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191 lots found Excel

Summary INFO Lots Sold Total Sales Average Median Top Price
Whole Sale 91 532,150 5,848 3,200 37,000
 + Other Private Sales 1 500      
Lot NamebySireexDam INFO Consignor Purchaser Price
178 Mister Mister (IRE) 2011 B.G. BY September Storm (GER) EX The Long Bill (IRE) Wildcard Mr A Rennison Lot Withdrawn
179 Samson (GB) 2011 Ch.G. BY Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) EX Riverine (GB) Wildcard Tudor Racing Stables Dr R P Newland 5,000
139A Destination Dylan (IRE) 2013 Ch.G. BY Dubai Destination (USA) EX Bells Glory (IRE) Wildcard Fairtown Stud (Shane Donohoe) Lot Withdrawn
175 Valjan (GB) 2014 B.F. BY Shirocco (GER) EX Miracle (GB) Rhonehurst Stables (Oliver Sherwood) Lot Withdrawn
190 Djarkalin (FR) 2012 B.G. BY Martaline (GB) EX Djarissime (FR) Summertree Racing Lot Not Sold 4,500
193 Marie Tempest (GB) 2005 B.M. BY Act One (GB) EX Hakkaniyah (GB) Mr Keith Pocock Lot Not Sold
176 Uncle Bernie (IRE) 2010 Gr.G. BY Aussie Rules (USA) EX Alwiyda (USA) Lodge Farm Sarah Hollinshead 600
177 Handsome Dan (IRE) 2006 B.G. BY Busy Flight (GB) EX Beautiful City (IRE) Lodge Farm Lot Withdrawn
184 Out of Style (IRE) 2011 B.G. BY Court Cave (IRE) EX Portanob (IRE) Bill Hawkins Lot Not Sold
189 Drift (GB) 2013 B.M. BY With The Flow (USA) EX Lady Exe (GB) Churn Stables (Noel Williams) Lot Not Sold 800
192 Doodle Dandy (IRE) 2013 B.M. BY Starspangledbanner (AUS) EX Grid Lock (IRE) Robin Mathew Lot Withdrawn
188 Scorpion Star (IRE) 2009 B.G. BY Scorpion (IRE) EX Chapanga (IRE) Knaves Ash Stables (Martin Hill) George Miller 600
186 Silver Dragon (GB) 2008 Gr.G. BY Silver Patriarch (IRE) EX Gotogeton (GB) Southwold Farm (Michael Sowersby) Lot Not Sold
185 Max My Boy (IRE) 2007 Ch.G. BY Refuse To Bend (IRE) EX Lucky Fountain (IRE) Southwold Farm (Michael Sowersby) Hannah Jones 600
187 Silent Man (IRE) 2010 Br.G. BY Morozov (USA) EX Outdoor Heather (IRE) Dan Lloyd Helen Whittle 600
173 Archer's Up (GB) 2013 Ch.G. BY Archipenko (USA) EX Nadeszhda (GB) Brifin Stud Lot Withdrawn
174 Hoke Colburn (IRE) 2012 B.G. BY Beneficial (GB) EX Ravaleen (IRE) Daisy Hitchins Vendor 7,500
191 Dry Ol'party (GB) 2010 Ch.M. BY Tobougg (IRE) EX Emergence (FR) Mr Alan Walter Tom Malone Bloodstock 600
183 Lechlade Magician (IRE) 2013 B.G. BY Getaway (GER) EX Run Supreme (IRE) Potwell Farm Stables (Anthony Honeyball) T Faulkner 2,000
1 Connemera Queen (GB) 2013 Ch.M. BY Major Cadeaux (GB) EX Cashleen (USA) Charnwood Stables (John Butler) Highfield Bloodstock 1,200
2 French Navy (GB) / Kathy's Rocket (USA) 2017 B.F. Charlock Stud Mrs C Brocklehurst 600
3 Casamento (IRE) / The Lady Mandarin (GB) 2017 B.F. Cinder Farm Stud Lot Not Sold
4 Gregorian (IRE) / Jocasta Dawn (GB) 2017 B.C. Cinder Farm Stud Lot Not Sold
5 Bated Breath (GB) / Snow Angel (IRE) 2017 B.F. Broughton Bloodstock Vendor 2,000
6 Swiss Spirit (GB) / Sunpearl (GB) 2017 B.F. Broughton Bloodstock Vendor 4,000
7 Sixties Icon (GB) / Bridie Ffrench (GB) 2017 B.F. Barn Farm Stud Vendor 600
8 Sixties Icon (GB) / El Che (GB) 2017 Gr.F. Barn Farm Stud Vendor 600
9 Sixties Icon (GB) / Fading Away (GB) 2017 B.F. Barn Farm Stud Vendor 600
10 Equiano (FR) / If I Were A Boy (IRE) 2017 B.C. Batsford Stud Ltd Vendor 600
11 Fast Company (IRE) / Mestizo (GB) 2017 B.G. Bosbon Grange Vendor 600
12 Cable Bay (IRE) / Kurtanella (GB) 2017 B.C. Kimpton Down Stables (Ralph Beckett) Vendor 600
13 Poet's Voice (GB) / Affaire de Coeur (GB) 2017 B.C. Kimpton Down Stables (Ralph Beckett) Vendor 1,500
14 Macstreak (GB) 2017 Ch.C. BY Hot Streak (IRE) EX No Song (GB) Tuite Racing Vendor 600
15 Australia (GB) / Sky Boat (IRE) 2017 Ch.F. WH Bloodstock Vendor 800
16 Make Believe (GB) / Famusa (GB) 2017 B.F. WH Bloodstock Vendor 600
17 Mayson (GB) / Romanticize (GB) 2017 B.F. Woodhall Stables Katrina Thomas 600
18 Medicean (GB) / Gladsome (GB) 2017 Ch.C. Woodhall Stables Allan Bloodlines 600
19 Cable Bay (IRE) / Royal Confidence (GB) 2017 B.F. Windmill Stud Vendor 1,200
20 Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) / Rougette (GB) 2017 B.F. Windmill Stud Vendor 4,000
21 Sixties Icon (GB) / Follow The Faith (GB) 2017 B.F. Barn Farm Stud Vendor 600
22 Sixties Icon (GB) / Hi Note (GB) 2017 B.F. Barn Farm Stud Vendor 1,200
23 Harbour Watch (IRE) / Sakhee's Pearl (GB) 2017 Gr.C. The Old Rectory Stud Vendor 1,500
24 Sir Percy (GB) / Desert Run (IRE) 2017 B.F. WH Bloodstock Vendor 1,000
25 Youmzain (IRE) / Bermondsey Girl (GB) 2017 B.F. WH Bloodstock Vendor 1,200
26 Swiss Spirit (GB) / Port Charlotte (GB) 2017 B.F. Fonthill Stud Lot Withdrawn
27 Sir Percy (GB) / Raindrop (GB) 2016 B.F. Fonthill Stud Lot Withdrawn
28 Equiano (FR) / Quotation (GB) 2017 B.F. Manor House Farm Stud Vendor 2,000
29 Sweet Child O'Mine (GB) 2007 B.M. BY Singspiel (IRE) EX Vendors Mistake (IRE) Manor House Farm Stud Lot Withdrawn
30 Paco Boy (IRE) / Ribbon Royale (GB) 2016 B.G. Fernham Farm Lot Not Sold
31 Eleventh Hour (IRE) 2011 B.M. BY Invincible Spirit (IRE) EX Midnight Line (USA) Fernham Farm Fernham Farm 13,000
32 Jessie's Spirit (IRE) 2009 Gr.M. BY Clodovil (IRE) EX Alexander Anapolis (IRE) Fernham Farm Lot Withdrawn
33 Sugar Beet (GB) 2008 B.M. BY Beat Hollow (GB) EX Satin Bell (GB) Whitsbury Manor Stud Ed Bailey 11,000
34 Elysian Fields (GR) 2011 Ch.M. BY Champs Elysees (GB) EX Second of May (GB) Lavington Stud Lot Withdrawn
35 Rowlestone Lass (GB) 2010 B.M. BY Hernando (FR) EX Charmante Femme (GB) The Ruthlands Stud Ambrose Madden 5,800
36 Zartwyda (IRE) 2003 B.M. BY Mozart (IRE) EX Alwiyda (USA) Lodge Farm Lot Withdrawn
37 Castlerea Tess (GB) 2013 Ch.M. BY Pastoral Pursuits (GB) EX Zartwyda (IRE) Lodge Farm Sarah Hollinshead 600
38 Resplendent Glory (IRE) / Romanticize (GB) 2015 B.F. Woodhall Stables Lot Not Sold
39 Nathaniel (IRE) / Archetypal (IRE) 2015 B.F. Manor Farm Stables Elias Kritikos 800
40 Al Anaab (FR) 2016 B.F. BY Style Vendome (FR) EX Lucky For Me (USA) Peter Chapple Hyam Stables Lot Withdrawn
41 Charm Spirit (IRE) / Ruse (GB) 2016 B.G. Lower Coombe Stables (William Knight) Lot Not Sold
42 Dutch Art (GB) / Clorofilla (IRE) 2016 B.G. Shute Farm Richard Venn Bloodstock 1,800
43 Disruptor (FR) 2016 Ch.G. BY Siyouni (FR) EX Ultradargent (FR) Woodway Stables (Miss E. Johnson Houghton) Lot Withdrawn
44 Major Cadeaux (GB) / Penny Garcia (GB) 2016 B.C. Habton Grange Stables Elias Kritikos 700
45 Grimsdyke (GB) 2016 B.C. BY Firebreak (GB) EX Katie Boo (IRE) Habton Grange Stables Vendor 600
46 Just Benjamin (GB) 2016 B.C. BY Epaulette (AUS) EX Desert Royalty (IRE) Somerville Lodge Ltd. (Agent) Lot Withdrawn
47 Elgar (IRE) 2016 B.G. BY Dandy Man (IRE) EX Sharki (GB) George Scott Racing Lot Not Sold
48 Barreg (GB) 2016 Ch.C. BY Lope de Vega (IRE) EX Simple Magic (IRE) Voute Sales Ltd. (Agent) KGS 600
49 Battle of Marengo (IRE) / Autumn Tide (IRE) 2016 B.G. Cedar Lodge Stables (Sylvester Kirk) Lot Not Sold
50 Pacolita (IRE) 2012 Ch.M. BY Paco Boy (IRE) EX Clara (IRE) Cedar Lodge Stables (Sylvester Kirk) Shane Donohoe 1,500
51 Our Cilla (GB) 2014 Gr.F. BY Sixties Icon (GB) EX Kinetix (GB) Harraton Stud (Julia Feilden) Andrew Crook Racing 7,500
52 Kounna (IRE) 2016 B.F. BY Dandy Man (IRE) EX Krynica (USA) David Loughnane Racing Oliver Olsen 2,000
53 Beika (IRE) 2016 B.F. BY Kodiac (GB) EX Petite Boulangere (IRE) David Loughnane Racing W Clifford (P.S.) 1,000
54 Loving Life (IRE) 2016 B.F. BY Society Rock (IRE) EX Edelfa (IRE) The Old Malthouse Stables (Jamie Osborne) Lot Withdrawn
55 Wayfaring Stranger (IRE) 2016 B.C. BY Sir Prancealot (IRE) EX Balamiyda (IRE) The Old Malthouse Stables (Jamie Osborne) Barsig/Von de Recke 3,500
56 Global Myth (USA) 2016 B.C. BY Scat Daddy (USA) EX Excelente (IRE) Robert Cowell Racing Lot Withdrawn
57 Jewel of The Sea (IRE) 2016 B.F. BY Born To Sea (IRE) EX Madame Boulangere (GB) Robert Cowell Racing Richard Venn Bloodstock 800
58 How's Lucy (GB) 2014 B.F. BY Approve (IRE) EX Murielle (GB) Jane Chapple-Hyam Racing Ross Birkett/Joey Ellis 1,500
59 Ensign Ewart (GB) 2015 Ch.G. BY Lope de Vega (IRE) EX Caerlonore (IRE) Rowdown Stables (Mark Usher) C Von De Recke/M Alex 2,000
60 Comeonfeeltheforce (IRE) 2016 B.F. BY Slade Power (IRE) EX Balladiene (IRE) Whitcoombe House Stables (Jonathan Portman) Hever Stud Farm 1,200
61 Dandy Lad (IRE) 2016 Ch.G. BY Dandy Man (IRE) EX Lucky Pipit (GB) Weathercock House Stables (Richard Hughes) Lot Withdrawn
62 Um Shama (IRE) 2016 Ch.F. BY Helmet (AUS) EX Night Club (GB) Weathercock House Stables (Richard Hughes) Lot Withdrawn
63 Rock Bottom (GB) 2016 Ch.C. BY Coach House (IRE) EX La Tinta Bay (GB) Weathercock House Stables (Richard Hughes) Lot Withdrawn
64 Imbucato (GB) 2014 B.G. BY Paco Boy (IRE) EX L'Invitata (GB) Mill House Racing (A. W. Carroll) Lot Not Sold 4,500
65 Woofie (IRE) 2012 B.G. BY Duke of Marmalade (IRE) EX Violet Ballerina (IRE) Condover Stables (Laura Mongan) Lot Not Sold
66 Habanera (GB) 2016 B.F. BY Havana Gold (IRE) EX Let's Dance (IRE) Berkeley House Stables (J. S. Moore) Allan Bloodlines 2,500
67 Zouch (GB) 2015 B.G. BY Sakhee's Secret (GB) EX Sabrina Brown (GB) Berkeley House Stables (J. S. Moore) Pete Ponting 600
68 Lope de Loop (IRE) 2015 B.F. BY Lope de Vega (IRE) EX Patroller (USA) The Coach House Stables Lot Not Sold
69 Careyanne (GB) 2014 Ch.F. BY Mount Nelson (GB) EX Mayaar (USA) David Loughnane Racing Lot Withdrawn
70 Hogar Seguro (IRE) 2015 B.F. BY Casamento (IRE) EX Gemma's Pearl (IRE) David Loughnane Racing Mohammed Abu Shaala 600
71 Global Humor (USA) 2015 B.G. BY Distorted Humor (USA) EX In Bloom (USA) Ed Dunlop Racing Ltd. Lot Withdrawn
72 Fair Selene (GB) 2014 B.F. BY Equiano (FR) EX Jane Jubilee (IRE) Heather Main Racing Davy Oost 1,000
73 If At Sea (GB) 2016 B.F. BY Pour Moi (IRE) EX Ebble (GB) Coombelands Racing Stables (Amanda Perrett) Lot Withdrawn
74 Lightening Dance (GB) 2014 B.F. BY Nathaniel (IRE) EX Dance Lively (USA) Coombelands Racing Stables (Amanda Perrett) Lot Withdrawn
75 Arabian Fairytale (GB) 2015 B.F. BY Mawatheeq (USA) EX Tattercoats (FR) Adam West Training Ltd. Lot Not Sold
76 Emerald Cross (IRE) 2013 B.G. BY Cape Cross (IRE) EX Yaqootah (USA) Adam West Training Ltd. Lot Not Sold
77 Cruel Clever Cat (GB) 2015 B.F. BY Bated Breath (GB) EX Satin Braid (GB) Grove Farm Stables (John Gallagher) Mark Deacon 1,200
78 Buzz Lightyere (GB) 2013 B.G. BY Royal Applause (GB) EX Lady Gloria (GB) Grove Farm Stables (John Gallagher) Lot Withdrawn
79 Delirium (IRE) 2014 B.F. BY Tamayuz (GB) EX Coeur de La Mer (IRE) Ed De Giles Racing Lot Not Sold 1,800
80 Classified (IRE) 2014 B.F. BY Lope de Vega (IRE) EX Crossbreeze (USA) Ed De Giles Racing Lot Not Sold 1,800
81 Yogiyogiyogi (IRE) 2014 Ch.F. BY Finsceal Fior (IRE) EX Zelloof (IRE) Keeper's Stables (Denis Coakley) Davy Oost 2,200
82 Power Home (IRE) 2014 Ch.F. BY Power (GB) EX Ascendancy (GB) Keeper's Stables (Denis Coakley) Lot Withdrawn
83 Just Us Two (IRE) 2012 B.G. BY Royal Applause (GB) EX Sarah's First (GB) Charlie Mcphilliips Lot Withdrawn
84 Juan Horsepower (GB) 2014 B.G. BY Foxwedge (AUS) EX Elysee (IRE) Charlie Mcphillips Lot Withdrawn
85 Champs de Reves (GB) 2015 B.G. BY Champs Elysees (GB) EX Joyeaux (GB) Whitsbury Manor Racing Stables (M. Tregoning) Michael Blake Racing 7,500
86 Serjeant Painter (GB) 2015 B.G. BY Royal Applause (GB) EX Szabo's Art (GB) Whitsbury Manor Racing Stables (M. Tregoning) Tom Malone Bloodstock 7,000
87 Nezar (IRE) 2011 Ch.G. BY Mastercraftsman (IRE) EX Teddy Bears Picnic (GB) Harper Lodge Stables (Dean Ivory) Lot Withdrawn
88 Demons And Wizards (IRE) 2015 B.G. BY Elnadim (USA) EX Crystal Theatre (IRE) Cedar Lodge Stables (Sylvester Kirk) Lydia Richards Racing 1,200
89 Sauchiehall Street (IRE) 2015 B.G. BY Mastercraftsman (IRE) EX Top Trail (USA) Cedar Lodge Stables (Sylvester Kirk) Stroud Coleman/Noel Williams 19,000
90 Masked Identity (GB) 2015 B.C. BY Intello (GER) EX Red Bloom (GB) Godolphin Kevin Frost Racing 12,000
91 Kings Highway (IRE) 2015 B.C. BY Shamardal (USA) EX Bimini (GB) Godolphin Ivan Furtado 32,000
92 New Expo (IRE) 2016 Ch.C. BY New Approach (IRE) EX Anayid (GB) Godolphin Julia Feilden 8,000
93 Arizona Glory (GB) 2016 B/Gr.G. BY Universal (IRE) EX Phoenix City (USA) Godolphin W Clifford 8,000
94 Looming (IRE) 2015 B.F. BY Shamardal (USA) EX Await So (GB) Godolphin Highgrove Stud 9,000
95 War And Glory (IRE) 2016 B.F. BY War Command (USA) EX Foreplay (IRE) Godolphin Lot Withdrawn
96 Button Mill (IRE) 2015 B.F. BY Elusive Quality (USA) EX Raw Silk (USA) Godolphin Mohammed Abu Shaala 3,000
97 Colony Queen (GB) 2016 B.F. BY Gregorian (IRE) EX Queen Margrethe (GB) Godolphin Lot Withdrawn
98 Moneta (GB) 2016 B.F. BY Kodiac (GB) EX Money Note (GB) Godolphin W Clifford 10,000
99 Raven's Hat (IRE) 2015 B.F. BY Raven's Pass (USA) EX Her Own Kind (JPN) Godolphin Laura Heard 1,200
100 Pass Card (IRE) 2016 B.F. BY Authorized (IRE) EX Dinaria (IRE) Godolphin P Sheen 5,000
101 Imminent Approach (GB) 2015 B.F. BY New Approach (IRE) EX Nashmiah (IRE) Godolphin Richard Eagle 2,500
102 Flash Flood (GB) 2015 B/Br.F. BY Shamardal (USA) EX Rainfall (IRE) Godolphin Jackson-Stops Bloodstock 12,000
103 Al Nafoorah (GB) 2014 B.F. BY Bated Breath (GB) EX Cat O' Nine Tails (GB) Godolphin Michael Wigham 7,000
104 Majorette (GB) 2014 Ch.F. BY Major Cadeaux (GB) EX So Discreet (GB) Daisy Hitchins Lot Withdrawn
105 Trooper's Gold (GB) 2014 Ch.G. BY Sepoy (AUS) EX Samira Gold (FR) The Durdans Stables Lucien van der Meulen / Richard Venn Bloodstock 600
106 Three C's (IRE) 2014 B.G. BY Kodiac (GB) EX Ms Mary C (IRE) Adrian Wintle Racing Ltd Lot Not Sold 5,500
107 Eskimo Point (IRE) 2012 Ch.G. BY Lope de Vega (IRE) EX Diamond Star (IRE) Doncaster Racing Ltd. (Ivan Furtado) Lot Withdrawn
108 Zalshah (GB) 2015 Ch.G. BY Mayson (GB) EX Regal Velvet (GB) East Everleigh Stables (Richard Hannon) Al Otaibi Dhawi 18,000
109 Jamhoori (GB) 2008 B.H. BY Tiger Hill (IRE) EX Tanasie (GB) Homewoodgate Stables Lot Withdrawn
110 Mojo Magic (USA) 2016 B/Br.C. BY Magician (IRE) EX Bambolina (USA) Carrig House Allan Bloodlines 1,000
111 Arcadio (GER) / Terra Lucida (IRE) 2014 B/Br.G. Ballynoe Farm ME Sowersby 600
112 Sea The Stars (IRE) / Silk Trail (GB) 2013 B.G. Fern Farm Lot Withdrawn
113 Brian Boru (GB) / Lillie Lou (GB) 2015 B.G. Mr R Fielder Lot Not Sold
114 Sulamani (IRE) / Present Your Case (IRE) 2014 B.F. Porters Hill Farm Lot Not Sold
115 Westerner (GB) / Ballyhindon Castle (IRE) 2015 B.F. Bart Beswick Ermyn Lodge Stud 900
116 Catherine Tramell (IRE) 2015 B.F. BY Zoffany (IRE) EX Aine (IRE) Wildcard West Lockinge Farm (Henrietta Knight) Laura Heard 600
117 Aqua Vitae (FR) 2015 B.F. BY Dr Massini (IRE) EX Ringaround (GB) Wildcard Mr. Richard Davies Martin Hill 600
118 Deduce (FR) 2013 B.M. BY Iffraaj (GB) EX Count The Cost (USA) Wildcard Park Lodge Stables (James Eustace) J Weissmeier / Von de Recke 600
119 Take The High Road (GB) 2014 B.G. BY Kyllachy (GB) EX China Tea (USA) Wildcard Pond House Stables (David Pipe) Lot Withdrawn
120 Shadow Sadness (GER) 2012 B.G. BY Soldier Hollow (GB) EX Shadow Queen (GER) Wildcard Stockton Hall Farm Ch Peterschmitt/Von de Recke 6,000
121 Dookie (IRE) 2013 B.G. BY Fruits of Love (USA) EX Talkin Charmeur (IRE) Graiglore Stables Lot Withdrawn
122 Brophies Doll (IRE) 2012 Ch.M. BY Gamut (IRE) EX Crossbar Lady (IRE) Straidnahanna Stables JD Moore / Rob Stephens 10,000
123 Too Wise Man (IRE) 2012 B.G. BY Dansant (GB) EX Screen Idol (IRE) Greenogue Racing Stables (Jim Dreaper) Lot Withdrawn
124 Tuff Nano (IRE) 2013 B.M. BY Primary (USA) EX Clomore (IRE) Crossgales Stables (Benny Walsh) Teresa Clarke 10,000
125 Win My Wings (IRE) 2013 B.M. BY Gold Well (GB) EX Telstar (IRE) Moores Barn Racing Stables (Denis Moore) MH Bloodstock (P.S.) 9,250
126 Drumnagreagh (IRE) 2013 B.M. BY September Storm (GER) EX Saffron Pride (IRE) Newlands Farm (Stuart Crawford) Olly Murphy Racing (P.S.) 3,500
127 Largy Princess (IRE) 2013 B.M. BY Presenting (GB) EX Las Princess (IRE) Newlands Farm (Stuart Crawford) Vendor 8,000
128 Ballydorn (IRE) 2012 B.M. BY Milan (GB) EX Lough Coyne (IRE) Newlands Farm (Stuart Crawford) N Thomas 3,200
129 Gateway To Europe (GB) 2014 B.G. BY Trans Island (GB) EX Polly Doodle (GB) Crossneen Stables Neil King 16,000
130 Nothing Man (IRE) 2014 B.G. BY Ask (GB) EX Holly Gaga (IRE) Newlands Farm (Steven Crawford) David Dennis Racing 26,000
131 Classical Daytime (IRE) 2013 B.G. BY Trans Island (GB) EX Aintree Baba (FR) Ballyboy Stables (Denis Murphy) O Pimlott 17,000
132 Manicman (IRE) 2014 Ch.G. BY Getaway (GER) EX Quinsborohall (IRE) Ballyboy Stables (Denis Murphy) Sam England 8,500
133 Keyboard Joan (IRE) 2014 B.F. BY Jeremy (USA) EX Kilcrea Present (IRE) Saltee View Stables (Mark Scallan) Ridgeway Racing (P.S.) 10,000
134 Niamh's Oscar (IRE) 2012 B.G. BY Oscar (IRE) EX High Park Lady (IRE) Fairview Stables (Johnny Kinsella) Martin Hill/JD Frost (P.S.) 6,000
135 Witches Glen (IRE) 2012 B.M. BY Helissio (FR) EX Native Cheer (IRE) Burthouse Stud Ermyn Lodge Stud 5,000
136 Ali The Greatest (IRE) 2012 Br.G. BY Acambaro (GER) EX Lauras Dote (IRE) Inchintotane Stables (Turlough O' Connor) Vendor 3,500
137 Hurricane Arcadio (IRE) 2014 B.G. BY Arcadio (GER) EX Back To Favour (IRE) Wildcard Kilclare Stables (S. Spillane) Michael Blake Racing 22,000
138 No Hidden Charges (IRE) 2013 B.G. BY Scorpion (IRE) EX Soniadoir (IRE) Wildcard Monasootha Stables (J P Brennan) Lot Not Sold 29,000
139 Brandy Cross (IRE) 2014 B.G. BY Le Fou (IRE) EX Glenquin (IRE) Wildcard Monasootha Stables (J P Brennan) Zoe Davison (P.S.) 8,000
140 Apple Rock (IRE) 2014 B.G. BY Royal Anthem (USA) EX Wayward Cove (GB) Wildcard Ballymountain Stables (Ian Andrew Power) Marcus Collie/Ben Pauling Racing 15,000
141 Rocket Lad (IRE) 2013 B.G. BY Olden Times (GB) EX Merry Moet (IRE) Wildcard Ratsilla Stables (Kieran Roche) Martin Wanless 11,000
142 Ballyhowne (IRE) 2010 B.G. BY Generous (IRE) EX Izzy Saddler (IRE) Wildcard Newlands Farm (Stuart Crawford) Tom Chanin 4,500
143 Booborowie (IRE) 2013 B/Br.G. BY Big Bad Bob (IRE) EX Rejuvenation (IRE) Wildcard Castle Piece Stables (Ali Stronge) Vendor 5,500
144 Cabernet d'Alene (FR) 2012 B.G. BY Day Flight (GB) EX Haifa du Noyer (FR) Wildcard Nick Williams Racing Daniel O'Brien Racing 5,000
145 Soleglad (IRE) 2012 B.G. BY Scorpion (IRE) EX Tilaiya (IRE) Wildcard Danestown Stables (Gavin Cromwell) Lot Withdrawn
146 Shantou Tiger (IRE) 2009 B.G. BY Shantou (USA) EX Opus One (GB) Wildcard The Ploryn Simon R Edwards 3,200
147 Eclair des Sablons (FR) 2014 B.G. BY Noroit (GER) EX Jolie Fabi (FR) Milestone Stables (Colin Bowe) Lot Withdrawn
148 Lough Derg Sunrise (IRE) 2013 Ch.G. BY Stowaway (GB) EX High Sunshine (IRE) Ballyboy Stables (Denis Murphy) Lot Withdrawn
149 Gennady (IRE) 2014 B.G. BY Arakan (USA) EX Topathistle (IRE) Newlands Farm (Steven Crawford) Tom Malone Bloodstock 37,000
150 Maisy Belle (IRE) 2011 B.M. BY Westerner (GB) EX Sabbiosa (IRE) Newlands Farm (Stuart Crawford) Zoe Davison 600
151 Markmyword (GB) 2013 B.M. BY Resplendent Glory (IRE) EX Spring Creek (GB) Newlands Farm (Stuart Crawford) Chelsea Savage 1,200
152 Cardellino (GB) 2013 B.G. BY Medaglia d'Oro (USA) EX Scarlet Ibis (GB) Court Stud (John Hanlon) Lot Withdrawn
153 Redwood Boy (IRE) 2009 B/Br.G. BY Definite Article (GB) EX Native Sunset (IRE) Court Stud (John Hanlon) Lot Withdrawn
154 Magic In The Night (GB) 2014 B.G. BY Malinas (GER) EX Sherry Darling (IRE) Millwood Stables (Eugene O'Sullivan) Allan Bloodlines 4,000
155 Toosey (GB) 2011 B.G. BY Lucarno (USA) EX Quiz Night (GB) Danestown Stables (Gavin Cromwell) Lot Withdrawn
156 Jaunty Thor (GB) 2010 B.G. BY Norse Dancer (IRE) EX Jaunty Walk (GB) Cullentra House Stables (Gordon Elliott) Lot Withdrawn
157 King's Song (FR) 2010 B.G. BY King's Theatre (IRE) EX Chanson Indienne (FR) Cullentra House Stables (Gordon Elliott) Lot Withdrawn
158 Bobeska (IRE) 2013 Br.G. BY Big Bad Bob (IRE) EX Roseska (USA) Pinegrove Stables ME Sowersby 600
159 Cairde Aris (IRE) 2009 B.G. BY Definite Article (GB) EX Avitta (IRE) Pinegrove Stables Lot Withdrawn
160 Heez All Talk (IRE) 2010 B/Br.G. BY Zagreb (USA) EX Mydante (IRE) Pinegrove Stables Peter Flood 1,000
161 Third Estate (IRE) 2012 B.G. BY Suleiman (IRE) EX Fizanni (IRE) Ridgeway Racing Ltd (Neil King) Lot Not Sold 11,500
162 Canford Thompson (GB) 2013 B.G. BY Canford Cliffs (IRE) EX Sadie Thompson (IRE) Ridgeway Racing Ltd (Neil King) Tom Malone Bloodstock 3,000
163 Mamoo (GB) 2013 Ch.G. BY Sir Percy (GB) EX Meredith (GB) Ridgeway Racing Ltd (Neil King) ME Sowersby 4,800
164 Granard (IRE) 2012 Br.G. BY Getaway (GER) EX Yes Darling (IRE) Grange Hill Farm (Nigel Twiston-Davies) Lot Withdrawn
165 Robbina (IRE) 2010 Br.M. BY Robin des Champs (FR) EX Sorrentina (IRE) G Maule Lot Withdrawn
166 Eurkash (FR) 2014 B.G. BY Irish Wells (FR) EX Meralda (FR) Cropredy Lawn (Paul Webber) Lot Not Sold 9,000
167 Doug The Welder (GB) 2012 Ch.G. BY Schiaparelli (GER) EX Mewstone (GB) Time Enough Stud Simon R Edwards 600
168 Fumarole (GB) 2015 B.G. BY Maxios (GB) EX Solar Midnight (USA) Highfield Bloodstock Stall Wollin/Von de Recke 5,000
169 Some Invitation (IRE) 2011 B.G. BY Presenting (GB) EX Bolly (IRE) West Lockinge Farm (Henrietta Knight) A Raines 8,500
170 Thomas Blossom (IRE) 2010 B.G. BY Dylan Thomas (IRE) EX Woman Secret (IRE) Castle Piece Stables (Ali Stronge) R Harper 5,000
171 Flaming Charmer (IRE) 2008 Ch.G. BY Flemensfirth (USA) EX Kates Charm (IRE) Venn Farm Stables (Colin Tizzard) Ed Bailey 18,000
172 Risk And Co (FR) 2014 B.G. BY No Risk At All (FR) EX Chin'ba (FR) Brifin Stud Vendor 9,000