY Beneficial (GB), 2010 B.G. Red Devil Star (IRE) County Stables (Miss S. Smith) Lot Withdrawn
118 EX Grand Isla (GB) BY Papal Bull (GB), 2014 B.G. Point Taken (IRE) Lodge Hill Stables (D. Skelton) Craig Buckingham 12,000
178 EX Grangeclare Flight (IRE) BY Kalanisi (IRE), 2012 B.G. Grange Ranger (IRE) Folly House (J. Snowden) Tom Dreaper 3,200
113 EX Grapes Hill (GB) BY Sir Percy (GB), 2015 B.G. Percy Prosecco (GB) Churn Stables (N. Williams) Marcus Collie 15,000
11 EX Half Sister (IRE) BY Mayson (GB), 2015 B.F. (GB) Cedar Lodge Stables (A. Carson) Lot Not Sold
131 EX Haretha (IRE) BY Pour Moi (IRE), 2014 B.M. Miss Heritage (IRE) Egerton House Stables (D. Elsworth) Lot Withdrawn
89 EX Haveyoubeen (IRE) BY Malinas (GER), 2016 B.F. (GB) S.W.Maundrell Ltd Lot Not Sold 6,800
26 EX Hawaiian Storm (GB) BY Camacho (GB), 2015 B.F. Terri Rules (IRE) Harraton Stud (Miss J. Feilden) Lot Withdrawn
104 EX Hawsies Dream (GB) BY Shami (GB), 2015 Ch.G. (GB) Nunstainton Stables (C. Dawson) Bonnie Grant-Ives 2,500
146 EX Hazarayna (GB) BY Redoute's Choice (AUS), 2015 B.G. Blackfyre (IRE) Neardown Stables (C. Mann) Keith Norton 2,000
184 EX Hurricane Debbie (IRE) BY Stowaway (GB), 2012 B.G. Manners Legend (IRE) John Best Racing Thomas Gaughan 1,000
78 EX Ibizane (USA) BY Le Havre (IRE), 2016 B.C. Will Be Zane (FR) Godolphin Adel Resort / Weissmeier 16,000
168 EX Ideal Song (IRE) BY Arcadio (GER), 2014 B.M. Churchtown Girl (IRE) Bind Farm Stephen McFerran 2,800
16 EX Impressionist Art (USA) BY Mastercraftsman (IRE), 2016 Ch.F. Caledonian Belle (IRE) Park House Stables (A. Balding) Tom Malone 8,000
119 EX Inflation (FR) BY Beneficial (GB), 2010 B.G. Kilcrea Vale (IRE) Seven Barrows Ltd Will Ramsay 37,000
126 EX Invincible Power (IRE) BY Captain Rio (GB), 2012 B.G. Captain Power (IRE) Wildcard Clarkstown Stables (David Broad) Aidan O'Ryan / Gordon Elliott 8,000
161 EX Iona Will (FR) BY Secret Singer (FR), 2009 B.G. Very Live (FR) Cropredy Lawn Stables (P. Webber) Fergal O'Brien Racing 2,000
28 EX Ishraak (USA) BY First Samurai (USA), 2011 B.G. Kafeel (USA) G. L. Moore Racing LLP West Buckland Bloodstock 2,500
62 EX Island Music (IRE) BY Requinto (IRE), 2014 B.G. Six Strings (GB) Harper Lodge Stables (D. Ivory) Mick Appleby 2,000
93 EX Ixora (IRE) BY Lucarno (USA), 2015 Gr.F. Pixie Loc (GB) Greenlands Farm Stud Lot Withdrawn
148 EX Izind An Affair (IRE) BY Kalanisi (IRE), 2014 B.G. Archirondel (IRE) Sandhill Racing Stables (P. Hobbs) Lot Withdrawn
85 EX Jaja de Jau (GB) BY Archipenko (USA), 2016 B.F. (GB) Beech Tree Stud Lot Not Sold 2,800
59 EX Jambalaya (GER) BY Dabirsim (FR), 2016 B.F. Jolene (GER) Osborne Lodge Stables, Ireland (K. Condon) Dutch Master Stables / Ed Stapleton,Agent 4,200
84 EX Jambles (GB) BY Apple Tree (FR), 2016 Ch.F. (GB) Beech Tree Stud Juan Clemente Maramprio 600
194 EX Jersey Countess (IRE) BY Apple Tree (FR), 2013 Br.M. Fleur du Pommier (GB) Ogbourne Down Stabbles (P. Thompson) Seamus Mullins 3,000
92 EX Kate Hill Dancer (IRE) BY Malinas (GER), 2016 B.F. (GB) Greenlands Farm Stud Lot Withdrawn
39 EX Kathy's Rocket (USA) BY Equiano (FR), 2016 Br.C. Fusee d'Or (GB) Robert Cowell Racing Dutch Master Stables / Ed Stapleton,Agent 600
123 EX Kauto Mill Rose (FR) BY Oscar (IRE), 2014 B.G. Galavantin (IRE) Johnny Hurley Racing Victoria Collins Racing 14,000
117 EX Kay Es Jay (FR) BY Dark Angel (IRE), 2015 Gr.F. Angel of The North (IRE) Lodge Hill Stables (D. Skelton) Lot Withdrawn
174 EX Kilmington Breeze (IRE) BY Court Cave (IRE), 2013 B.G. Draft Pick (IRE) Revells Farm Beswick Brothers Bloodstock 5,000
179 EX Kingarriff Bell (IRE) BY Mohaajir (USA), 2012 B.G. Cranbrook Causeway (IRE) McPherson Racing Lot Not Sold 3,600
153 EX La Curamalal (IRE) BY Muhtathir (GB), 2013 Ch.G. Lake Washington (FR) Cottage Field Stables (T. Lacey) David Phelan 3,000
105 EX La Vie Est Belle (GB) BY Trans Island (GB), 2016 B.G. (GB) Nunstainton Stables (C. Dawson) Lot Withdrawn
103 EX Lady Azamour (IRE) BY Heeraat (IRE), 2016 B.F. (GB) Norton Grange Vendor 2,500
13 EX Lady Docker (IRE) BY Exceed And Excel (AUS), 2016 Ch.F. Ingenium (IRE) David O'Meara Racing Ltd. Lot Withdrawn
55 EX Lady Siphonica (USA) BY Tapizar (USA), 2016 B/Br.G. Revamp (USA) Trillium Place Stables (D. Simcock) Federico Barberini 5,000
77 EX Layla Jamil (IRE) BY Dark Angel (IRE), 2014 B.G. Desert Frost (IRE) Godolphin Lot Withdrawn
8 EX Liel (GB) BY Nathaniel (IRE), 2016 B.C. Lep (GB) Ed Walker Racing Mel Smith Bloodstock / M Attwater Racing 10,000
24 EX Life Is Golden (USA) BY Canford Cliffs (IRE), 2016 B.F. Sybil Grand (GB) Out of Bounds Racing Club Lot Not Sold 1,100
112 EX Lilakiya (IRE) BY Most Improved (IRE), 2015 B.G. Easkey Lad (IRE) Churn Stables (N. Williams) Dai Burchell 3,500
90 EX Lillie Lou (GB) BY Dr Massini (IRE), 2016 B.G. (GB) Mr R Fielder Lot Withdrawn
21 EX Lily Link (GB) BY Toronado (IRE), 2016 B.C. Mahbob (IRE) East Everleigh Stables (R. Hannon) Ramzi Alghul 1,800
162 EX Lough Coyne (IRE) BY Milan (GB), 2012 B.M. Ballydorn (IRE) Hackpen Farm (L. Thomas) T Ellis 2,000
61 EX Love Me Tender (GB) BY Lethal Force (IRE), 2016 B.F. Ivory Star (GB) Harper Lodge Stables (D. Ivory) Lot Not Sold
54 EX Lusaka (USA) BY Lemon Drop Kid (USA), 2016 B/Br.F. Zest of Zambia (USA) Trillium Place Stables (D. Simcock) Carol Diamond 800
115 EX Madame Jean (FR) BY Milan (GB), 2012 B.G. Blue Rhythm (IRE) Bind Equine National Hunt Lot Withdrawn
128 EX Madame McGoldrick (IRE) BY Flemensfirth (USA), 2015 Ch.F. Amelia's Dance (IRE) Wildcard Roefield Stables, Ireland (P. Fahey) Michael Lynch 90,000
107 EX Mango Groove (IRE) BY Mastercraftsman (IRE), 2012 Ch.G. Master Of Speed (IRE) G. L. Moore Racing LLP Lot Withdrawn
173 EX Manhattan Babe (IRE) BY Stowaway (GB), 2012 B.G. Hidden Charmer (IRE) Mr Wayne Rowles Lot Withdrawn
82 EX Maria Antonia (IRE) BY Black Sam Bellamy (IRE), 2016 Ch.F. (GB) Shade Oak Stud Robert Stephens 4,500
45 EX Mary Goodnight (GB) BY Kodiac (GB), 2015 B.G. Consultant (GB) Park House Stables (A. Balding) Falah Meteib Muhanna 14,500
53 EX Mascara (USA) BY North Light (IRE), 2010 B.G. Barnaby Brook (CAN) Bankhouse Stables (D. McCain) Lot Not Sold 900
155 EX Michelle's Ella (IRE) BY Kayf Tara (GB), 2011 B.G. Billy Hicks (GB) Drinkwater Racing Lot Withdrawn
167 EX Miner Detail (IRE) BY Getaway (GER), 2014 B.G. Major Detail (IRE) Bind Equine National Hunt David White 600
83 EX Miss Chinchilla (GB) BY Black Sam Bellamy (IRE), 2016 Ch.F. (GB) Shade Oak Stud PJ Hobbs 10,000
43 EX Moiava (FR) BY Intello (GER), 2016 B.C. Mucho Talento (GB) Park House Stables (A. Balding) Bill Hawkins 3,000
20 EX Moment In The Sun (GB) BY Swiss Spirit (GB), 2016 B.C. Poor Auld Paddy (GB) Egerton House Stables (D. Elsworth) Lot Withdrawn
152 EX Mrs Kick (IRE) BY Luso (GB), 2008 B.G. The Boss's Dream (IRE) Mr M Gibbons & Mr D Nott SLIS Ltd Lot Withdrawn
14 EX Mylaporyours (IRE) BY Dragon Pulse (IRE), 2016 B.G. Dragon Kuza (GB) Kremlin Cottage Stables (H. Palmer) Stephanie Rank 800
10 EX Nadeszhda (GB) BY Leroidesanimaux (BRZ), 2016 Ch.F. Naryshkina (GB) Ed Walker Racing Tarq Almalorouk 1,200
71 EX Nantyglo (GB) BY Iffraaj (GB), 2016 Ch.F. Welsh Glow (GB) Godolphin Jerry Horan 1,000
132 EX Newport (FR) BY Secret Singer (FR), 2015 B.F. Foxy Singer (FR) G & T Racing Clare Hobson 6,000
125 EX Niat Supreme (IRE) BY Kalanisi (IRE), 2013 Br.G. Mere Peak (IRE) Millwood Stables, Ireland (E. O'Sullivan) Hogs Green Equestrian 1,800
166 EX Nikadora (FR) BY King's Theatre (IRE), 2008 B.G. Sonoftheking (IRE) Bradley Partnership Lot Not Sold 5,800
19 EX Noble Nova (GB) BY Gregorian (IRE), 2016 B/Gr.F. Miracles Take Time (GB) Egerton House Stables (D. Elsworth) Dot Creasey 1,000
120 EX Not Lost (FR) BY Kapgarde (FR), 2014 B.G. New Moon (FR) Seven Barrows Ltd Lot Withdrawn
176 EX Olla des Loges (FR) BY Balko (FR), 2012 B.G. Ckalco des Loges (FR) Miss J Banks Lot Withdrawn
189 EX Oreli (FR) BY Martaline (GB), 2014 Gr.M. Eos (FR) Brightling Park Lot Not Sold 3,400
149 EX Ouchka (FR) BY Puit d'Or (IRE), 2010 B.G. Atirelarigo (FR) Sandhill Racing Stables (P. Hobbs) Lot Withdrawn
150 EX Outback Ivy (IRE) BY Westerner (GB), 2010 B.G. Crocodile Dundee (IRE) Lisardboula Stables (T. Cooper) Dobits Racing 6,500
48 EX Percolator (GB) BY Equiano (FR), 2016 B.F. Melya (GB) Whatcombe Stables (P. Cole) Compas Equine (P.S.) 600
86 EX Persian Star (GB) BY Cable Bay (IRE), 2017 B.F. (GB) Springcombe Park Stud Lot Withdrawn
171 EX Polly Native (IRE) BY Beneficial (GB), 2008 Ch.G. Never Complain (IRE) Glebe House Racing Club Ed Bailey Bloodstock (P.S.) 12,000
183 EX Polly Platinum (IRE) BY Scorpion (IRE), 2009 B.G. Honkytonktennessee (IRE) John Best Racing Vendor 600
99 EX Pougatcheva (FR) BY Black Sam Bellamy (IRE), 2016 B.F. (GB) Shade Oak Stud Beth Childs 5,200
50 EX Precipitous (IRE) BY Acclamation (GB), 2016 B.G. Physics (IRE) Whatcombe Stables (P. Cole) Patrick Moyles 12,000
142 EX Princess Nina (IRE) BY Shantou (USA), 2011 B.M. Bluebell Sally (IRE) Mr T. Underwood CJ Gray 3,500
96 EX Prospero's Belle (IRE) BY Malinas (GER), 2015 B.G. (GB) Steve Lloyd David Phelan 11,000
97 EX Prospero's Belle (IRE) BY Norse Dancer (IRE), 2016 B.F. (GB) Steve Lloyd Lot Withdrawn
76 EX Queen's Logic (IRE) BY Le Havre (IRE), 2016 B.C. King And Queen (FR) Godolphin Lot Withdrawn
135 EX Quinifile (FR) BY Passing Sale (FR), 2011 Gr.G. Bi Quini Tiep (FR) Manor House Farm Lot Withdrawn
181 EX Raheen Na Hoon (IRE) BY Gold Well (GB), 2013 B.G. Hard To Forget (IRE) Worsley Racing Stables (H. Oliver) Lot Withdrawn
17 EX Rebecca Romero (GB) BY Passing Glance (GB), 2016 B.F. Laura's Legacy (GB) Park House Stables (A. Balding) Joachim Weissmeier 1,500
6 EX Red Blossom (GB) BY Alhebayeb (IRE), 2016 B.F. A Million Dreams (IRE) Eoghan J. O'Neill, France Am Horse Racing 600
68 EX Remember (GB) BY Iffraaj (GB), 2016 Ch.F. Soul Searching (GB) Godolphin Ermyn Lodge 4,000
191 EX Rio Trio (IRE) BY Getaway (GER), 2012 B.M. Get Rio (IRE) Mr Barry O Driscoll Lot Not Sold 9,000
88 EX Rivers Daydream (IRE) BY Apple Tree (FR), 2016 Gr.F. (GB) The Glanvilles Stud NJ Hussey 2,000
130 EX Rose Bank (FR) BY Youmzain (IRE), 2014 B.G. Says The Boy (FR) Wildcard Court Stud, Ireland (J. Hanlon) Maryrose Thomson 13,000
121 EX Roses of Picardy (IRE) BY Flemensfirth (USA), 2011 B.G. Show On The Road (GB) Sandhill Racing Stables (P. Hobbs) Fiona Shaw 8,200
193 EX Roseville (IRE) BY Frozen Fire (GER), 2013 B.G. Enchanting Dancer (GB) Greenstreet Farm Lot Withdrawn
91 EX Rosie All Over (GB) BY Yorgunnabelucky (USA), 2016 B.F. (GB) Birch Farm Stud Lot Withdrawn
18 EX Royal Patron (GB) BY Sir Percy (GB), 2016 Ch.F. Munstead Moonshine (GB) Park House Stables (A. Balding) Joe Ponting 2,000
38 EX Saint Lucia (IRE) BY Royal Applause (GB), 2014 B.G. Hawridge Glory (IRE) Coombelands Racing Stables (Miss A. Perrett) David White 600
124 EX Sainte Careigne (FR) BY Dubai Destination (USA), 2014 B.G. Right Destination (IRE) Seamus Fahey Racing Fergal O'Brien Racing 19,000
57 EX Saldenaera (GER) BY Zoffany (IRE), 2015 B.F. Sarasota (IRE) The Old Malthouse Stables (J. Osborne) West Buckland Bloodstock 6,000
3 EX Sea Flower (IRE) BY Pastoral Pursuits (GB), 2016 B.G. (GB) Park Head Stables Lot Not Sold
44 EX Seaflower Reef (IRE) BY Passing Glance (GB), 2015 B.G. Seasearch (GB) Park House Stables (A. Balding) T Brown / C Gray 6,700
170 EX Seaneen Mac Ri (IRE) BY Court Cave (IRE), 2014 B.G. Courtandbould (IRE) Station Yard (F. Nimmo) Craig Buckingham 15,000
94 EX Secret Virtue (GB) BY Kayf Tara (GB), 2015 B.F. (GB) Mr & Mrs R. M. Phillips Flint Hall Bloodstock 900
1 EX See Clearly (GB) BY Equiano (FR), 2017 Ch.G. (GB) Park Head Stables Ramzi Alghul 1,200
34 EX Shallika (IRE) BY Cityscape (GB), 2015 B.G. Ishallak (GB) Mark Usher Racing Ltd Lot Withdrawn
74 EX Shama's Song (IRE) BY Cape Cross (IRE), 2016 B.G. Cape Shama (IRE) Godolphin Graham Thorner / M Scudamore 14,000
31 EX Shannon Spree (GB) BY Mayson (GB), 2016 B.F. Caramel Curves (GB) Maunby House Stables (T. D. Barron) RMH Bloodstock 1,200
163 EX Shiny Thing (USA) BY Black Sam Bellamy (IRE), 2012 Ch.G. Captain Cuckoo (GB) Hackpen Farm (L. Thomas) MW Hoskins 3,500
47 EX Silca Boo (GB) BY Rail Link (GB), 2011 B.G. Fast Track (GB) Maunby House Stables (T. D. Barron) Tom Fife 2,000
140 EX Sitges (IRE) BY Arakan (USA), 2014 B.M. Star Status (IRE) Cobajay Stables, Ireland (A. Fitzgerald) Lot Withdrawn
51 EX Skirrid (GB) BY Kyllachy (GB), 2016 Ch.F. Ascot Dreamer (GB) Wiseton Stables (D. Brown) Lot Not Sold 11,500
52 EX Sleek Gold (GB) BY Royal Applause (GB), 2013 B.G. Dark Confidant (IRE) Bankhouse Stables (D. McCain) Lot Withdrawn
40 EX Smart Bounty (GB) BY Society Rock (IRE), 2016 Ch.F. Quiet Waters (IRE) Robert Cowell Racing Dutch Master Stables / Ed Stapleton,Agent 2,000
114 EX Smart Coco (USA) BY Cape Cross (IRE), 2012 B.G. Pike Corner Cross (IRE) Bind Equine National Hunt Lot Withdrawn
42 EX Snow Scene (IRE) BY Holy Roman Emperor (IRE), 2016 Br.G. Barbarosa (IRE) Manton House Stables (B. Meehan) Lot Withdrawn
100 EX Solid Land (FR) BY Black Sam Bellamy (IRE), 2015 B.G. (GB) Shade Oak Stud Nick Lawton 8,500
186 EX Some Say (IRE) BY Kalanisi (IRE), 2013 B.G. Officernisi (IRE) Wilsford Stables (J. W. Mullins) Lot Withdrawn
101 EX Sovereignoftheseas (GB) BY Royal Anthem (USA), 2017 B.F. (GB) Beech Tree Stud Charlotte Budd 3,000
182 EX Speed Song (GB) BY Sea The Stars (IRE), 2011 B.G. Sea's Aria (IRE) Windmill Lodge Stables (M. Hoad) Lot Withdrawn
4 EX Spring Will Come (IRE) BY Fast Company (IRE), 2016 B.G. Slowpoke Rodriguez (IRE) Jane Chapple-Hyam Racing Lot Not Sold
5 EX Standout (FR) BY Anodin (IRE), 2016 Ch.F. Anodyne (IRE) Eoghan J. O'Neill, France Lot Not Sold
23 EX Sun Seeker (IRE) BY Le Havre (IRE), 2016 B.F. Ventura Island (FR) East Everleigh Stables (R. Hannon) Frank Sheridan 600
60 EX Taarkod (IRE) BY Excelebration (IRE), 2016 B.C. Facethepuckout (IRE) John Ryan Racing Lot Withdrawn
95 EX Tara Gale (GB) BY Schiaparelli (GER), 2016 B.F. (GB) Mr & Mrs R. M. Phillips RA Vickery / Ed Bailey Bloodstock 5,500
138 EX Teeton Diamond (GB) BY Fair Mix (IRE), 2010 B.G. Teeton Kato (GB) Executors of the late Mrs Joan Tice Lot Withdrawn
137 EX Teeton Priceless (GB) BY Black Sam Bellamy (IRE), 2013 B.G. Teeton Surprise (GB) Executors of the late Mrs Joan Tice Lot Withdrawn
139 EX Teeton Swansong (GB) BY Grape Tree Road (GB), 2010 B.G. Teeton Turnip (GB) Executors of the late Mrs Joan Tice Lot Withdrawn
72 EX The Miniver Rose (IRE) BY Kingman (GB), 2016 B.F. River Sands (GB) Godolphin Hamish Macauley Bloodstock 25,000
98 EX Thistle Win (IRE) BY Ocovango (GB), 2016 Br.G. (IRE) Worthen Hall Stables Hamish Macauley / G Doyle Bloodstock 9,500
108 EX Tigertail (FR) BY Mastercraftsman (IRE), 2013 B.G. Templier (IRE) G. L. Moore Racing LLP Lot Withdrawn
32 EX Timeless Whisper (IRE) BY Hallowed Crown (AUS), 2017 B.F. (IRE) Osborne Lodge Stables, Ireland (K. Condon) Lot Withdrawn
129 EX Tosca Shine (IRE) BY Arcadio (GER), 2015 B.G. Second Chapter (IRE) Wildcard Max Young Lot Withdrawn
70 EX Vale Mantovani (GB) BY New Approach (IRE), 2016 Ch.F. Beautiful Rose (IRE) Godolphin Lot Withdrawn
102 EX Viking Treasure (GB) BY Saddler's Rock (IRE), 2016 Ch.F. (GB) Beech Tree Stud Kylie Manser-Baines 900
151 EX Vikki's Dream (IRE) BY Court Cave (IRE), 2008 B.G. Mercers Court (IRE) David Nott, Ken Lawrence, Tim Messom Caroline Fryer Racing 20,000
136 EX Willies Witch (GB) BY Dream Eater (IRE), 2013 B.G. Willies Dream (GB) Rode Farm (R. Hawker) Carole Rudkin 6,000
158 EX Wilmott's Fancy (GB) BY Scorpion (IRE), 2011 B.M. Dark Sunset (IRE) Bankhouse Stables (D. McCain) Paragon Bloodstock (P.S.) 1,000
35 EX Winnifred (GB) BY Clodovil (IRE), 2010 B.G. Clement (IRE) Marjorie Fife Racing Lot Not Sold 3,800
195 EX Wyldello (GB) BY Yeats (IRE), 2011 B.G. The Caller (GB) Dougie Gittins CV Ford-Ellis 6,000
122 EX Zaharath Al Bustan (GB) BY Yeats (IRE), 2014 B.G. Precious Bounty (IRE) Sandhill Racing Stables (P. Hobbs) Lot Withdrawn
81 EX Ziggy Zaggy (GB) BY Zoffany (IRE), 2015 B.F. Zapateado (GB) Higher Eastington Stables Am Horse Racing 3,000